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    Hio I am a IT support and integreation guy for postproduction companys :)
    and I am into triple monitore gaming
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    Ausbildung for IT-Systemelectrician


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    i7 3700
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    16gb DDR3
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    1060 6gb Dual
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    1tb hdd 128gb SSD
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    6050x1080 (3 acer V series 22")
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    Razer tournament 2014
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    G900 chaos spectrum
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    Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen
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    windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. Im sorry maybe I have to tell you my job I work as a IT-Systemelktrician in a support companie for tv productions my job is to get the system up and running with the hardware installed but I am just not an expert in macs at all usually I work with the HP Z workstation lineup or with servers
  2. The customer is an editor and has all his files on a server so that wont be an isue but I dont know if it reinstalls with the security patch
  3. Its and mac pro and the gpu is the provided one
  4. I wish it was a hackintosh :,(
  5. so Its probably the best idea to reset it and reinstall 13.6?
  6. the probleme is that this patch isnt reversable and the pc is frome a coustumere. But I usualy dont work on Macs so I am out of ideas
  7. I know and I am running 10.13.6 but theres a new security build for 13.6...
  8. Since apple released a new security patch yesterday the nvidia drviers are incompatible.... does somebody know if new nvidia drivers will be released
  9. I just reapare some HP Z820 at work
  10. I disagree in the esl one csgo matches the terme clutch is often used if one player wins the match getting 3 frags etc
  11. This also aplys to "whatsapp hacking apps" which just use whatsapp web...
  12. you could invst in some cheap rgb strips and rgb ram kits to swag out your rig
  13. With my fx9590 and my rx 480 (with pre release drivers) ........
  14. Well at work I sit in front of my pc round 9 hours ether on or reparing and at home I game for around 3 hours every day ......