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    Ausbildung for IT-Systemelectrician


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    i7 6700hq 3.4ghz
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    970m 3gb
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    1tb hdd 256 gb m.2 ssd
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    ips 60hz
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    mamba 2012
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    hyperx cloud 2
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    windows 8.1 Pro

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  1. ianspy1

    No link on centOS plus

    Hi thanks for helping it infact was the abel no idea why though .... it worked fine on my laptop ? anyway thanks for the help :)
  2. ianspy1

    No link on centOS plus

    Hello there I have a pretty weird problem....... I´v built in a 10g solo ethernet card this shows up and also works fine when pluged in to the wall for internet! However when I trie to plug it into my switch and ping my server with it I wont even get a LED to light up (on card and switch) any ideas ? btw. I allready intsalled the linux drivers frome there website greeet´s ianspy1
  3. ianspy1

    Hows my setup?

    I would wait for the 1170 since you usually dont need raytracing greet´s ianspy1
  4. ianspy1

    my pc build

    my only complain also would be the cooler the arctic liquid freez line up is cheap and I have had good experince withe(240 AIO arround 75€) greet´s ianspy1
  5. Hi have you got any idea how I could callibrate a monitor which is bypassing the os ? I´v got a i1display 3 but this need software..... The only real ideas that I had where to try a lut file in avid and put in the calibration before sending it to the card, so it thinks that thats the raw footage ? or perhaps is it the best idea if I just calibrate it with the graf that is displayed through the calibration tool and dial it in via hand on the monitor? btw I cant really change the config since it is frome a client greet´s ianspy1
  6. hi christmas is coming up and i want to get a video camera. I edit videos my self and i would do the colorcorrection so itwould be nice if it could record flat. and sry for my bad englisch
  7. ianspy1

    Bluetooth permanent speaker solution

    Hi i am planning on hiding a hole music system in my kitchen and i want to be able to connect with it via bluetooth.The problem that i am facing is that every BT to audio reciver needs a pushed paring button for a connection and i simply cant acessthat pair button becous it will be in the wall. The other thing is that i want to connect passive speakers with it so it need a build in amplifier. Hope somebody has a smart idea greets ianspy1
  8. i agree but maybe they get a update out if enough people buy rtx cards
  9. ianspy1

    Selling a 1060 3GB

    180 in germany
  10. ianspy1

    H370 VS B360

    i think the aorus looks better but they are pretty much the same pick what matches your system best i have come to love of asus bords and they have never failed me gigabyte on the other side has but hase a really good support team
  11. ianspy1

    Notebook speakers shut off

    becouse it always shuts off at arround 45 degrees
  12. ianspy1

    Notebook speakers shut off

    but 50 degrees arnt hot? i have oneof theme and also have used liquid metal its no where near getting warm on my lap
  13. ianspy1

    Notebook speakers shut off

    hi my speakers always shut off bekouse of "heat" ( 50degrese celsius) is there any way i can turne that "feature" off
  14. a nice i mean you could go full readneck and cut a hole behind the mother board run your tubing on the back and mount it on the botom if your case feet are high enough if there not the maybe get a few feet frome home depo