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    Intel Core i7-8700k
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 DIMM 3000 MHz/15 (2x16GB)
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    2x Samsung 970 EVO 500GB (one is for the OS, other is for games) 2x 128GB Toshiba SATA M.2 SSD (RAID0) and a 320GB old data HDD
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    Corsair RM750i
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  1. From my previous post (fixed a typo too, I accidentally put moving to full HDDs instead of SSDs): Yes. Slowly moving to full SSDs, but currently I have three Samsung 850 EVO SSDs in it, and slowly more as I can afford them. Plus another question: what do you mean with per channel? Could you explain that?
  2. Yes. Slowly moving to full SSDs, but currently I have three Samsung 850 SSDs in it, and slowly more as I can afford them.
  3. Thanks. I'll see if maybe later today some more replies come in and then we'll see.
  4. Hello, I currently have a HP ProLiant DL380G6 with a Smart Array P410i. It has a 3 gigabit SATA limit and I found a Smart Array P420 that has a 6 gigabit SATA limit. Could I put that in one of the PCI slots and route the two backplane cables to it? Would that work or am I thinking too simple here?
  5. MasterWayZ

    Dutch Talk

    Ben wel benieuwd naar de vakantiefoto's. Wil er ook wel naar toe, maarja, hier gaan we al ergens anders heen
  6. Go watch all the seasons, I hope it didn't remove any fun of watching NCIS... That's why I put the spoiler alert there just in case.
  7. I don't know if you watched all seasons yet so.. Spoiler alert (Season 13) It would be Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), she left the series but in Season 13 it was stated that she had died in an explosion in Israel.
  8. 12V AC on the Ethernet Shield. This thing: https://www.kenable.co.uk/images/EUT_0.5M_NETWORK_SHIELDED_CABLE_INTERNET.jpg The metal part, that's where the 12V AC is coming from, and that's where I got the heavy tingling from when I accidentally touched it with my finger back when it was not grounded. Now the power cord is in a grounded outlet, problem solved (probably it's sneaking away using that instead of the ethernet cable shield) but I was curious to find out why it was there in the first place.
  9. The server room is full of Type F outlets and all power cables have two ground clips right now. When it happend only that server did not. Now it has. It's properly grounded and the 12V AC on the ethernet ground shield is now gone, probably it's now going through the grounding of the outlet. I made this topic to find out what was causing it. Leaking from the PSU (maybe faulty) or if it's normal that it happens.
  10. No, it is not a PoE switch (TP-Link TL-SG2216) Yes, the house is grounded right, I stated that plugging the server into a grounded socket solved the issue, I'm just curious why this happend.
  11. I have a SSD for my Windows installation and my games, while I have a HDD for any documents and stuff that don't need fast loading speeds. I suggest you go with that plan.
  12. Hello, Yesterday I was taking out all ethernet cables in my switch. I was re-configuring it and I had to know which cable went to which port for VLAN setup, but nothing goes like you want to... One cable that I wanted to unplug (coming from one of my servers) gave me a very strong tingle while holding it (accidentally touched the ground shield, but this does not happen to any other cables connected) so I went and grabbed my multimeter and these are the results: Red probe on the shield and black probe in the air ---> 12V AC Red probe on the shield and black probe on the switch ---> 70V AC On both tests I was holding the probes for ten seconds before removing them to make sure it wasn't something static. Why is this happening? I know that the solution was grounding the server, but I would like to know why this happend. Could it be a faulty part? (Incase it helps, we have 230V/50Hz and the server itself is a HP Proliant DL140G3 with a "fixed" PSU) (That means that the power supply is a later model as the older ones caught fire when the server was off but was plugged in)
  13. Hello, The problem I have, is when I am on final (or nearby, just randomly near Schiphol (EHAM) but I can't land on the ground) my FSX crashes. This only happends when I do a long flight, for example from Sofia, Bulgaria. Computer specs: MSI GT72 2PE Dominator Pro: - Intel Core i7-4710HQ @ 2.5GHz (Quad Core) - 16GB RAM - NVIDIA Geforce GTX 880M (8GB) Software/addons: - Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition - FlyTampa Schiphol Scenery, NL2000 for other airports in The Netherlands - PMDG Boeing 777-300 (but also happens with default aircraft) - EZDock - ActiveSky v6 (I know it's old) - REX4
  14. I plugged in the power cord of an old PC, turned it on and nothing... I unplugged the power cord and 1 second later there was the loudest "BANG" I've ever heard. It smelled like burned metal and there was a big black spot on the top of the inside of the case... I was about to put my hand in there so that woke me up.