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  1. thanks in order for me to be able to create a us roku account i needed a real good vpn now us netflix and hulu plus but thats for tomorrow
  2. so i have a roku 3 and i want to get the us channels on it but i cant seem to i try to change my dns and use a vps ( hot spot shield) and it isnt working. i dont know what hotspot shield is doing but it doesnt simulate that im in the us. any tips would be great
  3. Any experience on the roku 3 and any way to get US programming
  4. For all the Canadians out there what isp should I go with Shaw broadband 100+ or telus 50 no bell idk about Rogers I'm in Alberta so ya.
  5. so i have an fx 8320 and a gtx 660ti so yeah but when i read this i facepalmed but nice joke
  6. So we want him to benchmark packaging. sound legit
  7. its not like it tuned back on in 5 min it was only off for a second also only half on the socket shut off. 1 plug with my computer shut off. the other had a power bar. on the power bar is my 360 my monitor and my internet switch. but my monitor and 360 stayed on just my internet switch went off
  8. So i was just sitting listening to pka on my pc but i was playing gta v on my 360. all of a sudden my sound stops the light above me shuts off and the fan behind me shut off but my monitor stayed on and my 360 stayed on and i got disconnected from xbox live. so i have everything plugged into one plug, except my fan. My computer is plugged right into the wall, but the other plug is a power bar. also my parents upstairs said one light behind them shut off, but the tv was fine. But the strangest thing like this is that evrything just turned right back on. wtsf help its sooo strange
  9. So my friend is looking to build a pc for $600. He has watched this video ( ). What parts would you suggest?
  10. srry gues i just now changed the link i was on my phone when i posted it and i wanted to be quick so i just posted the mobile like srry again