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  1. I know you are using the 3820,which does not use FSB,therefore there is no need to worry about the C1E.
  2. I am pretty sure C1E is not on your system,because it is related to the Front Side Bus(which is gone since like Nehalem came out)
  3. It disables energy saving modes like downclocking,undervolting etc.
  4. Goto UEFI and disable Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology,
  5. Nevermind,i thought you are talking about the one talking about building a similarly priced hackintosh...
  6. Oh that article again...So misleading.
  7. You get 0% more performance with a ROG board.Those features are eye candy and gimmicks more than anything else.Not to say the MSI GD65 gaming or mPower and the Gigabyte Z87-X OC/z87X-UD4H is much cheaper and have great aesthetics.Also why not FX8320+Asus M5A99FX Pro,no sleep issues,great looking blue motherboard,bang for buck performance. *please do not reply because this account will be closed shortly*
  8. Congrats for becoming a mod.However,shortly,i will be gone from this forum forever.So you have no more apostles i guess.Well unless you call those who listen to your advice as apostles then...

    1. WoodenMarker



      Well before it's too late, I guess I'll say goodbye to my first and only apostle.

      Farewell and eat plenty of vegetables.

  9. And the random ads.Seriously. This one really degraded into another ordinary forum.
  10. Linus have the problem of floccinaucinihilipilification,ready to fire Slick at any time.However Linus still have his benevolence which is why Slick is not fired.Next word:flibbertigibbet