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    i7 4930K @4.5GHz
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    ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition
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    G.Skill Trident X 16GB @2400MHz
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    GTX 980
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    Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced
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  1. I have 2 machines that will be folding. Will I need to assign different names to it and register twice with the 2 different names? New to folding.
  2. You could run ESXI on it and create VMs for all the applications you want, however like @Windows7ge mentioned, don't use FreeNAS with a raid card. FreeNAS works best when it's using it with an HBA. If you're lucky, the raid card can be flashed to work as an HBA, but that's 100% dependant on what card it is.
  3. Remember that FreeNAS tends to have small granular settings you need to go over. Just because you made a share, doesn't mean the share is set to be live. @Olaf6541 narrowed it down best on what to check. Also make sure the account you created has actual permissions to the share.
  4. So I have the Pi-Hole software installed, however it's running on a Hyper-V VM instead (CentOS installation) and it works to the point where my PCs are able to get ads (mostly) taken out while they go through it as a DNS. Here is my issue though, in the video I saw it was blocking YouTube ads left and right. I can get it to block ads on just about any page except YouTube and Hulu. I can see them going through the Pi-Hole and see the accessed site on the logs, but it doesn't block a single ad on YouTube (not even page banners). I've added about 1.2 million blocked domain lists (scoured the internet for various lists), and still, nothing gets blocked in YouTube or Hulu. Did they use a specific master list that works for YouTube?
  5. I have the paid version of Macrium that runs a weekly incremental backup of my gaming desktop onto my NAS. When doing the backup process, just be sure that you’re not selecting for the software to make a backup/image of the hard drive that has your Steam game library. I have all my Steam games on a separate disk and I don’t back those up.
  6. If you don’t particularly care to work on learning anything on networking/VLANs/VPN/etc, then get a standard router you can buy on Amazon or at any box retail store. If you actually want to get your feet wet then I recommend either getting a router you can flash to DD-WRT/Tomato or turn an old PC into a PFSense router (you’ll just need a spare NIC card to add to it.) Pfsense makes more sense for the sake of learning because of all the functionality and plugins you can download and use.
  7. The question I’d have is if you’ve already decided on what OS you’re going to use? Depending on that it’s easier to make some advice.
  8. It depends on the CPU. If it’s dual Xeons, you may want to ensure they are matched pairs.
  9. So to add a bit of info, I'd be using this as a file server which holds documents/media/etc. It also is being used to hold data for a Plex server. Clearly it's never really expected to have super crazy heavy use, but I'd like to ensure performance remains the same as it is now, or is better. Currently on Freenas 11U5 and it runs fine without issues but considering moving this and other servers I have at home to a Windows Server house (cause Im crazy).
  10. Anyone have any experience comparing FREENAS performance (talking standard 20+TB 5 drive array in Raid Z no SSD flash cache) vs the same hardware but running in Server 2012 R2 as a storage pool? I currently have a 1GbE network, but will be upgrading to a 10GbE soon. Can't seem to find a decent comparison, and currently I'm weighing my options.
  11. Performance difference was negligible, i'm a sysadmin and don't do any sort of video production so I doubt I'd ever feel the net benefit from the newer CPU. I've ran the 4930K OC'd but the heat generation and power consumption were always a problem. Gaming was similar, I gained roughly the same about of FPS I expected from upgrading a 980 to a 1080 on both machines.
  12. Sorry for reviving this old thread, but wanted to get a few replies in: For starters, yes, I pulled the trigger and upgraded my entire system. Everyday performance is the same, gaming is a bit better I guess? But by far the most important thing I gained from swapping things was power consumption/heat generation. My old system was chugging power, I think I'd go to almost 400W+ if I was playing Overwatch or anything mildly intense. With my current 8700k system with GTX 1080, I consume maybe 220ish watts total? The reason why this mattered is because I work/play (mostly work) on my desktop daily. And the lower generation of heat and less power consumption was huge for me. It was worth it for me, and the silver lining was I managed to gain back roughly 80% of my expenses to buy the whole new system by selling my old one.
  13. So Windows automatically did install the drivers for me, but I did a clean install and instead used the newest GTX 1080 drivers from the site. It's strange to think official drivers would cause this...
  14. I recently managed to purchase a brand new GTX 1080 Founders Edition graphics card to replace my aging GTX 980. Originally I had the 980 running on a system with the following specs: i7 4930k CPU ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition 16GB DDR3 G.Skill Trident RAM 1000W Cooler Master Gold PSU 2 x 250GB Samsung 950 SSD drives in RAID 0 Windows 10 (updated to latest version) Once I received the card, I turned off my system and turned it back on with the card installed with the 8 pin power connector to my PSU and I noticed boot times went from an average 15 to 20 secs to about 1.5 minutes. I thought this was odd but I figured it was new hardware so maybe the graphics card was undergoing some driver re-configuration (after POST it got a black Windows screen right before the login prompt). After a couple of days I realized I didn't really do a clean reinstallation of my drivers, so I did just that and it seems the problem cleared up. My computer from off to boot on Windows was back to about 15 to 20 secs. As planned, I went ahead and purchased new PC parts as I decided to build a new computer. The parts are the following i7 8700k CPU MSI Z370 PC PRO 16GB (2x8) DDR4 G.Skill Ripjaws V Series RAM 1000W Cooler Master Gold PSU (only part re-used) 1 x 250GB M.2 Samsung EVO 960 SSD Windows 10 (updated to latest version) When I was still in the installation process, the boot process always flew. It wasn't until last night after I installed the NVIDIA drivers that I noticed the same behavior as my old system. Boot times on this new machine takes about 1+ mins. I went to the BIOS and enabled quick boot and it behaves about the same. The computer passes the POST screen and it goes to a black screen before it gives me the login prompt. Some notes: - Unlikely that it's the PSU because I reinstalled the 980 on the old system and it behaved as normal, and after the driver update with the 1080 everything seemed to work normally. - My Windows 10 installation is completely clean and free of any other conflicting software. - The card performs in games and benchmarks appropriately for the specs. There is no screen tearing or anything that would indicate there is something wrong with the card. - MB BIOS is latest. I intend to rollback to older drivers when I get to it later today and see if it changes anything, but I am curious if anyone else has experience this.
  15. My board doesn't support the use of PCI-E M.2 adapters...already looked into this.