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  1. Thank you for the ideas, I will look into all of them. They all sound interesting.
  2. what things would I do with homelabbing?
  3. Oh sorry, didnt see that tab, thank you
  4. Hey, so I have a old server that has 12c/24t and a extra slot for another, and im planning to add a 5600xt for video out and video tasks (Like plex). So what should I use this with, what should I try out. Things I am planning to add is pi-hole, jellyfin, and openmediavault. what else should I do? I am curious. Thank you.
  5. if im not using firefox, what should i use, since I dont like chrome?
  6. JuliusW

    PBP monitor

    Hello, I want to get a PBP monitor that is not ultrawide, but is also large enough to be a living room tv? maybe around 38-45 inches. Maybe around like $500-550. Just any general reccomendations. Thank you.
  7. alright thank you. and if you want to know, I want to setup a splitscreen computer for me and freinds to play games splitscreen style together. I think it would be fun to play tf2, minecraft modded, etc. splitscreen style with friends. and everytime I say this. I get "Just use online multiplayer" or "just have them bring their computer" That is not possible, especially since one of their computers are unable to run most games. plus this would be a fun project to do.
  8. I want to have linux be the primary use, and then learn how to do gpu passthrough. I would explain what I want to do, but everytime it goes off topic.
  9. im dual booting windows with linux, the pure windows is for VR, and the windows VM is for other things. I like having control of windows.but setting up a vr vm is going to be a bigger pain then I want it to be.
  10. Alright, so I am going to have a weak gpu (NVS 300) and am going to have a second gpu (5600xt) in the second slot. could I play gamess with the second gpu while not using the first for gaming. I need the first one there so dont say "Just remove the nvs 300 and put the 5600xt in the first)
  11. I havea single 1080 and a ryzen 5 3600 in my PC, but im planning on buying another workstation/server with a 2690V4 or 2 2678v3 with a couple of cheaper cards
  12. I am looking to do splitscreen on one computer as that is all I have space for, and the people I would be doing with cant bring their compputers around anyway,
  13. I want to be able to play splitscreen games with friends
  14. Hello, I am in need of a monitor with 4 PBP inputs. But I have a couple of questions How could I connect 1 input and have it cast the entire screen for when I don't need 4 inputs, like focusing the entire screen on one input. or switch to the host after using 4 VMs.without unplugging any of the VMs, or have the cable have the entire screen.
  15. Budget (including currency): $1000 Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Things Other details: I have a single graphics cards Basically I want a pc that can do splitscreen gaming. but with games that are not splitscreen. like destiny 2 or unturned. I know it is odd, but me and my homies really like the splitscreen vibe, pplus they cant haul their computers around. How should I set this up. I was thinking using linux and getting multiple GPUs and using dedicated VMs in a workstation level computer. with older server cpu. like a e5-2690