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  1. I want that monitor though. The stand, suck a meme. But a true professional monitor for a fraction of the cost of others? Drool...
  2. 1080p on floatplanes bitrate is the same or higher than YouTube's 4k bitrate so don't sweat it. It looks as good or better than youtube
  3. Well, a few things. 1. the large majority of people who are going to click on this forum and vote are people like you, who arent happy with the direction of the channel. 2. The christmas/black friday season is when companies are throwing out their marketing/advertising money. as a business LTT probably make more money in the two months leading up to Christmas than the previous 6 months. 3. judging by the view counts lately on the LTT channel which are way up, any one complaining and making a big thing will just be a vocal minority no matter what these poll results say. If you don't like it. Just don't watch. It's literally 10 minutes a day. I'm sure you can find something to entertain you that 10 minutes
  4. Going to be interesting to see what this does to the political climate in China. Any government setting restrictions on you during your free time and how you spend your money is never going to be a popular thing. There is something to say for video game addiction. Maybe it'll work? Source 1 The enforcement of this ban is going to be through some sort of online system. It is unknown how they will enforce the ban for offline games, and I couldn't find the consequences of breaking the rules. Source 2
  5. I mean it's RGB they must've made something good.
  6. And just to be clear, to get my excemption from the background check, I went through a month of background checks and have my fingerprints filed with local, state, and federal government agencies.
  7. It doesnt exist... you fill out the same background check. The seller has to have an FFL. You have to present valid IDs. Infact you fill out more informatiok at a gun show than at a store. I have an FFL the laws are very specific you have fallen to false information amd propaganda. The only "loop hole" as some call it is you can obtain a pre-background check (which is the same as the normal required background check if not a more in depth background check) which is allowed on the 4473 under section 21. Please do not spread misinformation. Section 17 of the 4473 requires designation of a gun show sale.
  8. There is literally no difference between buying in a certified store and buying in a gun show. To sell in a gun show you must have your FFL. There is a specific spot on the 4473 that says "check if sold at a gun show" and requires you to put in the location. please dont spread ignorant, and misleading information.
  9. It's for supporting your favorite creators and thereby getting early access. Don't know how you didn't get that when signing up.
  10. I'm looking to get an HDR (HDR10 preferably) monitor, 4k or 1440p. G-sync would be nice. Trying to figure out these things on Amazon is incredibly frustrating, they don't put the peak brightness, they don't say which HDR certification. Some suggestions to start looking at in depth would be great. What is the best one out there? Like to keep it around $1500 max. Less is obviously prefered. Thanks!
  11. I will never understand how people are upset at epic for winning exclusive titles. You'd do the same if you had a game portal.
  12. Did anyone have an OC'd 9900k in their benchmarks to at least 4.8 GHz? All of them I've seen have stock 9900k. I dont think anyone bought a 9900k and didn't OC it...
  13. I'm so sick of SJWs can we not cry racism and sexism about every single thing that doesn't stand up to what our image of equality is, espcially when we ignore racism and sexism when it doesn't fit in our box?