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  • Birthday 2001-08-20

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    Tampa FL Brandon
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    Technology, Computers, Engineering, 3D Rendering, Gaming, Inventing.
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    Just your average joe
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    I wish I had one


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    Ryzen 1400
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    Asus Prime A320M-K
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    Crucial DDR4 8GB
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    1070ti Amp Extreme
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    Master box Lite 3.1 TG
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    1TB HDD 500GB HDD
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    Corsair 550 Bronze
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    Stock AMD Fan
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    dell shit
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    Aux Speaker
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    10 pro
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  1. i've rolled back and no its gone, but i`m trying to not sure if it's even worth the update for the new features such as cpu sync etc
  2. so its normal then lol? its kinda annoying in photoshop, and only after 441.08 it happens
  3. got this weird affect going on when I use wallpaper engine, photoshop, waves audio launcher (just to name a few) and it don't happen on DX Games? is this a driver issue or application issue?, ive already tried reinstalling fresh and still appears? I`m running a GTX 1060 6GB, and before driver 441.08 this never happened?
  4. well im new to PC stuff so i Aint know if its true, but ill provide a screenshot
  5. i like the features on MSI godlike x570 but since that VRMs i ain't trying to kill my expensive ass system
  6. I was planning on the X570 godlike but, I wasn't sure if it was worth the high price tag for the VRMs that are included
  7. So my friend told me just a few secs ago that MSI had screwed up there X570s boards with crappy VRMs and I was wondering is the Godlike even worth the price tag, I've seen other better quality boards from Asrock, Gigabyte, but I Ain't to sure to believe, did some googling and i did find a forum (toms hardware) that there VRMs are higher than there previous X470 etc and yeah, worth the price tag for Poor VRMs?, will they do a revision for there crappy VRMs *if true ?
  8. okay Windows 1903 is causing a weird bug or issue with RAM, i fixed it reverting back to 1809
  9. why is it running 1333MHz instead of 2133, that is what my system ran before.
  10. So i don't know what is causing this but recently i updated my PC to windows 1903 and idk if that update caused my system to run slower but my PC RAM 8xGB (16) GB HP Memory DDR4. Before it was running at 2133 instead of 2666, okay no problem there, but idk how my ram came out from a vibration or something but now after seating it back into place both DIMMs run at 1333MHz and the BIOS is up to date and i haven't changed the BIOS. so wtf is causing this. it was perfectly fine before. oh and i did RESET CMOS okay. motherboard Asus prime A320M-K, Ryzen 5 1400
  11. thanks guys!. yeah i can see lol. i`ll post something here when I get the thing built later down the road!. thanks!
  12. Ryzen Zen CPU? with what motherboard since idk what motherboard to pair it with, dont need a monster Zen server CPU lol
  13. RGB Don't Matter, i`ll do some light overclocking yeah so I wanna do both gaming and productivity, so Photoshop, After effects, Light Room and video editing 1080/4k