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Specter FXXK

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About Specter FXXK

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  • Birthday 2001-08-20

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    Specter FXXK
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    Tampa FL Brandon
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    Technology, Computers, Engineering, 3D Rendering, Gaming, Inventing.
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    Just your average joe
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    I wish I had one


  • CPU
    Ryzen 1400
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime A320M-K
  • RAM
    Crucial DDR4 8GB
  • GPU
    1070ti Amp Extreme
  • Case
    Master box Lite 3.1 TG
  • Storage
    1TB HDD 500GB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair 550 Bronze
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    Stock AMD Fan
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    dell shit
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    Aux Speaker
  • Operating System
    10 pro
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  1. Specter FXXK

    Dream Battle station Workstation

    alright my dude
  2. Specter FXXK

    Dream Battle station Workstation

    thanks guys!. yeah i can see lol. i`ll post something here when I get the thing built later down the road!. thanks!
  3. Specter FXXK

    Dream Battle station Workstation

    Ryzen Zen CPU? with what motherboard since idk what motherboard to pair it with, dont need a monster Zen server CPU lol
  4. Specter FXXK

    Dream Battle station Workstation

    RGB Don't Matter, i`ll do some light overclocking yeah
  5. Specter FXXK

    Dream Battle station Workstation

    Motherboard you guys recommend?
  6. Specter FXXK

    Dream Battle station Workstation

    alright Zen 2 is what i`m waiting for, but for everything else, ram, monitors etc?
  7. So I`m working for this new youtuber (ofc) lol makeup videos so... im her camera guy/editor/everything i need to be lol, anyways that's besides the point. I have a decent rig Specs: Ryzen 5 1400 2x8GB DDR4 2666MHz GTX 1060 6GB Asus Prime A320M-K Coolermaster masterlite TG 3.1 (shit case) and a few 2 TB Drives (1TB x2) 23" BenQ Monitor So this new rig I want it to both game and do workstation stuff like video editing (4K) should I go AMD or intel? cuz rn from the looks Zen 2 looks promising so if can be Zen 2 Ryzen go ahead! Budget wise prob 2-3k USD, need a monitor that is 144Hz for gaming (hoping you guys help me choose between 27-32" Size monitor) (G-sync) then a 32" 4k monitor idc if OLED, and a normal 1440p monitor for just looking at stuff aka this website, youtube etc. there's nothing wrong with my current setup it's just I need a faster PC, cuz i`m gonna be doing quite a lot of premiere editing, after effects and other stuff. gonna be giving my best friend the system i`m currently using for him to help me with editing and so on, after we get more money from the job we will just use that PC for a living room setup and not let it go to waste. so yeah i basically need 3 different monitors 2 can be the same like that 144hz 1440p ones and 1 4K Monitor. (I Already got a good corsair keyboard/mic btw)
  8. Specter FXXK

    Upgrading question

    I`m upgrading my system from a Asus Prime A320M-K, To a MSI M7 AC (AMD Board) and from pc part picker, it says i need a 1 more EPS Power connector for the board, My current PSU (Corsair CX 550M) from the looks of it only has 1 EPS connector, need some recommendations for a PSU. RAM side hm... need it to be at least 3000Mhz and 16GB (need it for FL studio since it favors fast ram, gaming, productivity like Photoshop/premiere (has to be cheap RAM, these ram prices are stupid) Need a GPU Nvidia preferably (cheap not like a 1050ti but like a 1060 or AMD equivalent to a 1060 and if you want to help me more, need a cheap case that can be upgraded (must have glass window lel) and at least 2-4 Front USB Ports) I have only like 300-500$ on me from last year that I couldn't get my 1070ti due to Crypto mining back then so yeah... if you can keep it between 400$ and if necessary 500$ not more than 550$.
  9. Specter FXXK

    Need temporary GPU

    Thanks man
  10. Specter FXXK

    Need temporary GPU

    Have a Ryzen 5 1400 doesn't have that unfortunately:/, any other card you recommend better 40-120?
  11. Specter FXXK

    Need temporary GPU

    So can I probably use a GT Card for now? Found some on amazon but not sure if compatible with Windows 10/motherboard
  12. Specter FXXK

    Need temporary GPU

    Just surf the web and Microsoft programs
  13. Specter FXXK

    Need temporary GPU

    So I go to my system built and my GPU 1070Ti doesn't arrive until February-march ugh. So I need a cheap temporary GPU that will work in my Asus prime A320M-K motherboard and fit in a master box lite 3.1 TG Case any recommendations cuz I need my pc to run now I have many things to do and I need a temporary solution until my beefy GPU arrives.
  14. Specter FXXK

    950$ build with 1070TI Amp Extreme

    Got everything bought, now to wait until this weekend to build! Whooooo!
  15. Specter FXXK

    950$ build with 1070TI Amp Extreme

    CHANGE OF PLANS SORRY!, 920$ BUILD i need i have money and I need a gaming/workstation pc in that price range with at least 1060 6gb and a decent processor for little bottlenecking