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  1. Recently get an MSI MPG Coreliquid K360 AIO Cooler, with I7 11700K on hand, therefore I’m trying OC 11700K to 5GHz and see if K360 is able to run suitable. Tests are based on Prime95 (Small FFTs ) , Blender, CineBench R20 running by 30mins. CPU :Intel I7-11700K Mainbaord: MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Plus Memory: XPG SPECTRIX D80 8G*2 GPU: GTX 1660 6G Cooler: MPG Liquid Cooler K360 Power Supply: MPG A750GF Software:Prime95, CineBench R20, Blender As the result, K360 working pretty well during the time, trying OC to 4.8GHz, with Package Power ar
  2. Yeah.. it support not only MSI MOBO, as I know the problem is the cooler doesn't get info from MOBO, that why the Coreliquid software can't select anything, would you check your usb header connect to right JUBS? Here is what I do
  3. is there show a message that ask you connect to SATA/USB on LCD sceen?