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  1. it's astonishing to see some people would start hating you irrationally just because you said something critical that needed to be addressed but they don't respect your opinion due to their ego and get offended unnecessarily >:(

  2. soooo cute 😍

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      goddang i can smell it's stupid breath from here.

  3. left my computer on whole night basically idling, game was about to be installed in less than 30 mins and i wqas suggling to sleep quickly. there was a thoought in my mind to get up and turn off pc but i was being too lazy.

  4. check for bent pins in cpu socket if you doubt there could be anything wrong with them due to mishandling
  5. you better get a 1050 ti or a 1650 or something along those lines but i doubt you will find anything more powerful which your psu can handle.
  6. yes, everything necessary is there. You will also need monitor for display and Keyboard / Mouse to operate it which i guess you obviously already have.
  7. AC Odyssey is way better than Skyrim, period.

  8. ETA Prime recently did a video where he was getting constant freezes at startup bios screen with RTX 2060 / Super but when he tried 5700 XT, it was fine with that SBC.
  9. might have issues if it's legacy and not uefi (your motherboard bios), though that's mainly Nvidia. AMD GPUs are usually fine with that.
  10. wow, 1050 ti / 760 / 960 are pretty much neck to neck in performance

  11. woke up early after such a long time ^_^

    Morning is always pleasant :D

  12. you do have a point and it was the most genuine reply i received, i am probably gonna update my windows soon as i really wanna play warzone, have no real interest in other two. I also want it for colored title bars and newer features such as memory compression, thought i am still gonna stick to a lite version because stock windows 10 is quite resource hungry. Thanks for the help. I would take an image backup of my current windows incase something goes wrong or i don't like it.
  13. i have no interest in dual boot, i prefer only single and it seems a bit complicated to me i mean, games probably require newer API or something but i think 1050 ti should work because they have drivers for windows 7 as well which has the same base well, this lite version has always been top-notch for me except some minor issues here and there
  14. So i am noticing more and more newer games and latest graphics cards are requiring you to have some newer version of windows, generally around the time they were made. For that reason, i can't either play Warzone, FH4 or Gears 5 and i also can't use my brother's 1050 ti as it shows os not supported error, but i am extremely attached to this lite version. It's probably the most perfect and efficient windows 10 lite version out there and i i doubt i will ever find anything as good or as close to it. I have seen some tricks and hints towards it being feasible to do through some registry hacks. I also find it weird that most software still supports Windows 7 SP1 way back from 2010 but have issues with Windows 10 initial build which came in 2015, makes no sense and sounds more like a monoploy with what MS do with DDK and other gaming related stuff. Windows XP was my favorite OS because it was very effiicient for what it offered and had all the necessary features but they got rid of it by making stupid dx9 excuse and saying newer games would requrie dx10/11 yet latest update of directx is based on Directx 9 itself (way back from almost a decade ago). Even previous gen consoles (PS3, Xbox 360) had basically dx9 but their support for games was much longer and tbh they did some shady stuff to get rid of windows xp but still lasted for quite long despite all MS's arrogant policies.
  15. i wonder why some spiritual people think materialism is bad, i mean if someone is earning good by working their ass of they deserve themselves a reward for anything they like to buy or own. Even food, clothes and shelter are material stuff so i don't think there's anything wrong with someone fulfilling their desire if they have the opportunity to do so.

    1. lewdicrous


      I'm guessing it has something to do with you not taking anything with you when you die, so they don't want to spend money on things they don't need or simply not wasting money things you don't need when there are cheaper/better alternatives.

    2. ARikozuM


      I would say excessive materialism is bad. There's no point in having a closet full of clothes that you may not use regularly. 

  16. downgrading from a pc to console. not good. Don't be a peasant, that's all i would say.
  17. my all 3 storage devices ^_^


    1. TetraSky


      I see your three drives. I raise you FOUR drives



      I like how we basically have similar reasons for having multiple drives, lol. (Downloads for Media... And extras is basically things like documents/backups of certain files, that wouldn't fit in the other drives and that I didn't want to leave on the Windows drive in case of hardware failure) Also, all SSD storage in my case.

    2. WikiForce


      @TetraSky i don't keep anything on os drive because it generally requires clean install at some point

    3. TetraSky


      @WikiForce That's why 90% of the softwares I use are "portables" (no install required). Every 6 months when MS release a big update to Win10, I format my PC to have a clean install of the latest and "greatest", takes me about an hour to be back and running right where I left off simply by copy/pasting my files over.😅

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  18. with such high end rig like this, i would never expect anyone to have 8gb ram, more like 32gb considering that gpu and cpu but 16gb is ok too
  19. do you have the latest version of windows 10? Newer GPUs usually require updated windows
  20. it's good to see that Nvidia drivers don't include telemetry anymore

  21. I love my PC ❤️


  22. totally sick of sleeping too much 🙄

    1. lewdicrous


      Try sleeping early and waking up early, sleep no later than 12 to start with (go down to 11 or 10 later) and set an alarm to wake you up at 7 or 8 in the morning. 

    2. Tech_Dreamer


      On this episode of The Lazy man chronicles.

  23. i had an issue opening certain site, that's why i switched.
  24. i think chrome is significantly better than firefox, i hate so much bloat they added of late whereas chrome is much more simplified and you should give it a try, for me webpages lod much faster too, been using firefox for almost 12 years i would say i was missing out on a much better browser, just switched 4-5 days back.
  25. is there something similar for chrome? i am interested to know