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  1. My new case, yay. 😍😍😍

    I know not that aesthetic but does the job.

    Came with a quality 300w psu and 120mm fan.tmp-cam-40981639.jpg.db8ac51e06756c53ea210767f3332365.jpgtmp-cam--1956527535.jpg.1914bb2504763e6b3afa0f40f755ef1c.jpgtmp-cam-634959058.jpg.11cf5f6d79ebc5cb4f10fea12445695a.jpg

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    2. WikiForce


      @TVwazhere it's actually not that bad for this budget, i was surprised it has space beside motherboard for that like any premium case.

      @imreloadin it has 25amps on 12v rail.

    3. imreloadin


      All the more amps to cook your components with xD

    4. WikiForce


      well, i have already a decent 500w psu which is what i'm using right now. No reason for me to switch to the one which came with my case. People on this forum exaggerate too much about PSUs. It's not that only reputable brands can make quality PSUs tbh.

  2. yay, checked RMA status in the morning and my mobo was ready for pickup at service center after repair. Brother picked it up while returning from college. Assembled my system about 3hrs ago and i'm back at it. Also, my new case is really nice.

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      pic plz.m new case and all.

  3. Linus posted some weird shit 360 video on facebook. did anybody else see it?

    1. Tech_Dreamer
    2. WikiForce
    3. Tech_Dreamer


      that's weird. looks more like an upload error.

  4. WikiForce

    How much is my PC worth?

    600-650$ max. Just a wild guess. Edit : Didn't notice. Do you really have 6 SSDs? if that's the case then i would say 750$ atleast.
  5. My Asus mobo replacement likely to arrive from RMA in 2-3 days, that's fast. My brother went to service center on saturday and it's been 4 days since then. So, it's going to take max. 1 week overall. My brother called them today earlier in the morning where they confirmed. My 750 ti in RMA used to take around 10-12 days usually.


    Also, my brother is considering giving me his i5 3550 that he bought recently :D


  6. WikiForce

    2x 11gb Nvidia 2080Ti SLI or 24gb Nvidia Titan XP?

    For the price of two 2080 ti's you can possibly get a RTX Titan instead of Titan XP which is potentially the most the most powerful mainstream gaming GPU. It would help alot by those insanely high 24GB VRAM which is more future proof compared to 2080 ti's 11GB especially at 4k or higher resolution. Also, not to mention the poor support and scaling issues with SLI.
  7. Radeon 7 should have been 500$ max, considering typical AMD pricing or either would have competed to RTX 2080 Ti instead of 2080.

    Seems like AMD hasn't done justice to 7nm tbh

  8. I really miss my old dh61ww intel oem board, i am having a nostalgia rn. The one i bent socket pins on :(


    It had all features except usb charging which i actually considered unnecessary


    I used to oc my intel hd 2000 on it by increasing clock and upping voltage considerably and getting 50% better perf.


    I found a thread years ago where a guy specifically mentioned clocks and voltage for the best possible stable overclock even before i got hd 6850

    1. CUDAcores89


      meanwhile I found a pallet of those boards at the scarpyard a month ago but didn't pick any of them up because they wouldn't be worth me time.


      When i'm at the recycling center, I have to pass by an unbelieveable amount of stuff that I know tons of people on the forum want, but it's just not worth it for me to sell because my time would be poorly spent. Why would I try to sell a 500w power supply that I guruantee someone on the forum wants when I could instead sell an i5-4590 faster and for more money.

  9. WikiForce

    Motherboard damaged by new SSD

    I still think it was something else but my brother strongly disagrees and says it's the ssd i have another gigabyte h61 motherboard laying around (it was dead, got it RMA'd, now works fine) which i can use but my brother will need my current chip for testing or something (couldn't understand what he meant exactly) after i get my Asus mobo replaced so he's not letting me use it.
  10. Today i got my SSD and after plugging in the computer won't boot somehow was able to fix it later then another issue arrive which would cause computer to not shutdown, in windows it would shutdown but i can hear fans and hdd spinning meaning it wasn't off completely unless i hold power button so at bios screen it would get stuck if i press restart or just normally hit the power button (need to hold power button as i mentioned earlier). I have tried resetting bios setting to default, flashing bios firmware, removing ssd, taking out all SATA cables, reseating both RAM sticks also done power cycle by shutting off psu from back multiple times. I'm considering RMA'ing my Motherboard. Is there anything else i can try? Also, i have already filed return for the SSD on Amazon (will come tomorrow in morning for pickup). I'm so devastated rn Any help appreciated.
  11. WikiForce

    I still wonder if my gpu is underperforming

    Check Task Manager, it's usually enough if nothing else is running in the background.
  12. WikiForce

    Motherboard damaged by new SSD

    Can do nothing now as my brother already packed the mobo and he will take it to service centre tomorrow for RMA. Also applied for return of SSD on amazon which they accepted.
  13. WikiForce

    Motherboard damaged by new SSD

    That's one of the first thing i do when doing a clean install. I don't fancy fast startup as it uses huge hibernation file.
  14. WikiForce

    Motherboard damaged by new SSD

    I did nothing to SSD and it's still unallocated. I already packed it for return and also my mobo for RMA.
  15. WikiForce

    Motherboard damaged by new SSD

    Read the earlier post i quoted you in.
  16. WikiForce

    Motherboard damaged by new SSD

    I can boot in windows but it has shutdown issues.
  17. WikiForce

    Motherboard damaged by new SSD

    The thing is, the computer won't shutdown completely. In windows it would show black screen after showing shutdown screen and i can hear fan / hdd spinning unless i hold power button for 5sec. When it's showing bios screen it would just get stuck there if i hit power or reset button. As i mentioned earlier, here again i need to hold power button. This is not at all a chipset issue tbh and my last say is to RMA my motherboard which is what my brother is going to do tomorrow. Hopefully i would get a proper replacement but going be atleast 10 days wait. I hope it's worth the wait. I was hoping for a solution but you guys were not even close to providing one. I'm extremely disappointed with lack of proper replies.
  18. WikiForce

    Motherboard damaged by new SSD

    But chipset drivers are in windows. Why would it affect bios? Again not helping i have everything working fine before this SSD, all drivers were there in windows and it had issues even booting as secondary drive.
  19. WikiForce

    Motherboard damaged by new SSD

    That doesn't help. What would bios have to do with chipset drivers? That's a windows thing AFAIK.
  20. Fuck it, stupid shit SSD ruined my PC >:(

    Tried hours of troubleshooting but no help :/

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    2. WikiForce


      Do you think i should risk my gigabyte mobo for ssd? I have a gut feeling it's fine and would work without any issue.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      firelighter487 : Nevah!

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      RMA is a good thing if you can get it done free of cost.  troubleshooting can be fun but time consuming. you can easily mow through a whole day dedicated to it  issue after issue trying to find the fix the hard way.  if its under warranty you basically get a free checkup for the whole product  & replacement of issues . they usually do firmware updates too the safe way, it's generally good. so go with that RMA process for now.

  21. Yay, got my new SSD delivered today in the morning :D


    1. LukeSavenije


      3d mlc? not bad...

    2. WikiForce


      Yah, most 120GB budget SSDs are TLC and usually it's not even 3d nand

  22. WikiForce

    new budget build

    those are quite overpriced motherboard and PSU. You shouldn't recommend a semi modular PSU under such tight budget and Corsair's higher quality are quite overpriced. Also, there are some x370 boards cheaper than that b450 you listed (though they might require bios update for 2nd gen.). I recommend Circle PSU if you are limited by budget, i'm using one for almost 3 years and no issues at all. Costs barely 2500₹ for 500w variant, it's a high quality unit. https://www.amazon.in/Circle-APFC-Gaming-cabinet-Server/dp/B00R07GFS2 Oh.. Price Seems to have gone above 3000₹ still not a bad deal compared Corsair CX or Seasonic which are ridiculously overpriced for comparatively same quality.
  23. So for cloning my HDD to my new SSD do i need to clone MSR, EFI System Partition as well as Recovery Partition? I'm really confused as i don't wanna mess something up.
  24. WikiForce

    Help needed for cloning a GPT boot drive to SSD

    Is Macrium Reflect the best free cloning software or there's something better?