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About Max_Tech

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  • CPU
    I5 6600k
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    Corsair vengeance 16gb @2400mhz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte G1 gaming GTX 1070
  • Case
    NZXT S340 Elite Matte Black
  • Storage
    500gb 850 EVO V-NAND SSD and Seagate Baracude 2tb HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair CS650M
  • Cooling
    Be Queit Shadow Rock Slim CPU cooler and 4 corsair SP120 blurb led fans
  • Keyboard
    Coolmaster Masterkeys 5 Cherry MX Brown
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
  • Sound
    Razer Krakan USB
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 home

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  1. Max_Tech

    Build Advice?

    Depends on the cooler, I am no expert of liquid cooling.
  2. Max_Tech

    Build Advice?

    Well founders addition generally look cooler in my opinion but they cost more and perform the same with worse temps I think so... One other thing your ram is quiet tall so it may be difficult to find a CPU cooler that has no clearance issues.
  3. Max_Tech

    Build Advice?

    What 1080 ti?
  4. Max_Tech

    Intel vs. Ryzen

    Ryzen would get my vote however like others have said i would change a few things. For example i would change the video card to a 1060 or maybe wait for AMD Vega to come out if you want an AMD card. Also i would increase the size if the SSD to 250gb, a 120 doesn't really cut it now. You could save money by getting a cheaper ram kit, maybe a 2400mhz speed kit. Plus I would get a bigger PSU just in case. A CXM PSU is a good choice still though
  5. Max_Tech

    Should I buy a 1070 or wait for Vega?

    I would wait for VEGA watch and wait for what people report back. Knowing Nvidia they will just price drop their prices and make AMD obsolete again.
  6. Max_Tech

    Help deciding on cpu and gpu

    i7 7700 and 1080 would be my choice
  7. Why would they wear off if they are in your case? You can get assorted thumb screw sets on ebay and i think some of them are red.
  8. Max_Tech

    Good Logitech Headphones?

    Good Logitech headset. Unless your willing to spend 150 US for a G933
  9. Max_Tech

    Cases AAHHH please help!

    No none at all, my only other issues where the terrible zip ties that came with the case not that it is a issue, I have heard that the cable management straps can be a little flimsy but i never had any issues.
  10. Max_Tech

    Monitor help?

    OK thanks for the info, I will keep my eyes open!
  11. Max_Tech

    Cases AAHHH please help!

    You said earlier about the NZXT S340 overheating? I own one and never had this issue however i don't SLI. My only issue is the back panel is a pain in the A** to get off.
  12. Max_Tech

    Monitor help?

    My PC setup is in my profile.
  13. Max_Tech

    Monitor help?

    I have considered this yes, but I am going to save up for one in the future a Acer Predator, but this is a present from my parents and I don't think they will fork out 500 for a monitor. I only really need a 144hz monitor for CS GO and I don't play that much nor am I very good lol.
  14. Max_Tech

    Monitor help?

    Hi all I am thinking of buying a new monitor. I need it just for games and work, I play mostly CS GO, Battlegrounds, H1Z1 and World of Tanks a game i have sadly given 3000 hours of my life to . I feel like buying this monitor "Samsung LS24E390HL/XY" its $228 Australian which is about 170 US. Is there any other 1080p monitors out there for similar price or less with same performance? And is there any problems i may encounter with this monitor. PS I don't care it doesn't have a display port.