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  • CPU
    I7 7700k @ 5.0ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus prime Z270-P
  • RAM
    Kingston HyperX 16gb 2400mhz
  • GPU
    Asus Duel gtx 1070
  • Case
    Nzxt H440 (red/black)
  • Storage
    256gb WD m.2 + 3tb wd blue
  • PSU
    Evga 650w
  • Display(s)
    3 x 24inch 75hz 1920x1080p monitors
  • Cooling
    Corsair H115i
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 Plat
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65 Pro Rgb
  • Sound
    Corsair Void Headset
  • Operating System
    Win 10
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  1. I have a few tamest tools and have thought about having a look at the board itself, my pc does have a 3 year no questions asked warrentry so it will be fixed I was just thinking maybe it’s some think I could fix, other than having another board or cpu I’m not sure what else to test, don’t power no matter what I do unless I unplug the cpu power connection could it be a short or bad capacitor maybe ? Any really cheap z270 CPU’s I could get used ? To test it
  2. So I like a dumb ass knocked my pc off the desk, damaged the case and now it won’t power on. However if I disconnect the 6/8pin cpu power connector the pc will run(no display or nothink but stays on). Dead CPU or motherboard ?
  3. Hi all, Question: have any of you actually used one and did it work for you, I have looked into a few and most are(or look like) scams, any recommended ones, not looking to makes millions or anythink stupid but im willing to leaaarn and have moneyu to invest in it too see what its like. note: first looked in to bitcon trader/revelation but there both known as dodgy, they have a very high loss rate overall, sites state that 70% loss all there money Now don't get me wrong I know the risks and the money I have I can afford to lose it but would like it to make a little extra
  4. im not an expert but looking at them 2 cpu's (2135 & 2145) then for your work I would say the 2145, just for the extra cores, if you can use the extra cores which you probley would then I would say the 2145. Like above there is more core options if you can use a different cpu stats 2135 vs 2145
  5. update: finally got round to changing the switch, was really easy and I a novice with the soldering iron
  6. awesome I will try that hopefully it fixes it thanks all for the help
  7. I have the clear ones with the red centre, the top part of the caseing of the switch has come apart, wont go bk on and will pop off if I try. I don't mind soldering one switch but not all of them to fix one, I would just get a new one. Would like to try fix it though.
  8. Hi all, toda the "y" key broke, but the top of the actual cherry switch has come off. So 1: can I replace the switch and 2: how hard is it, do I have to remove all the switchs to get the one switch out ? 3: best place to get real mx reds ?
  9. I to use the k95 and I think its better suited as a gaming board, I would think the slimmer membrane boards would do better for typing ?
  10. I like the 30+ inch ultrawides not a fan of 1080p ones either but if you can not gert the 3440x1440p then the 29 inch one is good for its cost
  11. looks ok, watch out for clearance if your mounting the cooler rad at the top as mine was super close to the ram sticks, maybe the vrm heatsink might touch, may have to mount it at the front. When I added the fans on mine I was sooo close. If it was mee I would wait see what the new gpus are like
  12. yh they have but maybe that's because there is new ones coming so they want rid of "old" stock
  13. wait to see what comes out in a month or 2
  14. not worth it unless ur using liquid metal
  15. 1080p would really be on 24’s andb1440p on 27’s, I game at 1080p on triple 24’s and it is good, most times it’s racing games or world of tanks so my 1070/7700k handles it well, I was all hyped to do triple screen gaming and for a while it is good fun but for me got a little boaring after a while, now I’m looking at getting another display like I had before(Acer Predator X34A) and use that for gaming and use 2 of the 24’s for other tasks and not bother going triple screen gaming at all.