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  1. 3NMa

    Whats the deal with tunnelbear?

    I don't think it's anything that's really, really bad, but use something else
  2. 3NMa

    worn out mousepad?

    That's really quite weird. Personally I've never worn out any mouse mat
  3. 3NMa

    With one is nice to have for watching Movies

    If you're going to sit a few meters back I recommend a projector. It's quite cheap.
  4. 3NMa


    Tried restarting?
  5. 3NMa

    Vega for productivity?

    For CAD, my personal experience is that it's a lot better with a professional card like a quadro. Any basic one will do, but helps a lot. A 1080ti should be fine if you don't do really big structures and expect really high performance.
  6. 3NMa

    Is it normal to feel bothered when FPS dips?

    I feel bothered with fps dips. I think it's pretty normal since it's like a small stutter.
  7. 3NMa

    Just wonderin...

    Yes. Or. It depends on if I need it or iff I need the money. Now, I just bought a macbook air. That's kind of a crappy laptop
  8. 3NMa

    How'd I do?

    Feels a little green to me :-)
  9. 3NMa

    The next budget pc

    Check altoids tin computers
  10. 3NMa

    Favorite Techlinked Presenter

    I can't either see any videos with Jon or James. That would be awsome!
  11. Watching youTube with your neighbor is a whole 'nother level
  12. 3NMa

    Cars subsection

    I agree. I feel like there are many people on here an many people into PC:s that are also into cars.
  13. 3NMa

    Best 900p card sub $150USD?

    Why do you say that?
  14. 3NMa

    Monitor choice...

    https://pcpartpicker.com/product/f3tWGX/nixeus-monitor-nxvue24a seems pretty good. With that graphics card, and if you spend a little more you could go for maybe a 1440p 100-140Hz display, or as I would recommend an ultrawide with a little higher refresh rate. But that would cost you double or even more