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    Asus z170 Sabertooth
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    HyperX 16gb DDR4
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    EVGA 1080FTW
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    BE Quiet Pro 900
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    2 samsung 250gb SSD
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    Corsair 1200 Watt with sleeved cables
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    Acer XB280HK
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    Win 10 Home

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  1. Doesn't make me a beta for having lots of sex just makes me a man slut and a sexual deviant.
  2. He'll pound you in the face with his pussy grabbing hand. Lol
  3. I saw your avatar and knew some sort of shenanigans was afoot due to your drug induced antics. Scrolled up and saw the meme. Shinanigans confirmed. "Pound it with my face" - Donald Trump 2016 lol
  4. Thank you for this information you said it a lot better than I could.
  5. Depends if the game even uses hyperthreading/more then 4 cores. If not its not going to help you for 144hz gaming. Resolution doesnt really affect cpu usage though.
  6. 1. Yeah they are kind of the embodiment of being beta as they are mostly the dudes that are power bottoms were as the power tops that exemplify masculinity are not beta. 2. LOL you can have the masculine women then I like my women to look feminine as they should 3. Being of higher status or wealth doesnt decrease the likely-hood of getting a less hypergamous women. If anything having more status and wealth increases this likely-hood and it doesnt change if she has more wealth either shell always be looking to upgrade.
  7. 1. Flaming gay men are very beta 2. I base women on how much fat they have not muscle. A body building girl is a turn off to me. Hence why I said I dont judge based on muscle. 3. Ugly girls still have the same hyper-gamy as their better looking counter parts. Part of the reason for this is because betas will still chase them.
  8. 1. Guys that cant get women are beta males learning pickup lines isnt going to help you either you have it or you dont (unless they are gay then I guess its questionable if they are beta males or not) 2. I dont base my dates on muscle mass Im not into dudes 3. You may find a girl who likes that but even if you get her, her female nature (aka hyper-gamy) will only lead to your disappointment more often then not. An most girls that are into that stuff are usually under a 5 in looks and most likely fat, so have at it.
  9. Only reason feminists hate sex is because no one wants to touch them because they look like a fat dyke with blue hair. lol I except female hyper-gamy, just not playing their game thats why I only pump and dump girls, it gets easy to do after a while.
  10. Nah prostitutes are just honest women. ZING! lol jk Though they do provide a service and usually cheaper then a relationship that'll probably end due to female hyper-gamy.
  11. LOL Come get your waifu for the socially inept or the virgin losers that cant pump and dump girls cause they are either fat and ugly or have zero game. Judging by the amount of "how do I talk to/get women" threads on here its no wonder this makes news. Drop the anime mag and get in the gym bruh.
  12. It worked because buying her a drink makes you look like a beta male. DOMINANCE! women crave it ask my previous sex partners they wont lie.