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    A4 - 7300
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    MSI A68HM Grenade
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    8GB Corsair LP Vengeance
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    Rosewill FMB-2
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    WD Blue 1TB
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    Antec 550W
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  1. Oh yeah, the ebay listing never actually disclosed that. Anyway, thanks for your help.
  2. Guess I'm stuck with a hot boi of a card. Guess that teaches me about buying used stuff online.
  3. Yeah, it was one of the ideas that I had that is causing the "high" temps.
  4. I've linked it to the point in the video where temperatures are shown.
  5. Sure, but other rx 470s don't get to that point. So im kinda leaning toward its not so normal. I wouldn't be making this post otherwise.
  6. To start, I bought a RX 470 on ebay, nothing really out of the ordinary. When I put the card in my system and loaded up a GTAV benchmark, the fans sounded like they were basically going into overdrive. Radeon settings reporting nearly 5000 rpm. I may be wrong, but that seems a bit high. I then set a fan curve to make it not that loud. After a few days of playing around with it and stuff, under load it always reaches 80c. This is even with another 120mm fan next to it and side panel open. The temperature is higher than I would like it to be. Research I have done shows the card (XFX RX 470) only
  7. @orbitalbuzzsaw Right, the only reason I choose a 120gb was because I only really planned to have just windows on it and then suffer in slow hard drive with the rest of the stuff that would go on there, but having a larger capacity drive will save me some headache later on.
  8. @orbitalbuzzsaw Yeah I saw that and it has $2 coupon, so thats a nice bonus. Thanks!
  9. @orbitalbuzzsaw If you have some suggestions, i'm all ears. Because all the 240gb ssds I can find are upward of $50.
  10. @Bob116 Oh, I must have forgotten to put that in. I'm thinking of just getting this 120GB SSD
  11. Oh boy, its been a fat minute since I have posted here. Getting to the point of the post, I have a few random parts already sitting in my garage and I thought why not put some of that stuff to good use. But I am having some doubts with my parts list, hence why I am posting. USE CASES: Some gaming, and some photoshop. The heaviest game I'll probably be playing is GTA V. PARTS LIST: PCPartPicker Part List: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU Cooler Enermax ETS-
  12. I know this sounds kinda dumb, but have you tried restarting things like your computer, router and the launcher?
  13. For whatever reason, I am annoyed with myself for not being as active on here any more. 

  14. CPU should be fine. Depending on how bad the damage is you can usually fix the bent pins. (Post pics?)
  15. Holy actual crap. This is a basic description of my situation a couple of years ago. If I learned anything from that experience is that you should really take your chances and bet it all like other people have said. The worst that could happen is a "no" reply. Just do it and do what many guys are afraid to have happen to them (Like I did). Really because its been "a year or so" your enemy here is time if you want something to actually happen. Best of luck and what not.