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  1. I was thinking about this a lot earlier, how is the efficiency of C# string.contains() method when compared to the amount of characters included as the parameter. For example I am working with around 20,000 active directory users and I am having to check for certain strings in specific attributes contained in their name (distinguishedName for those of you who know AD well). I am wondering given a string example = "OU=this, CN=that"; Would example.contains("this") be quicker than example.contains("OU=this") as the first has less characters to match?
  2. Hey guys, As I head into winter break I am going to start working on a project of making my own website, unfortunately I have no front end experience, but tons of back end experience. So this is kinda me getting my foot into some front end and full stack development. Anyways my question is what languages do I need to learn to accomplish this? To give a little more background I'd like it to have several different pages like a home, a way to view my resume on another page with options of how to download it, and awards and other interesting stuff on another page all connected. Is HTML and CSS the best bet? Last thing, any videos anyone recommends for learning html and css if these are the languages. Thanks for any responses in advance. Feel free to ask if you need more information
  3. Ah, this makes sense now, I'll try this and hopefully this should fix the problem thanks.
  4. As the title implies, I'm working on trying to read input from a user (The file name) then use that input to open the file. For some reason if i put the file name in manually "myfile.txt" it will open but when using the variable it is stored to userinput it will not open reader := bufio.NewReader(os.Stdin) fmt.Print("Enter text: ") userinput, _ := reader.ReadString('\n') fmt.Println(userinput) file, err := os.Open("myfile.txt") //need to get this to take a userinput (Currently gives an error when trying os.Open(userinput)) if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) } defer file.Close() scanner := bufio.NewScanner(file) for scanner.Scan() { fmt.Println(scanner.Text()) //need to get this into an array seperated by spaces (Currently reads line by line) } this is currently what I have, os.Open is the preferred way id like to do this (mostly because i already have the scanner set up) but I'm more than happy to change code if anyone can help me with this issue. Thanks
  5. So this will probably be a bit different of a post then what I've been seeing the most here, but currently I'm working off a 10 year old laptop(10 YO processor LUL) with 3 gb of RAM and as you can probably guess, isn't really light. Anyways, I'm looking for a laptop from $300-$650 that I can take and put linux on and be able to browse the web and program on for 6+ hours. 4+ GB of RAM should work, I'll also be using this for school so I could really use it being lightweight. Last big point is id really like something with a 128 GB SSD but it's not a deal breaker if it has a HDD either, just a preference. Anyways any suggestions are welcome, I've been looking at a couple Lenovos but the specifications I'm looking for seem to be hitting $800+ so maybe I'm not looking at the right place or just not looking at the right kind. Anyways thanks(ask questions if you need I'll be active) TLDR; Need a new laptop 4+ GB of RAM, 6+ hours of general use battery life, lightweight, and 128 GB SSD or 500GB-1 TB HDD for school and programming.
  6. Also, in c# console.readline () returns a string and needs to be stored to a string value. Then you will need to change it to whatever data type you need using parse or tryparse. I always use tryparse to check for good input as int.tryparse () returns a Boolean value. So it's easy to say for example Int noOfCases; String noOfCaseString = console.Readline (); While (!int.tryParse(noOfCaseString, out noOfCases)){ //reprompt for good input } //do stuff (I'm on a phone so syntax might be off here or there)
  7. So, update: restarted, went into bios turned off all my fans and turned them back to defaults, then with my CPU fan i changed it from auto -> PMW (Not sure of the difference if you know that would be helpful) and now idle and in chrome running 25 C - 30 C edit: Also, its much more quiet now...
  8. I realize that, but I feel like if it wasnt evenly mounted it wouldnt have been at those temps when I first got it. Is it possible for it to go from being evenly mounted to uneven over years? (The only reason I thought you were joking is because I said reseating the cooler was like last resort)
  9. So, I just realized this today, been negligent about checking my temps recently but I did clean my top and front filter (I try to do this every couple months) but due to the size and me being alone in my apartment, I haven't cracked it open and blown out any of the dust thats on the inside or on the fans of the heatsink. I have verifed that the fans are spinning, I dont think im reaching any throttling though.
  10. Im gonna take the first half as a troll ;), and I have a corsair 750D - with stock fans (2 in on the front, 1 out on the back)
  11. Hello Everyone, CPU - I7-6700k (Not overclocked) Cooler - CRYORIG - R1 Ultimate 76.0 CFM CPU Cooler I just realized today that I have some (what I think) are high idle temps 40-55 C (Stays the same when browsing on chrome). I use to have i believe if i remember correct like 25 - 35 C idle when I first got this PC (around a year and a half ago). Anyways, the part that actually worries me, is when I'm playing any game like league or OSRS my temps shoot up to 75 - 90 C, for no real reason that I know of, which is very bad for the CPU and mobo, so what im trying to figure out is: Why is this happening, Is the program I'm using to check it reliable (RealTemp_370 which hasn't been updated since i got the computer), and obviously, how I can go about resolving this. I realize its been a while and someone is gonna suggest it, but reseating the cooler is like the LAST thing I wanna do. It was hell to get on and will probably be hell to get off and back on (if thats the only option though i wont have a choice) Anyways, Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. It's read in from a file as a string. I'm not opposed to reading it in as binary if there is a way to do that, but I have a feeling it maybe less lines to stick to the string method.
  13. So what I am looking to do is compare if 11:15 am is before the time of 10:30 am and different times this same way. I know I could take the first two numbers and compare the hour then compare the next two numbers as the minutes and evaluate the am or pm but is there an easier way to accomplish this? Maybe a python library or anything like that?
  14. I know this is borderline and not really sure if I'm allowed to ask it here, but is there a way to use python to record keystrokes up until a certain key or key combination is input? Or even just a way to record specific keystrokes up until a key or key combination? Wanting to see how many times certain keys are used during a game and almost make a heat map of the keyboard. Not looking for a program wanting to write my own
  15. Try using more parentheses in your ft assignment, something like (1/(sigma * (sqrt (2*pi))))* exp (x) Id do it like that to ensure it's evaluating the correct order.