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  1. o ok ill give it a try
  2. well i got this now, to the left, its a bit closer using a softer brush but it still doesnt still look quite like it, i need to go softer but idk how
  3. my hardness is at zero and i use the gradient map and got this
  4. woah how did you do that
  5. i tried that and couldn't figure it out
  6. (digital artist )anybody know how to rec-create this? navi from zelda any program
  7. ok it worked, i think the first time i putt it in and the os didnt read was because i didnt put it in all the way full. it works now ! thank you
  8. i tried putting the ram sticker side down(the new one and remove the original one) which it fitted into the moather board but my motherboard wouldnt read it, meaning no operating system popped up, let me double check and try it once more incase i did something wrong
  9. the bottom one is the original and fits perfect the top on is the one that doesnt fit, i think it could be a fake
  10. yes the picture above ... shows the original ram i have ... and above that original ram you can see the new ram that i purchased..... there is a huge difference.... the middle gap for the rams do not match up
  11. why does the ram i purchased on ebay(288 pin) not fit the motherboard i have(supports 288 pin) ? this is the moatherboard i have https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/PRIME-X370-A/specifications/ this is the ram i bought that wont fit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/G-SKILL-NT-Series-8GB-288-Pin-DDR4-SDRAM-DDR4-2400-PC4-19200-Intel-Z170-Platfo/301771486378?hash=item4642fb74aa:g:~ioAAOSwc75a0KwF&frcectupt=true the ram matcches the image in person this is the ram i have inside my motherboard (im using and fits) and i bought on newegg but the ram looks different then the image they have posted on their website: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231959 the image below: bottom ram is the one that fits and top ram doesnt
  12. cool thx ill try it, i was originally using the cords that came with the psu.. which i know now that they suck pretty much because its super loose, ill give it a try