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  1. is it manditory to setup a raid or can i just not have any backing mechanism and just have one 8tb of hdd?
  2. do i need to buy the ram to?
  3. just to store and watch. i dont have a budget and united states
  4. i want to put in some movies and also want to put in some project files around like 8tb
  5. for example when i buy a nas, will it come with pre-installed harddrives such as a 2 tb hdd and will i be able to swap that with a 8tb hdd and what does the memory in a nas do? also is the software that comes with the nas easy to navigate with?
  6. my ram isnt reading i have two rams of same brand one of different brand (total of three) but the one of different brand isnt reading
  7. can you program a razor keyboard with software? for example... i want to program the "f" key to function as the "a" key
  8. Difference between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality? should i call it "computer reality?"
  9. latency lag on fl studio, help so i plug my guitar into my interface, into fl studio. i set the buffer to the lowest setting. im very pick... and i still sense some lag... i also havent updated the software is anyone able to record their guitar on fl studio and not get any latency lag?
  10. why is my samsung glaxy s8 always on 92 degrees in farenhite? my phone always feels hot... and it seems like the battery is draining fast to