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  1. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Show off your latest purchase!

    I got this today from Goodwill. I have no idea why they would carry this...? Who would have donated this? It was $1.99.
  2. Wow. I was gone for maybe 2 weeks. 

    :( They're all status updates! 



  3. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Does LAN physically connect me all the way?

    Also @mariushm I was not being that detailed in my OP. Technically my Ethernet cable runs to my router which has a built in modem and that modem uses coaxial cable to talk with the sidewalk box which then uses a proprietary copper connection to reach a splitter box outside the neighborhood where from that point on it uses more copper (not sure if that part is also a proprietary connection or not) and it doesn't connect to fiber until it reaches my local ISP's office about 8 miles away. The entire connection from here to there is copper with repeaters. My IT guy from my ISP explained to me that one of the benefits of their proprietary and unique copper connection was that it required less amplification. I don't know why or how, or how far apart repeaters usually are or if 8 miles is a reasonable distance I just know that's what he told me when I asked him. I'm a very curious person.
  4. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Does LAN physically connect me all the way?

    Then fiber included most internet connections from a major metropolitan area to another major metropolitan area are entirely physically connected? Assuming my email from Los Vegas to Hustan isn't routed through a line of sight connection in small town Sedona AZ for some strange reason?
  5. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Does LAN physically connect me all the way?

    If I plug an Ethernet cable into my computer that plugs into my router which plugs into my modem which plugs into a box in the sidewalk which plugs into a bigger box just outside my neighborhood. Up until that neighborhood box the entire connection is physically attached without any wifi or satellite. Undersea cables can connect me overseas but some routes use satellite instead. To keep this simple let's only talk about domestic internet connections. Does this physical connection run all the way to the server and back? If I had the magical power to make anything I touch disappear and I tocuhed my LAN connected computer would said magical power be able to reach the servers? How much of the internet is physically attached to my home network before being transmitted over some wireless network? Would a typical website like Google be 100% wired if my end was not WiFi or 4G? Could an engineer at Google touch a server while I touch my computer and us both be technically "touching" the same thing? A single physically connected network without any wireless breaks in the middle? I know these questions seem stupid but I really want to know! Please comment your thoughts.
  6. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Buying a used school bus?

    That's a lot to take in. I understand this isn't something I can do easily but I will research all of these points. Thank you! You really know what you're doing. I hope I can learn this too.
  7. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Buying a used school bus?

    I could do that I guess.
  8. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Buying a used school bus?

    I think they look cool!
  9. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Buying a used school bus?

    1) I think so? 2) 40' 3) I have literally no idea. 4) What's that? 4) I hope not much. Maybe $40/month? I won't even move it every month. 6) I think so? 7) No. 8) No comment. Kidding, no I haven't.
  10. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Buying a used school bus?

    Where did he keep it?
  11. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Buying a used school bus?

    I don't think it's an eye sore...
  12. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. No one will see this. But I'm posting it anyway. I will dream of the day that I own my own bus. 🚌

  13. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Is it wrong too..............

    Yes you can. EDIT: That's fine there's nothing wrong with it. I misread.
  14. EverythingPinkIsMagic

    Were we down just now?

    I hope not! I saw that there was a cached version of the website available but it seemed every link I clicked wasn't cached. What's the point of caching just the home page?