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  1. + $150 shipping + whatever VAT and fees your govt charges outside of the US. eg UK: 550 + 150 = $700 + 20% = $840 (£662.31 via paypal) + whatever fees/duties extra. Which is right in the arena of Acer Predator 144hz and LG 1440p Ultrawides
  2. Massdrop's shipping to the UK, plus any import fees/VAT means this is priced well outside of competing monitors with more features/better panels here in the UK. It's a nice deal if you're American, but even Canada has to pay $150 shipping. It's just not worth it.
  3. Whoops, fixed. Might want to adjust your own post tho. In the end the overheating issue turned out to be my POS SilverStoneTek cooler. It was already a replacement after the first failed. So I had to spend £65 for a Noctua D14P. Temps are great now, under 40C at idle
  4. Depends on the games you play. Certain games attract higher numbers of women. But then most women are already taken etc so good luck with that. We play games for an escape so we don't really go into games looking for love. Also I'm lesbian, so I'm stealing from my own supposed "50%" pool.
  5. I guess it's a brand thing, I was going to go for the Asus Z270F myself for the 2 M.2 slots and plenty of USB3 I/O. Asus build good out-of-the-gate boards but their support lifetime leaves a lot to be desired. I've had gigabyte boards before, there's one in my server I paid entirely too much for. The last one EXPLODED. So fun times.
  6. I went ahead and got the 960. I also have some Noctua NH-H1 paste coming and some isopropyl alcohol. Sadly it's bank holiday here so it won't arrive till next week x_x
  7. Well the idea is to extend the life of my existing PC a few months. So LGA1366 chips are what I was looking at.
  8. Yeah, Xeon chips are pretty cheap on eBay, which is annoying.
  9. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P6T_SE/HelpDesk_CPU/ Core i7s only, I was checking since I figured a plan-B would be to throw in an replacement off eBay to buy myself some time for Ryzen prices to settle down and decent boards to come out. That i7 960 for £38 looks tempting
  10. Yeah, it's that horrible balance between Intel, where it's a dead end, but you know what you're getting because it's a mature platform. And Ryzen, where motherboard support is terrible because it's fresh out. Plus prices are high So intel's prices haven't shifted here. Hmmm, maybe a cheap B350 board instead. *starts looking*
  11. It may do but the boards sure don't. And board choice is non-existent at the moment it feels like, most of them only have 1 M.2 slot and 8 SATA slots which is useless for me. They all only support 2666/3000 memory speeds with anything above that being "(O.C)". I want a PC I can build on, not another one where I'm stuck from the offset and will have to do this all over again when I want to upgrade again. But it looks like *lake-x is going to be a different socket. But AMD claim that Socket AM4 will be here for a while to come. So if this is the case, then maybe just buy the best and make sure it's stuff that will last me a long time. I really hate that I'm forced to do this now and have to essentially make a bet on what will be suitable for the future. I'm having trouble finding reliable proof that the memory troubles with Ryzen are fixed. As far as I know, Ryzen still has trouble going above 2666 speeds and even in many cases needs memory that supports Ryzen rather than standard DDR4. Many of the boards I've seen can't go above 3200/3300. All the AM4 X370 motherboards I've seen are terrible for the price compared to Z270 offerings. I can't even buy a cheap one while I wait for better boards to come out because they're all £150+
  12. I've been dealing with video for a long time and there are other experts in this thread and it feels like we're all entertaining a troll at this point. I'm int he middle of choosing for my own building that I need to order fast, but I'm not convinced about the Ryzen benefits because of high prices, memory speed problems, lower number of boards so no real options. With Intel, the reason why they're considered better for professional work is because you know what you're getting, and they're pretty reliable (thermal throttling etc at high temps). I really want to see AMD compete, but from a professional standpoint, I'm not tugged away from the Intel side just yet. Maybe time will change things, but at this moment, I'm tempted, but not enough just yet. I also have my own thread where I'm tryign to urgently get a new CPU/Mobo/RAM together https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/765983-new-nahalem-to-x-lake-replacement-kit-urgent/
  13. I've had 2 Blackmagic, 1 Elgato and 1 Avermedia capture boxes since I also do console gaming and they're all fucking awful. I go for ones that use an uncompressed stream because ones that send an compressed stream is just going to lower quality when you recompress is after compositing in OBS/Xsplit.
  14. Are you saying that YT took the zoomed in encoded footage from quicksync WHILE IT WAS ON THE SAME FRAME AS OTHER FOOTAGE and messed it up independently? Yes YT transcodes footage, that's why they recommend you encode to specific settings and upload footage at the best quality you can. LTT have been doing this for a long time and they even upload at 4K to compensate for this too. Twitch does not do this unless you are partnered. They'd have to spend a LOT of money to buy heaps of machines for all that transcoding for the thousands of streams going on at the same time. That's why they only offer transcoding to lower bitrates for partnered streams where they'll be making money to compensate. You really seem determined to make your theory work here that somehow Quicksync is better and everyone is wrong.
  15. Twitch will only re-rencode if you're partnered and your viewers have a quality setting other than "source" selected. It's why I always tell my friends to be careful of bitrate as they might go too high for their viewers to watch. Quicksync is just that, it's quick, it's not quality-based and so a software encoder which can take advantage of more features of a codec (motion compensation etc) will always win out.
  16. Ryzen 7 prices are pretty sporting, 1800X is about £470 and 1700X is £350 (Unless you go to SCAN then it's £490 and £360 respectively). And I haven't even looked at boards yet. Question, does Ryzen support memory speeds over 2666 yet? @Ethocreeper I've already upgraded to WIn10 before. I assume that since I've already redeemed the free upgrade that I can install it any time now.
  17. Why are you in my closet? I didn't think anything else could fit in there.

    1. Ashiella
    2. Pyrii


      Does explain why stuff I put in there keeps dissapearing.

    3. Pyrii


      Including food

  18. Intel and AMD are like annoying friends who are like "We'll totally help you out, but only if you're back with your abusive ex-girlfriend, Windows 10". Why can't you like me Intel and AMD-senpai for being with the OS that's always treated me right and always been there for me? Err, this metaphor got out of hand.
  19. Certainly, the CPU may be kaput, but the memory is worth a fair whack and the Mobo is fine, as long as you don't mind replacing the CMOS battery every year or face losing CMOS settings when fully unplugging the system. (Still works though as the kitchen refit has not made me lose my settings while the power was out/new fuse box fitted)
  20. I use it for most gaming with occasional streaming+recording. Sadly while Kaby lake is just locked out of WIn7 updates, AMD aren't even making Win7 drivers for Ryzen. I really hate the idea of being forced back to windows 10 after spending over half a year with it and pulling my hair out with it. When Win10 allows me to use MY computer MY way, then I'll go back. If Ryzen was more stable and less buggy then maybe, but right now it needs to get some fixes out and I can't wait. I haven't gone AMD since the old 486 days
  21. So after pulling out my PC last night wondering why my i7 920 was refusing to idle at any temp below 60c, even after lowering voltages, turning on C-STATE tech, turning up fans on my TD03 Silverstone closed loop cooler. As far as I can tell, the chip must be dying which is why it's running hot, and playing Yooka-Laylee was the final straw. I tried pulling it all out, cleaning the rad and re-applying the thermal paste, but to no avail. I've been meaning to upgrade for awhile, and a couple of years ago even spent £200 in a 24Gb triple-channel DDR3 kit for my PC. The problem is that I'd need to do a complete refit, Mobo/CPU/RAM. So here's what I'm using at the moment: i7 920 @ 2.6Ghz (I had it overclocked to 2.8Ghz for most of the time since I bought it in 2009) Silverstone TD03 Closed loop CPU cooler. (Yes I did clean it after taking that pic) Asus P6T SE (X58 Chipset) Corsair Vengeance 6x4Gb 1600Mhz CAS9 DDR3 RAM (running at 666Mhz, board doesn't like running it above this) Asus Strix ROG GTX 1070 8G Corsair RM1000 PSU Samsung 840 Pro(Games)/850 EVO(OS) 512Gb SSDs Toshiba HDWD130 3Tb Desktop drive Fractal R5 case (White/No Window) VIA-chipset 4-port (2in/2out) based USB3 card Windows 7 x64 (I do have and have used Win10, but it was driving me bonkers and is horrible for gaming+streaming, so reverted) So I want to go to Skylake, while Kaby lake seems to be almost the same price, but since I use Win7 I can't get updates if I go Kaby Lake. (I don't have a key for Win8/8.1 and the same problem applies). So here's my shopping list so far: Intel Skylake i7 6700K (£290-£310 on Amazon) Asus ROG Z270F Motherboard (Has lots of USB3 I/O for all my capture boxes/memory sticks, 2x M2 slots and will support Kaby lake if I decide to switch later). Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16Gb+ memory (Up in the air which kit to use right now, fast is good) Some Noctua NH-H1 thermal paste (as my old tube of CM paste is looking a bit grody, it's coming out rather lumpy) Would be nice to have: New cooler? the TD03 isn't the best cooler, my current one is a replacement after the last failed. My Server is currently using my Noctua cooler. M2 SSD for new OS, 256Gb Max as I've never really used the full 512Gb of my current OS SSD Cheap small SSD for Pagefiles? (Currently on the 3Tb drive as a partition at the start of the disk) Most of this is going with what I'm used to and tend to know are good brands (Never gone wrong with Corsair vengeance mem kits). but really I'd like some advice on whether I'm looking at a good set up that will last me a long time to come. I've been putting this off for years really, so I've had enough money set aside for this that budget isn't the issue, but now that my CPU is failing so bad I can't even game any more, I can't wait around for prices to drop or sales (Unless there are drops right around the corner). Amazon UK seems to be the best for Cheap and fast (as I have prime). Amazon have always had better support than SCAN who have sometimes flat-out lied to refuse RMAs in the past and then tried to charge me money to get my stuff back. Aria tend to have cheaper stuff, but shipping bumps the price back up. So some advice on best places to shop from UK boarders would also be appreciated. So while it seems like I have my stuff together, I'm posting here because I'm really unsure and would like some advice or confirmation. Halp
  22. I dunno if it's been mentioned here, but yesterday there were some articles pointing out that the Joycon Grip included with the console doesn't allow for USB charging of the Joycons, instead you have to buy a "JoyCon Chargin Grip" (£25 etc) that allows for this feature. The "JoyCon Grip" that comes with the console is just a simple plastic Joycon Holder. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-01-16-nintendo-switchs-basic-joy-con-grip-doesnt-charge-controllers (Console included "JoyCon Grip" on left, separately available "JoyCon Charging Grip" on right) With Peripheral pricing already being a major stinging point of most critics like myself, Nintendo just seem to be shooting themselves int he foot with moves like this.
  23. They usually leave in the diagnosis and conclusion to hardware failures or mention something so I'm guessing there was a serious screw up somewhere. LTT will usually admit if it was a mistake of theirs, so I'm guessing it may have been a failure of sponsor hardware and they didn't want to anger the sponsor by pointing it out. Luke did mention in the end that they used completely different components for the conclusion build. Lastly, I get the feeling the case in the conclusion is a different case to the one in the build log, that's a pretty big hue shift. Thought I do get the feeling some colour grading/filters were used.
  24. Any is fine. You want to diagnose the PSU/Mobo.
  25. Yeah, definately sounds like a GPU fault. Sometimes things just fail, you don't have to do anything. The heat from playing a game maybe have made the failure happen. Let us know what happens when you try another GPU.