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  1. that would be the end goal. I'm friendly with the guy that developed that website and he's more than willing to give access to it. You put it better than myself, would it be better to develop a web service for it to pull data from, or with the given access code it into the site is the question. With the main goals being able to have the freedom to adapt the model over time without having to overhaul the thing each time. What are the advantages/dissadvanta\ges of each approch
  2. ok perfect, going forward ill try to get access to there model, as Developing my own for the weather will probably result in an oversimplified linear model and would distract from the main aim of correlating the rainfall and the hight of the selected river in terms of the "riverspy" web site I'm aware that gets its data from the opw (office of public works) waterlevel.ie website, My question is more so directed at once I have found a working model and its "predicting" the future level, how do I push this to that website and draw it or would it be better for the website to implement it directly
  3. thanks for your help there is some useful insight in there that is the Irish national weather forecasting website so yeah if your saying that they tend to be accommodating in terms of data sharing that would be a good approach. this will probably aid in making the model more accurate also because of the increased number of inputs to the state-space equations it seems that you have past experience in stuff like this. in terms of life data updates that they provide you, generally speaking, how is this done so and what ways of interfacing with the data and the developed mathematical model so that it can push the output data to a web page like the following http://www.riverspy.net/opwgauge.html?code=07005 (im friendly with the guy that runs this site ) and a 2nd prediction graph can be drawn thanks again
  4. thanks for your reply I'm coming from the point of view of an electronic engineer and only have experience in embedded stuff could you direct me towards some relatable examples that would be so helpful as i have basically zero experience in this area thanks
  5. Hey Guys As a side project to my university degree I have dreamed up this project that I'd absolutely love to bring to fulierision, however, there are aspects of the project that I will need some guidance and probably some help. The project Centres around developing a State space module of the river basis, relating the input (rainfall in the region) to the output (The hight of the river at a particular gauge) see figure1. this can be done Using system identification in Matlab and the likes which I'm well versed in the difficulty I am having is that I don't know where to start in getting the data in a form that is usable, My current plan is to try to develop something that takes the forecasted weather (https://www.met.ie/) from the rainfall forecast map then quantise this using a grid that is approximately the size of the river basin a visual replication is shown in figure 2 (excuse the awful drawing ) Once that data is gotten in terms of a value that represents the value of the square (part of the research will be determining if mean, median, max, or whatever methods influence on the accuracy of the model ) it can be passed into the model shown in figure 3 once data is gathered for the input and output the matimatimatical can be obtained using some of the Matlab system identification toolboxes my questions to you's that are more experienced programmers than myself are as follows what is the best way to try to strip the data from the met Eireann website https://www.met.ie/ is there a way of getting the data from the webpage itself before it is drawn, or would some image recession be better what languages, libraries etc. should I look into because I don't have the time, experience or, the patients to do it from scratch unless its relatively simple something like this has been done before[1] however they used upstream gauges, so the time frame is much shorter, whereas this approach can directly relate the forecast weather to the river hight thanks for your help in advance people, and if you have any questions or you just find it interesting and want to know more drop me a message or post below thank you [1] https://ieeexplore-ieee-org.jproxy.nuim.ie/document/8064947
  6. Ah thanks, I would never known AMD did something like that thanks, ill probably do one of the two and yeah it would have been lovely if it wasn't an Asus only feature
  7. yeah its second-gen ryzen ill try an update the bios as see how I get on thanks is there a way on asrock bords to update the bios without a CPU like the asus ones ??
  8. Hey guys im helping a friend swap to the ryzen platform his first pc but there was a bit of a hiccup. Sadly its not posting hardware swapped as follows : Asrock B350 ITX Ryzen 5 2600 sadly this motherboard doesn't have a postcode readout so I popped in a motherboard speaker after a bit of fiddling around, I have determined that the ram is working and that all the cables are plugged in but I'm getting no buzzer sound, as of Asrocks website (https://www.asrock.com/support/faq.asp?id=286) the no beep points towards a bad CPU but I have no code to confirm this My question is before I RMA the CPU is my abduction correct? or does the bios need to be updated to recognize this CPU ?? or anything else along these lines
  9. So my brother has 2 children of around 5 and 7 years old and Im sure you all know how board children get from time to time so would get that family a shield console so the children can play there game and daddy can watch his movies on Netflix sitting in fount of the tv rather than on his i pad as he dose now http://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-SHIELD-STREAMING-ADVANCED-GAMING-ANDROID/dp/B00U33Q940/ref=pd_sim_147_16?ie=UTF8&dpID=31sBdWqyflL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=0T0CZGK6MAFEXQ712MVK
  10. at least you don't have to put up with irish prices which are affected by the currency exchange between the euro and the pound because most of the distributors are from the uk
  11. oh didn't know can you link it to me
  12. Hello everybody this is an idea that i have come up whit to do something like "show off your set up "(http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/183-show-off-your-setup/page-531#entry4624148) the idea is to post your build in hear (whit your build log if you wish ) if one of the mods sees this we could hopefully get this pinned let me know what you all think
  13. look like a good platform vessel username : cian_for_games https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy
  14. @blinguskahn why don't you remove the little piece off your back plates of your 980 so the can breath ????
  15. No money left for a new monitor ?????? :huh: