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    i5 4690k
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    msi z97 gaming 5
  • RAM
    2x4 gb vengeance ram
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 970 strix
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    120gb ssd samsung evo, 500 gb ssd samsung evo 850 version
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    cx750 watt corsair bronze plus
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    Hyper 212 evo
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    windows 8.1

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  1. It has better build quality, 2 USB ports, headphone stand thingy, and the switch. I think its worth paying 30-40 pounds more, but not 100. I would get the XL2411Z. I also think you should look into the LG 24GM77.
  2. I have a deathadder, but I bought the EC2A to upgrade, but I ended up keeping the deathadder because I was thinking there would be a new version of the EC2A early 2017 or something. The cable of the EC2A is amazing, it never gets in your way unlike the deathadder. For the EC2A there is no software which is awesome IMO, and it has a very STABLE 1000hz polling rate, where as only some deathadders have stable 1000hz polling rates. Honestly the EC2A is better imo, however if you are comparing it to the deathadder you should go for the EC1A is similar in size to the deathadder. One thi
  3. Ok, I guess I was a bit silly, 2 months ago my 4690k was @ 4.5 with 1.2V so I put it down to 4.2 and 1.18 so I assumed it would be ok. I guess I will keep it stock for now and overclock once I get a new GPU, only have a 970 atm.
  4. So I went to open overwatch and my screen went black, but my PC was still on. I thought it was my monitor so I tried changing cables and such, but nothing changed. So I forced turn PC off and this message thing came up. Do you think this following image could be caused due to an unstable OC? I was running my 4690k at 1.18V @ 4.2. I think it is because it was probably volt spike or something right after I opened a game. What do you think?
  5. 1. IPS looks better, but my standards for picture quality are not that high so I still like TN. 2. I personally dont like them but this is subjective. 3. 144hz is awesome, 60FPS feels like 30 now though lol. If you can maintain a 120+ish FPS then you will notice a lot less screen tearing as well. 4. Depends what games you play, if you play games like CS GO, Overwatch, with a decent GPU then you can achieve 120+ish frames so It probably would not be worth it. But if you play games like witcher 3 and stuff then its awesome. Gsync is very expensive though but w
  6. the VG248QE is dated. It was made in 2012 I think. It is not flicker free either. I would get the LG 24GM77, Xl2411Z, XF240H imo.
  7. Thought so, although I am worried that it does not have a displayport, since you can only use the 2411z 144hz with a DVI and the newer polaris GPUs wont have a DVI port I think
  8. good to know, is it true that the XL2411Z is basically the same as the 2430T except with a different design and without a displayport?
  9. Since these monitors are used in esports im assuming they are top notch but I just want to make sure. I notice input lag quite easily and I just want a lag free experience. I was just wondering how the input lag on the XL2411z and the 2430 is. Just to clarify im not talking about response time, just input lag. I cant find any data on the input lag on these two monitors surprisingly.
  10. For the average person probably not, however if you are by any means competitive go for the TN.
  11. Asus VG248QE or Benq xl2411z whichever is cheaper. Same input lag, same panel, there are few differences which I wont bother to go into you can search it, I personally got the Asus because I like the default colours. Both these monitors are used for pro matches in CS GO as well if that means anything, although mostly BenQ monitors like the 2430T are used.
  12. I thought TN panels had higher input lag? Thats why I wanted that over IPS. My standards aren't that high, I mean I think the TN panel on the VX238H looks good lol
  13. I previously had a 1080p 60hz Asus VX238h monitor and it has done brilliantly. I now just received an Acer XF240H monitor to test it out, but I would like to compare it to something else. I want another 144hz 1080p monitor to compare it to and I will return one of them and keep the other. What 1080p 144hz monitor would you recommend? The XF240H is good apart from the colours are a bit weird compared to my previous monitor. I am leaning towards getting an Asus VG248QE because it is made by Asus and the screen quality could be similar to the VX238H. So what do you guys think?
  14. I got the XF240H monitor and when I go to settings it only shows 60hz, 100hz and 120hz options, however the monitor is 144hz. How do I go up to 144? Cant seem to find the problem. I currently have DVI cable connected. EDIT, I used displayport and now its working.