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  1. Quick question. Do 1st gen ryzen (eg. 1700) work with x470 or b450 out of the box?
  2. Any sounds at all when you try to turn it on?
  3. LG 43MU79-B Matte Black 43" (42.51" diagonal) UHD 4K Monitor, 350nits, HDMI, Display Port, USB Type-C, Tilt, Vesa Compatible http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=0JC-000D-005G2 Is this a good deal?
  4. I was but your reply made me expand the idea.
  5. SO if a website were to put a vurtual keyboard under there login would it be less likely to be logged.
  6. It’s just my opinion but the way ltt does their ads at the end is actually courteous. You may get a few seconds at the beginning eg. This video is brought to you by ... and at the end. Go watch cable tv out of the 20 minutes of actual show there are at least 2 ad breaks containing more than a few ads and you pay for that service.
  7. There are videos out there of small children putting computers together. Just get compatible parts don’t be too rough some components are more fragile than others. Make sure you are not statickly charged. It’s basically LEGO. Good luck
  8. Many people get their passwords and other information stolen by just typing them in. Some one else where can see what you have typed and use that to take over you accounts and cause much havoc. I’m wondering if the on screen keyboard is loggable the same as actual keystrokes.
  9. I’m sure if you have watched a few videos from LMG you have heard of synergy. One mouse one keyboard multiple machines. My idea is this, using one keyboard and mouse on two differently specd computers in unison. Same monitors, resolution, and any settings that can be the same. Would running the same game at the same time, with one set of inputs, become unsynced eg. wile playing and focusing on one screen the other screen looks like some nub figuring out the controls or just walking into a wall.
  10. Hello I’m helping a friend with their computer problems I’m usually pretty good but this is throwing me for a loop. They have an acer all in one it’s a few years old at this point. I updated the graphics driver trying to fix the issue to no avail. I checked power save settings and screensaver settings any one have any ideas?
  11. I'm aware I just think with it being stable at the voltage I'm running I should be able to push a little further