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  1. I have tried this method in the past, and while I have had some success, I was looking for a more permanent solution. As you said, I guess that does not exist.
  2. At my high school, I am conducting a project where I take old business computers, refurbish them, and then donate them to children in need in my area. Basically, my school is set up as a charity allowing the businesses to receive tax deductions on the donated computers, and then the children get the computers for free, so its a win win. I have been able to successfully source enough computers and parts to have enough functioning computers. However, most of these computers are running dated operating systems and I want to upgrade the computers all to windows 10. Since I don't want to give away computers with the watermark and the other minor issues that come with un-activated windows, I need a way to obtain Windows keys for free. I know Linux is an option for free operating systems, but for this case let's says Linux is out of the picture and I only use Windows 10. Where would be the best places to source these free windows keys?
  3. I recently built a new pc, and while playing certain games (Borderlands 2 and Supreme Commander 2), black screens occur often for a split second. Newer games such as the Witcher 3 (which is much harder to run) have no problem. These are the current specs of the machine: Ryzen 5 3600x MSI Radeon 5700 16gb Crucial Ballistix 3200 DDR4 Ram Evga G5 80+ Gold PSU 650 W Asus x570-P Motherboard 1TB Samsung 860 Evo SSD Hyper 212 Black Edition Corsair 275R Case Acer 144Hz Monitor Windows 10 Home 64Bit Not sure what version of the BIOS I'm running, whatever came on the motherboard I was thinking that the age of the game might be a problem, but I am not entirely sure. What might cause black screens such as the one's I am experiencing?
  4. I've been trying to install a copy of windows 7 on an old Optiplex machine. Each time I start it up, I get a system battery voltage is low warning. I found a video online that says to switch to ATA in the BIOS which I did. After doing that, I still get the warning, and when I press f1 to continue, the machine just beeps at me and accepts none of my inputs. Additionally, on a different computer, I plugged in a USB drive to install windows 7, and after reordering the boot sequence with the usb drive coming first, all I get is a blank screen with a blinking white bar in the upper left-hand corner. What would cause this issue? Is it a problem with the USB drive?
  5. Alright I'll give it a shot, thank you
  6. Ok just want to make sure we are talking about the same cable. There is are two cables I see inside. There is the one I see that extends from the bottom of the computer to behind the display: and there is another I see on ifixit this one which connects the cable above to the logic board: Which cable would you say needs replacing?
  7. My friend recently gave me his 12" macbook (2016) to see if I can fix. It is a display issue. A year ago someone had knocked into his screen, making it really flimsy past a certain point of opening. This is not a huge issue, but the more troubling issue is that display started to flicker recently, and now starts to show color bars and then goes to completely white when fully extended. I opened up the laptop using the ifixit guide to check to display cable, but nothing looks out of place. I want to buy a replacement display cable via ifixit, but I want to know if there is anything else I should try before buying the cable. Any suggestions?
  8. I guess I'll just look on ebay for one of those boards, thanks!
  9. I think I'll probably stay away from the z87/z97 chipsets because it's not a 4770k, so do you know any good h87/h97 mobos?
  10. Today I just got a computer from a scrap yard for free, a Dell Optiplex 9020. I salvaged a Core i7-4770 and 8 Gb DDR3 Ram, and I want to use it to build a different computer. However, since LGA 1150 motherboards are on the older side, I'm not very familiar with the models, so I don't know what model would be a good one to choose. Thoughts? Requirements: -New or Used (I wouldn't mind buying used since I want to save money) -Micro-ATX or ATX
  11. I am aware of that, but my friend was not. It's pretty obvious that it would cause damage. However, I am asking for suggestions that I can tell him over the phone ( I can't meet with him at the moment)
  12. So a buddy of mine just called me, and told me that he was unplugging his editing PCs gpu (gtx 970) and swapping it with a gtx 1070ti, but he didn't turn of the PSU. Now he is attempting to turn back on the computer, but all that happens is his fans turn on for a second then turn off. I think it might be possible that he fried something inside the computer. -I have limited knowledge of the specs, except the 2 gpus he swapped -He is running Windows 10 - I do not have the time to look at the pc right now, but he tells me that there is no burning smell coming from the case. I suggested he tried to at least get into the bios, but it seems the system doesn't even want to post. Any suggestions?
  13. Sounds good, 1 more question. Do you have any tips for searching for the old desktops. ebay's filters really don't help b/c most hardware is listed as "unspecified". Do you think it'll be more effective just to search "Core i5 2nd Gen Desktop" or something like that?
  14. Checked the manual, it doesn't specify the power supply form factor but I found some forum posts about replacing the power supply that say it's atx.
  15. Ok I'm actually planning tomorrow to drive over to a used PC shop just to see what they have. But if they don't have anything, does this dell (and oem pcs in general) have standard mounting holes for an ATX psu? I assume they do if you can replace them
  16. Alright, then do you think it's at least effective to take out the RAM, CPU, and HDD out of an old desktop?
  17. Oh wow ok, I haven't looked into buying old desktops. What are the chances that the motherboard in that Dell is ATX and not some OEM part, because I might want to transplant the CPU/RAM/Mobo into a new case?
  18. My budget isn't set, but less than $250 would be fine. Also, I live in a small town in NJ
  19. I built my real gaming PC 2 years ago. I'm not really wanting to upgrade right now, but I thought it would be a bit of fun to build a used PC with parts off mostly eBay. I'm willing to buy the case and psu new, but the rest of the parts I want to by used. I might also be using steamOS just to give it a try (I know that the game compatibility isn't great) Thoughts on this build? Here's the part list: CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz- $45 in CPU/Mobo/Ram Combo (eBay) Motherboard: Intel DG31PR LGA775/Socket T: $45 in CPU/Mobo/Ram Combo (eBay) GPU: EVGA Gtx 670 Superclocked 4GB ~ $70 (eBay) RAM:Kingston 2x2GB 800MHz, 4 GB DDR2 - $45 in CPU/Mobo/Ram Combo (eBay) PSU: Seasonic S12II 620 BRONZE, SS-620GB ~ $50 (Amazon) Storage: 750 GB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive (7200 RPM) ~ $26.60 (eBay) Case: Corsair 100R ATX Mid-Tower ~ $50 (Amazon) Total: $241.60 Things I Have Thought About: - Used Hard Drive Failure -CPU is most likely a bottleneck for the 670 -PSU a little overkill -Motherboard is a little sketchy -Using an aftermarket cooler for cpu?
  20. Why do you have two different SSDs lol, looks great BTW.
  21. Since it's an older generation , it will lower the overall performance of the GPU, but it will still work. The ports are actually backwards compatible so you'll be fine.
  22. I recommend a modular power supply since a mini itx doesn't have a lot of space, and you don't want loose cables everywhere