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  1. Nallown

    Google May be Going to Space!?

    I'm not entirely sure whether just because you're restoring a hanger in help with NASA would exactly mean that you'd be going to space. So Hangar One is an extremely old structure which has been around for decades. If you look up the history of the Hangar One you can see that there was some back and forward going on with the structure whether to strip it apart or not and finally NASA was given responsibility to restore the structure. After this Google has chosen to help them out with the restoration, in return they'd want 2/3 of the space but eventually (now) they have chosen to sign a lease for this structure. Assuming that Google will be going to space just because it has signed a 60 year lease with NASA for a hangar I think is wrong. Google has done this many times before where they end up partnering or signing agreements with NASA but so far, never have they actually went out to space. The origin of the hangar isn't to be used for launching space rockets out or whatever, it's a hangar. I'm guessing that NASA's intention to was to use it for possibly developing their technology to push their way up to space even better but so far Google has shown no sign of wanting to go to space. My guesses is that Google has chosen to sign a 60 year lease with NASA for this hangar for its size and research they'd be able to hold in this and not exactly to launch a rocket in space. If any other institute were to be responsible for this hangar and Google would of been responsible for it then I don't believe that "going to space" would of been mentioned. I think that it's silly to assume that Google will be going to space just because they have signed a lease with NASA who was in fact given responsibility for this hangar later on in 2008. Just because you're singing a contract with NASA doesn't mean that you're going to space. NASA provides much more then just space research and they in fact end up passing on their posses to other institutes over time and so far not many of these institutes have used those possessions for launching rockets into space. Just saying that we shouldn't get our hopes up and believe that Google will be going to space just because it has signed a 60 year lease for a hangar. There's much more you can do with a hangar.
  2. Nallown

    Dual Monitor - Fullscreen Issues

    So many games these days when running a game in fullscreen they ignore all the UI elements of anything on the chosen screens and instead focus on just the game to improve the performance. This is a pretty useful feature in terms of performance as it allows the game to use much more memory causing it to work faster. The only issue is that if you were to run multiple monitors and you chose to focus on another monitor then it would believe that you're requesting the elements to appear again so it would either run the game in windowed mode then or just minimize it. So basically with many games you won't be able to play them in fullscreen while having other things visible aswell since the libraries used to run them in fullscreen would do as explained. There is a solution though and this would be to run the game in borderless windowed mode. What this basically does is run the game in windowed mode so everything else would still be processed like all the other elements and GUI but the only thing is that it won't truely make proper use of the fullscreen capabilities. Many times this won't be much of a issue but at times issues would be noticeable such as screen tearing and slight flame drops. While these things won't really be noticeable by much at all, I would recommend giving it a try when using multiple monitors and you'd like to make use of them separately. Not all games support this as it's a small hack but I wouldn't say that it's a bad thing at all. In face I myself run games in windowed mode all the time whenever I want to make use of other monitors separately.
  3. So I just received a email notifying me about the open preview release of Windows 10 so I thought that you guys might want to give it a shot for your self. For those who are interested in trying it out, head over to here and that will explain to you how to gain access to it.
  4. I use XFX my self and there isn't much wrong with it. People claim that that one manufacture is better then another which may be true but those difference are so small in performance that it really won't matter. It's not like you'll be getting a 10fps boost by choosing another manufacturer with the same specs GPU, it may only make it cooler depending on the manufacturer but other then that it won't matter by much at all. If you really a performance boost then I'd say get a cheaper CPU and spend more on the GPU. That CPU won't be giving you any boost whats so ever compared to a GPU upgrade. Otherwise I'd say that you could get possibly a smaller case and you'd be saving money on it. Also have a look around, it is possible to get windows for free and it doesn't always have to be specifically pirated. Some schools tend to give it away and also have a look at the dreamspark project, they give you a free legal copy of pretty much any windows software including OS's
  5. Nallown

    Number Guessing Game C#

    So this is actually a pretty simple game. I'll go through the concept behind it. Generate random number inbetween a range. (Have a look around for how to generate a random integer in C#) Accept user input On submission compare the given input with the random generated number Believe it or not if you just look up on google on how to do these steps then you'll easily find the answer with a explanation. I'll help you out by giving you a pretty good starting point on where to look at. The Visual C# Documentation.
  6. Nallown

    Driver Install bluescreen

    That's not enough information. I need the actual crash dump to find out where abouts it exactly failed.
  7. Nallown

    What is this connector called?

    Good point didn't notice that.
  8. Nallown

    What is this connector called?

    VGA or D-Sub. They're the same connectors.
  9. Nallown

    Driver Install bluescreen

    Can you boot into your PC at all? Doesn't matter whether you boot into it with or without the GPU, I just need the windows crash log. Try to boot into safe mode and see whether you can somehow upload the crash log. When I get back home I'll analyze the log and will try to track down where it went wrong so you can go ahead and fix it.
  10. Nallown

    So excited!

    This case looks actually pretty styling. I'm actually interested in finding out how good it is so I'd appreciate a update on the case once it arrives
  11. Nallown

    So excited!

    The difference a line can make 0.0
  12. Nallown

    50% off Life Time VPS

  13. Nallown

    50% off Life Time VPS

    Not so sure how well it would perform as a VPN lemme check it's actual bandwidth right now and I'll give you a update.
  14. Nallown

    50% off Life Time VPS

    No probs just keep in mind though that this is free so don't expect the performance of a dedicate server running a xeon e5620 with 64gb ram and a 1gbps connection. I still use mine as a database server when just starting a project so instead of hosting the database on my local system or a dedicated server when starting a project, I'd have the db run on that server so if I were to run the source somewhere else it would still use the same data. Overall I'd rate it a 9/10 though because of it being a free VPS so you can't really complain. I won't be giving it a 10/10 because if it were to crash (which does happen once in 3 months or so) then it would take them about 2 days to get it back up and running which sometimes does bugger me.
  15. Nallown

    Which case to choose ?

    I personally tend to like plain solid cases more without grids or any sort of detail to them more then something like a grid or window. That's just my personal preference though so I'd go for the Luxe. Go for whatever you feel more comfortable with as this will be your case and you'll be spending your time looking at it and not me so you'd be stuck with that until you chose to change it so you don't want to get something you'd get bored of within a month.
  16. Nallown

    Wattage Help

    Since I don't see the way PSU work with the connections and I/O change within the next 5 years I think it's worth investing that extra £10 now for that extra 100w then spending £50 in the future to scrap the current PSU and get a new one. Spending money on a PSU is probably the most delicate one compared to a new GPU or mobo or pretty much any other component since the PSU haven't changed ever since they switched from IDE PSUs so the PSU you get now you could probably keep on using within the next 5 years since I don't see the standard changing by then.
  17. Nallown

    50% off Life Time VPS

    If you guys are looking for a 100% free VPS with no sideshots or anything like that then give haphost a try. It defintely isn't something you can run in production but, hey! It's a 100% free VPS with no sideshots or identity verification and not even credit card verification. They don't ask for anything apart from just your: Name, Email, Username and country. I've still got a VPS running under their name and I've had a account with them for about 3 years now. There is no reason to signup for this. It would only take you about 3 minutes to get that free VPS.
  18. Nallown

    Experiences with non-techies

    Funny enough the worst experience I had with non techies was probably in a hardware store. Here is why.
  19. Nallown

    How hot can a PSU get ?

    Well it really depends on the load of course. As you know the PSU transmits the current around the whole system. Depending on how much power your computer may be using the PSU be placed under higher load or lower load not since the resistors would work harder or slower to keep everything nice and consistent and make sure that nothing goes BOOM! If you were to use your computer like possibly right now, you may have your web browser opened with possibly a few IM running in background and also possibly lets say a music player well in that case your computer won't be under much load and won't be needing much power from the PSU so it would be calm and slow in terms of transmitting the current around the computer. The GPU may pretty much not be working and only a few light weight tasks are running on your CPU and they're being transmitted nice and evenly around the system. Since here it won't be under much load and it wouldn't need to have much current running around and the PSU may remain calm and the resistors wouldn't be working their ass off. Just like when let's say if you were to chillex at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon on your computer just doing nothing then you wouldn't be consuming much energy but if you were to let's say play a competitive sports match with your friends then you'd be under much more load and you'd be consuming much more energy and you'd start to burn up and work up and that's when you'd start to boil up and remain like that for possibly a moment since your body would need to start to cool down and find the right spot in terms of power consumption. You could pretty much think of it the same way the PSU and every other electrical component would work. So basically if you instead were to be running a badass heavy load game and your GPU starts to drain all the power from your PSU just like drinking iced tea on a boiling hot Friday afternoon then it would consume and start to work up the PSU and it would try to remain cool from all that power so that's when you'd have it start running pretty darn hot. So basically it really depends on how well your PSU is build to keep the power running nice and smooth without any sudden current drops or so. The resistors in your PSU may be rubbish and cause many spikes in the current being transmitted and cause the PSU to freak out and warm up or it may be a pretty efficient well trusted brand with good build quality which delivers the required power around the computer without any spikes so the PSU won't start to freak out and will start to be able to manage the power and temperatures correctly. - I'd say if you were to have a well trusted PSU which works pretty efficient and consistent then it would run at 30C and under load around 40C.
  20. Nallown

    Java Variable Help

    So I'm guessing that you want something like this Press 1 --> Assign variable x Press 2 --> Assign variable y Press 3 --> Assign variable z If this is what you're trying to do then you could have a keylistener. Depending on how you're obtaining the input you could do it in different various ways but as long as you receive the input from the keyboard and know what key is pressed then you can use a simple switch statement to proceed with assigning the variables. int keycodeRelease;switch (keycodeRelease) { case 45: // Do something when key 45 is pressed released case 50: // Do something else when key 50 is pressed released break; default: // Do something when neither of the given keys are released break;}
  21. So I'm planning on getting a new microphone which I'd be able to attach to my monitor stand and it would pickup my speech but not my speakers. I know that it wouldn't be a easy job finding these microphones exactly but there must be something like that around and I'm willing to push my budget over $200. The idea would be to have something like a shotgun microphone on the monitor stand so as I mentioned it would pickup my speech but not exactly the sound coming from the speakers. I remember seeing one of those noise cancelling devices which are essentially microphone which you'd have specifically pickup the sound you want it to cancel. I'm not sure how well these would work in my situation but would something like that work out with my needs? I'd basically want the best sound quality possible The room setup is as following
  22. Nallown

    Microphone reccomendation needed $200

    Arlight thanks, I'll make sure to have a look at it once I'm home. your and everybody's support is much appreciated!
  23. Nallown

    Microphone reccomendation needed $200

    that's what I sort of expected. It's not exactly a MUST just something I would want to have as part of it since the budget is high I would of thought that there would of been some kind of solution for it.
  24. Nallown

    Microphone reccomendation needed $200

    Thanks guys some very useful info I was able to get here. I'll have a look around for mics based on the recommendations and will come back with a basket of mics I was able to find.
  25. Nallown

    Microphone reccomendation needed $200

    Monitor stand, not the monitor it self