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  • CPU
    Intel Core I7 8700K
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG Strix Z370-E
  • RAM
    G.Skill Trident Z Royal 3600mhz
  • GPU
    Aorus RTX 2080Ti Extreme
  • Case
    NZXT H440 White
  • Storage
    Samsung 850 EVO 120 GB Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB
  • PSU
    Coolermaster G750M
  • Display(s)
    Acer Predator 34-P 120Hz 1440p
  • Cooling
    Nepton 280L
  • Keyboard
    ROG Claymore Core
  • Mouse
    ROG Gladius II
  • Sound
    Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum
  • Operating System
    Win 10

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  1. What might help is if you would install a AD Blocker for his Browser he is using.
  2. https://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-34GL750 I don't know what you saw but its an ultra wide, sadly i didn't see that its only 1080p sorry about that. otherwise i sadly cant tell you much about the monitors you linked i don't know anything more about them than what google would say.
  3. If you wouldn't mind going 1080p u could check out the LG-34UC79G-B or maybe a 1440p variant the LG-34GL750 if the price is right from where you could buy them.
  4. Can you put another fan at the front for more air intake ? like move one of the top fans to the front for more air intake. Having three fans that takes air out wont help much if you don't supply it with enough fresh air, it might even introduce more dust into your system since you are taking more air out of it than you supply it meaning that it tries to take more air through little spaces that might not have a dust filter on them. You don't really need a new CPU cooler the box cooler should be good enough except u have something like a high overclock applied. The RTX 2080ti cards produce a lot of heat and it gets distributed into your system heating up the air inside over time more and more that is what makes the difference from before when you had the 1060.
  5. Well the first thing is they tested it with the 9900k @5ghz that alone is different to a 6700k at whatever ghz he has it. What the techspot ppl use as a test bench is top hardware for the 1660ti. The other thing is the tests are mostly done in the single player campaign which is to my understanding a big difference in performance than the multiplayer with x amount of ppl on one map. I have played BF5 with a 8700k @4.9ghz 16gb 3600mhz ram and a 1070 at 1080p ultra and i was running around 80fps with fps dips in firefights to around 40-50 fps depending on what was happening on the screen, so i am talking here about real life experience not benchmark's (which are nice but not 100% the same for everyone). I did some research btw so don't worry about that, but what i was talking about here was my own experience with the game. And Yes my number might be wrong for you, but i was giving him suggestions on from my own experience.
  6. With a 1660ti u can probably run it on a mix of Low-Medium settings to get around 60+ Fps on 1080p. If you want to go High-Ultra u need around a 1080/1080ti or a 2070 with Ray Tracing disabled in the settings.
  7. Just an idea but have u connected anything to facebook where you have your cc info in ? Steam, or any mobile games that u ever bought something in ?
  8. For me it was always ASUS i liked the look of everything they have GPU MOBO Keyboard Mouse. As of latest with the new 2000 series i've got myself a Gigabyte Aorus Extreme 2080ti since there were no Strix 2080ti's in stock everywhere where i live, even though it gets a bit hot 84-85C under gaming load at nearly 90% fan speed in a H440 case i am still happy with the card its a beast and the looks of it are really nice. For RAM i go with G.Skill all the way and for SSD's Samsung. But for me ASUS is still my Preferred choice.
  9. If you don't plan on overclocking get the non K CPU. Only for the boost clock difference its not worth the $50 more you wont see a noticeable difference between the CPU if you run them on Stock settings in gaming.
  10. The 2080 Super has just a few Cores more than a Normal 2080. 2080 core count is 2944 2080 Super core count is 3072 2080ti core count is 4352
  11. I guess it can. I have a 2080ti running a 120hz and a 60hz at the same time with a game and youtube video's. But then even with my 1070 i could do that before, thats why i was so confused and asked as to why u cant run two displays on 1 GPU with different refresh rates.
  12. I am kinda confused...why exactly cant u run both monitors of the same GPU ?
  13. If you have the money and want to get a 144hz monitor do it, but only if like Crunchy Dragon said your system can push out the frames.
  14. What is your budget ? Personally i am using the Acer Predator X34P model 34" 1440p 100-120hz curved. Can only recommend it.