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  1. Well, whatever it fixed - it wasn't the clock. It still shows wrong time as of today, I still need to manually press "sync now" button, in order for it to be synced. By now, I'm starting to think this might be a motherboard issue, and that was just a coincidence - that this problem showed up right after a Windows February update. Unless, you have any other advice?
  2. Yes, I did revert to optimized defaults, and also yes - bios also shows wrong time if I boot firstly into it, before windows.
  3. It did find something and fixed it - but at the time I can't know if this was the clock error. PC needs tu be turned off for more than 4 hours for it to lose the track of time, and just use the last recorded time as a starting point. There is a log in CBS folder, yet no clue where to look for anything time related. Will update probably tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion!
  4. So, I seem to have a very annoying issue, which has been bugging me for a month now. The time in windows is wrong. The motherboard is MSI MPG x570 Gaming Pro Carbon Wifi It shows the correct time, if I press "sync now" button each and every time after boot, until the moment I turn the PC off. After I turn it back on - it shows the time as what it was at the exact point the PC was turned off. So, if I turn off my PC at 3:12AM, after I turn it on again 12 hours later, ir will still shows 3:12AM and go from there. But it also shows the wrong time in the BIOS itself, it also shows the ti
  5. I have a R7 2700X CPU, and I've been using stock cooler for the past few months, paired with MSI GTX 1060. The CPU on max load never hit 80C, the maximum I saw it was on 78C. But, I recently switched to MSI RTX 2080 Ti, the GPU on max load reaches about 75C, but the back plate of it seems to get way hotter than that, heating up the CPU and RAM. I have 5 case fans, 2 blowing in from the front, 1 blowing out to the back, and 2 blowing out from the top. Yet still, the CPU while gaming gradually keeps getting hotter and hotter, about 1C every 5 minutes. I've already been at the point, where the CP
  6. I will try to upgrade windows, and if that does not work... Well, buying another set of 32G RAM, within a few months. I spent like 400$+ on RAM already, will have to spend like 300$ more I guess, if that fails.
  7. Yet after changing the GPU back to 1060, no more death screens. I am going to try to update to version 1903, and see how that goes. If that does not fix it, then I have no idea what will. RAM do work fine at full load, with 1060.
  8. I tried it with a 1060, on the same windows, with same other specs, and nothing ever happened. On 100% usage, not a single BSOD. This only started happening after I installed the new GPU. The RAM ran fine for the time I had it, and memtest shows 0 erros on it. Literally the only thing I changed, is the GPU. I did go back once to 1060, worked with it for 24 hours - and no problems. No worries, did use DDU for the replacement, and then again after I switched back to 2080 ti.
  9. I just changed the Ram, a month or so ago I kept getting a BSOD because of the RAM I used prior to these, you can check the topic I had before, regarding BSOD as well. Everything is basically brand new. PSU and MB have only seen a few months of usage, RAM even less, because I bought it about 2 weeks before getting 2080 ti. PSU should be powerful enough for it. And it does not always crash, I could play for 24 hours or render a video for 6 hours without any problems, and other times, it crashes withing seconds. And I added a photo of MSI afterburner stats after using the GPU at about 95% I a
  10. I just upgraded from MSI 1060 to MSI RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X 11G, and I seem to be having issues. I am not sure what could be causing this, I did use DDU to remove old drivers, and installed manually new drivers several times, tried clean and express installations. And once in a while, while gaming or rendering a video, I get a BSOD. But this is different - I have a 3 monitor setup, and when I had different issues that caused BSOD, they would not keep my 2 other monitors on, but this time - it did. Everything seemed to get a filter, so I assume this has something to do with the GPU. Windows
  11. I did explain that to them, and they won't send a replacement after they received this one, and tested it out themselves. If it turns out that it's fine for them, they'd send it back to me, and I'd be at square one, yet losing a month of work and money. Don't want to risk it. The last option I currently have is to take my PC to a repair store that I know is going to be expensive, if no one else had this problem like me, and wouldn't be able to help me. Never actually even had to ask for help on forums, I was never this lost with my own PC in my entire life.
  12. It's 4th stick in general. Any of them could be the 4th stick, and it will cause a BSOD. They all work when inserted as 1, and all of them work as kits of 2. Even works when I have 3 sticks installed.
  13. Did ask MSI themselves, I tried everything they asked me to do. The only solution left with them, to send the MB directly to their warehouse to some other country, and that would take ~a month for it to proccess. I can't live without a PC for a month, as I am working from home. Haven't tried other set of ram, no one I knows has the ones that would be compatible with my PC. And not sure about the voltage allowance, after messing with this on my older PC, I managed to ruin the ram overall.
  14. This is the only thing I haven't tested. Don't know anyone who uses DDR4 overall, let alone that would be compatible with 2700x. The other option is to buy a new set of ram, yet if that would also not fix it, that's just money down the drain. So I want to try every possible solution before going the "money path".