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  1. Disable aero for csgo.exe. go to properties > compatibility > check "disable desktop composition". Aero forces triple buffered vsync in WDM in borderless window mode which can act wonky especially on multi monitor setups. Probably what you're seeing now is even though your monitor is at 144hz and the game is reporting 300+ fps, the game window is being capped at a stuttery 60fps. For games like csgo fullscreen is always preferred over borderless window since the extra hop in WDM always adds a bit of input latency.
  2. Looking good! I hope you guys ship to Europe, that would be bye-bye hd7870
  3. i'd say return it and get a new one. This unit probably doesn't like being at 95 degrees. To be sure, you could try running it at higher fan rpm in windows to get idle temps down, and check if the error still occurs. Also in games, ram up the fan rpm and lower the temperature cealing, see if you still get crashes. Either way swallow your pride for a few days and swap it for a new one. My 2 cents
  4. Guys, the 7850 has 1024 stream processors, the 270 has 1280 sp's like the 7870/270X, so it's essentially their underclocked little brother. that's why this is an interesting card. in crossfire it would throw a hell of a punch.
  5. An overclocked 3570k with all the other components combined take up 150 at max (ivys are efficient even overclocked). So I'd say you've got yourself about 350~400W headroom for the GPU alone. You should be fine, just don't go nuts with dice/ln2
  6. If you ever see someone say "A bottlenecks B" remind yourself that that is fundamentally a poor understanding of what bottlenecking means. It's not so simple unfortunately. It's not that A bottlenecks B, it's that A or B is the "weakest link" in that particular application, i.e. A or B is being utilized to the max and is indirectly "holding the other back". In games it generally depends on the resolution and graphics settings, and also whether the game in question is inherently CPU-heavy due to complex AI and whatnot (like Supreme Commander with massive amounts of units). On very low res/details settings (no vsync fps uncapped), the CPU is the likely candidate to bottleneck, being the lowest common denominator to the framerate of the game. The GPU utilization is low, so even if you overclocked graphics core/memory, it wouldn't affect your fps. Also good examples of easily CPU bottlenecked games are retro titles based on the Quake 3 engine, even at high res, because graphically those are a piece of cake. On high res/details (1440p-1600p-4K) the GPU gets taxed more and more until there is no difference between running a 3770K at stock or a 3930K at 5ghz, because the load on the GPU is far outweighing the CPU load. Conversely, in this scenario overclocking your graphics core/memory would actually make a difference. The thing with modern 1080p gaming is, it's usually halfway. Like Cacao said, GPU utilization isn't great (about 50-70% depending on your anti-aliasing settings and stuff), And so a faster CPU could potentially give you some extra fps, until you transition to a point where the GPU starts bottlenecking again, since the higher fps you gained from a faster CPU, also slowly increased the GPU load. In so many words, this is simply the reason why in GPU reviews you see bigger differences between results at 1440 or 1600p, than at 1080p, because the GPU utilization is higher. Would a stock 3930k be a bottleneck in an SLI 780Ti setup? On 1080p, most likely, on 4K probably not. tl;dr hope this made sense
  7. 290X has 2816 sp, base clock 727 MHz, boost 1000 MHz 290 non-X has 2560 sp, base clock 662 MHz, boost 947 MHz The 290 needs a little higher clockspeed than the 290X to meet its performance, but the difference is small. Since the 290 is 150$ cheaper it's a no-brainer really.
  8. Hah, I would love to get Charlie Brooker's take on this. It's quite telling that the committee (i.e. Margaret Hodge) about the tax avoidance of Starbucks, Amazon and Google was far harsher during their questioning. Looking forward to the next open session.
  9. COD: Ghosts factual corrections and High/Extra Comparison http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eBX7PgcFg4 would you look at all that detai.......aaaaaaaaaaand it's gone.