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  1. Just out of curiosity and to illustrate my point how audience engagement is better on the forum. I went through the last 8 videos posted on floatplane and only ltt member i saw post was linus (credit where credit is due thank you linus). If i missed anyone i apologize there are no indicators whether someone is an ltt member or not.
  2. something doesn't add up if the sub forum is taken down to change the embedded player, and to stop people from accessing it who shouldn't be there than why do some people still have access at this time? is it closed or not?
  3. also just realize we no longer have the floatplane member tag thing
  4. i have preferred the forum to watch videos because of the increased audience engagement, even the ltt staff have posted they often will engage audience on the forum and not the floatplane website. I also recall we where told we would maintain a section on the forum. Please bring it back.
  5. we dont know also when it is released the next question is when will boards and the cpus be available world wide. Here in canada we get stuff normally the same time as the usa but with a slight price bump over the conversion rate. I dont know how much markup there is on computer parts in Pakistan
  6. okay please understand this is all rumour but here is a recent leak / rumour. http://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-full-lineup-pricing-clock-speeds-leaked/ hopefully the 28th will give us a more solid idea. but after that we still dont know about how well it will perform until reviews are out
  7. nothing is confirmed yet. amd is holding an event at gdc on February 28th. its unclear if its going to be ryzen (cpu) or vega (gpu) announcement. But according to amd's road map ryzen is supposed to be here soon and before vega so i would wait. but who knows they could troll us all and announce new radeon ssd's or ddr4
  8. well the least expensive board that supports 7th gen intel is this one. http://www.czone.com.pk/motherboards-lga-1151-socket-gigabyte-ga-z270m-d3h-intel-socket-1151-motherboard-pakistan-p.5189.aspx which is a z270 board so you are going to be paying more for an overclocking board that you wont be able to take advantage of. honestly the pentuim is going to limit you in some in games (would be much better) if you can wait at all ryzen could be a better bet as they should have cheaper boards (intel charges quite abit to board makers for there technologies) so in theory there boards will be less and you might find you can go up to a true four core or better. all of this is still speculation as we have no confirmed prices or performance numbers to go on of coarse.
  9. i should say no z270 with pentuims. unless you get a i5 or i7 k chip for overclocking
  10. i cant speak for anything from this current generation as i just finished my 6700k in january before the new stuff was released but something like this would work GA-B250M-D3H . but it all depends on where you live and whats available. stay way from z270 avoid i3 from this gen as the pentuims on paper are very close with the same thread count. what are you planning on doing with the pc entery gaming rig. general use pc.
  11. i cant find that motherboard on gigbytes website however if you mean GA-B150M-D3H without the wp there is no offical support for the pentuim and wont unless they release an updated bios and you will need a compatible chip in it before the flash and with that board only supporting ddr3 id look for another board honestly too much trouble
  12. what mother board did you buy as one processer is kaby lake the other is skylake. either will work in a z170 or 270 but may require a bios update first
  13. the pentuim is 2 core 4 thread same as the i3. both have same cache and very close clock speed 3.5 vs 3.6. between those two id go with the pentuim and save money. if you can wait til ryzen who knows you could maybe do better
  14. user name CDNMUSTANG favourite videos https://www.vessel.com/videos/DcGDJBs98 https://www.vessel.com/videos/DFJKi7CvB
  15. congrats on the milestone. Love all the videos but my favourite is all the wild antics. I guess the channel super fun is the embodyment of that. But its all good