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  1. I checked and I dont have a static IPand I have rebooted and reset the router 2 times. I have also scaned the PC for virus several times and nothing is frong
  2. Yes I can. This is the only device in the house that I can't get onto the internet with.
  3. Hey wassup guys. I am having some problems with getting a internet connection on my laptop. I can connect to the router both with wireless and with a cabel but I just cant seem to get on to the internet. If anyone know what could be wrong it would help a lot. BTW the laptop is a AcerE1-772G.
  4. Sup everyone. I am have 2 diffrent GPUs in my system, one R9 270X and a older AMD 5450 so I can run 3 screens. I would hook 2 screens up to the old one and then my main monitor that I game on to my 270X. Then one day started to get really bad FPS in all games so I checked MSI after burner and for some reason the 5450 i pinned at 100% but the 270X is just chilling at 30%. So I took out the 5450 to check if it fixed it and low and be hold it did the trick. But now I only have 2 monitors running and I need my 3rd sceen man #FirstWorldProblems. (BTW if you didnt know, the 270X doesn't support 3 screens unless you have a active DP adapter) So I am wondering if anyone else have had this happen to them in a similar a situation and if anyone have a seluton to this problem except getting a active DP adapter. Thanks for all answers in advance ;D
  5. As you know by the title my Snowball mic just started carckling while I was using it. I have searched a little bit for any reasons but I could not find one that explained it or how to fix it. I have tried to restart my PC and plugged the mic into diffrent USB ports but nothing is working. So I am just wondering if anyone have experienced this with their own Snowball mic? and if so, are there any way to fix it or do I have to get a new one?
  6. Hi everyone, I really considering buying the QPAD QH-85 but I am not sure how it is when it comes to clamping force on your head if you have a big head. So I wondering if anyone have some experience with the headset and could tell how the clamping for is if you have a medium to large size head
  7. Hey. I was wondering if anyone knows of a device that has 2 or more inputs so you can listen to more than one source at the time. Ex. you have 2 PCs and you use skype or something on one and you play your music from the other one. I know you can do that with a mixing board but they are so expensive, so just wondering if anyone know of a device that you can do this with that does not cost a fortune. Thanks for all answers in advance
  8. HOLY SHIT DAT THING LOOKS GOOD. I would not say no thanks to one of those!
  9. @Enderman the only thing is that was added was my brother got a new PC but it worked fine for 2 months before it crapped out. @nsyedhasan it's not connected to the wall and it has never been so I just think it's wierd that it just shat on it self like that. @RevoltTrain just bought all new cabels and it did nothing!
  10. Hello, I am having som issues with my homenetwork. I am using powerline/homeplug from my router/modem combo and on wireless I am getting the speeds that I pay for: 25Mbs down and 5Mbs up. But with my powerline I get 1-5 Mbs down but I still get 5 Mbs up. For a long time I had 15-20 Mbs down over it, but one day it just would not go over 5 Mbs down. I am just wondering if anyone have any idea what the problem can be. I have tried updateing the firmware on the router, switched everything up when it comes to cables and where they was pluged in. Any suggestions would really help Router: Zyxel P-2812HNU-F3 Powerline: TP Link (something) Switch: TP Link TL-SG105
  11. I like how the phone is just verry solid phone from. And when it comes to dBrand I like that their product at least look like they have high quality. It seems like they don't take shotcuts and you gotta love that!
  12. The thing I like the most about it is the screen. I love IPS panels and that it's 1920x1080 and not the crappy 1366 by 600 somthing!
  13. from what Linus said, the phone is almost perfect for my use. and I have large hands. but my favourite thing is that you can multi task much better than what I have seen on other phones up until now. On a PC I LOVE haveing more screens, and that you don't need to change app to reply to one is a huge thing for me!