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  1. If you are studying in this field, the ideological bias of media from the journalists, should be fundamental in your research. Bias is always important when doing research, right? In fact all research papers have a bias section. Journalistic articles do not, sadly. The problem with your sources (that has been deleted), is that they misrepresent Damore and what he actually wrote in the memo. That is not just bad journalism, but bias driven journalism. As an academic, you must understand the problems with that? Either way, if you want to call them neo marxists or something else, is kinda irrelevant in the end. Authoritarian ideology has taken foothold in Google, and their actions reflects that.
  2. With all due respect, you don't even know what neo marxism/intersectional feminism is. I don't blame you though. It's difficult to explain and understand such an over reaching ideology. But it's utter nonsense to demand sources of people identifying as such. You can see it on behaviour alone. A behaviour warrenting a massive law suits with many accusers now (Damore case). If you don't want to spend the time looking into this and understanding it, well I don't blame you really. But that doesn't make me wrong. It just makes you ignorant.
  3. Yes, the damore case clearly proves their modus operandi.
  4. Neo Marxisme is not marxism, nor does it have anything to do with Das Kapital. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo-Marxism#Neo-Marxist_feminist_theory
  5. They began to remove that years ago. Now Google is infested with neo Marxists/she trying to force their ideology on everyone. Every major it company is suffering from this now, as they all precide in the ideological echo bubble in the bay area of San Fran. Google is authoritarian now. Google is evil.
  6. Strange. But at 400w use they are both at 45 dba, so it's quite similar, although the fan is much faster on the 600w?!?! The 600w does seem to have a more aggressive curve. The reasoning for me is that a PSU runs most efficient at ~50%. So if my PC uses 3-400w, a 600w PSU would be better than a 450w. But this just seems odd.
  7. Man, this case looks absolute gorgeous. Great work Daniel! I'm so happy you went with the side IO. The windowed version looks fantastic. Now we just need a USB type C on the side too (for usb 3.1 gen 2 header), for proper power output and speed, for external ssd's and phones. Should fit if you push the SSD up to towards the top? With a 240 radiator, we should see really good temps for such a small system.
  8. Indeed. The sleeved cables should be included at the price tbh. But most cables included are ugly and poor quality for most psu's. But man, if this thing can wotk in a Dancase C4, it might be a legit alternative.
  9. My RM650 has the same cables. But what I love about Corsair is that they have really high end sleeved cables. You can buy a complete kit for the Sf600 for very little. They are not bad cables. It's much more difficult to get sleeved cables for Silverstone
  10. My concerns exactly. I am looking at the SF600 for my build as well, but I don't want it to be noisy (why I'm going for a 600w instead of 450w, which is more than enough.
  11. I wonder why Asus spent a lot of money to make a new brand, just to kill it off the second GPP is cancelled. It's almost as if Asus was forced to do it by GPP.
  12. Silverstone Nightjar NJ450-SXL So out of nowhere SIlverstone decided to release an SFX size fanless 450w PSU called the Nightjar NJ450-SXL. Due to the passive cooling, the form factor is SFX-L at an extra long size with the dimensions of 130 mm (W) x 63.5 mm (H) x 125 mm (D) Stats: I gotta say, Silverstone is really pushing the SFX form factor, and I love it. The stated 24/7 runtime at 40c environment seems too good to be true. I would love for @LinusTechto test this one out. My opinion I love small form factors. My next PC will definitely be an ITX based computer, probably based on @dondan 's C4 case: I wonder if airflow will be enough for this PSU, and if the length will be an issue. Either way, great to see Silverstone be this active in the SFX market. Definitely worth a view. Source: https://hexus.net/tech/news/psu/118367-silverstone-nightjar-nj450-sxl-fan-less-power-supply-arrives/
  13. Indeed. But age verification isn't just present on NFSW games, but also action games like Borderlands and Dishonored where there is no nudity.
  14. Valve is starting to piss me off royaly. Everytime I try to watch a game on their store, I need to go through an age verification. Why isn't age baked into your profile, so the store can auto verify? It's so stupid. My point? Well with age verification baked into the profile, you could add a setting for NSFW content. Like accept nude games/sex or not. It's idiotic to outright wipe out sexual content on the entire platform. Does this mean Metro Last Light will be banned as well? Or hell, The WItcher 3 is much worse in terms of nudity. And what are people on about? A private company cannot censor others? So newspapers cannot censor news? Of course they can.
  15. I don't think we will see high performance chips on 7nm until 2019 from anyone. Only exception could be high end pro cards like Tesla V with low yields. So expect 12nm.
  16. That is the rumour going about Navi. As for Ares, that was a specific model name ASUS used exclusively for DUAL GPU AMD graphics cards. It was still branded as ROG. AREZ was clearly based on that, but never the same. The mere fact they are reverting back to ROG without releasing any AREZ products, right after NVidia pulls their scummy GPP, is proof enough of the usurping point of GPP.
  17. STALKER 2 is also annouced for a 2021 release!
  18. This is the problem with German mindsets. Hierarchy is set by whomever has the highest education. If you have a docterate, then you are the head honcho. Doesn't matter if it's a docterate in philosophy, and you are working in an IT company, and need IT specialists. Utterly idiotic. This company needs someone competetent to manage the economy and business strategy, not a docterate in whatever. Either way, games are so expensive these days, that building your own graphics engine from the ground up, is often cheaper than buying one and paying high percentages of your revenue. They need to make good games and sell them. Not this nonsense.
  19. Literally just bought that exact phone. Got it for a great price. Now if only 'Murica would stop fracking around.
  20. And here I thought GPP had nothing to do with vendors suddenly scrapping ALL AMD cards from their primary gaming brands (that the news said it would). So how can that be? Are you telling me the GPP actually usurped the branding from the vendors against the vendors wishes? But many forum users in here said that was not the case, and utter impossible. Are you telling me they are wrong? SHOCK /s.
  21. A few months ago, there was a huge influx of chinese users. Those are from the internetcafe's mentioned. They generally use Intel/NVidia builds with Windows 7. Now that the problem has been solved, those three things (and chinese language too), are all going down, like it should.
  22. Speaking of PhysX: Advanced PhysX (the proprietary GPU crap, not the basic CPU stuff) has been discontinued. It's dead! He's a Warframe game dev.
  23. Exactly. So if your graphics card is broken, it's Asus' fault. If the driver is faulty, then it's NVidia's fault. Depending on consumer laws in a given country, it's either the retailers problem, the vendors problem or NVidia's problem. Usually it will be on one of the two first, and they can then ask for compensation by the power above them. I really don't see how such a simple concetp has been blown so much out of proportion in this thread.