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  1. This was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know the title for the video that LMG did on why screen sizes are the way they are? I remember learning about how it’s because of the size of the master sheet of glass, and they can make a certain number of screens from that one master panel, but I don’t recall the title and cannot find it on YouTube. I wanted to send it to a friend. Thanks guys for being the best forum on the planet!
  3. Anybody else's GPU's not doing anything? I have 3 computers and it seems like the GPU's stopped sometime last night...
  4. So, long story short, I got an incredible 4K monitor that does up to 144Hz (but 120 without chroma subsampling). I now need to upgrade my graphics solution. My question is, would it be better to get an RTX 2080Ti, or two RTX 2080 (maybe even supers)? I don’t know a lot about how they scale in games as I’ve never run a multi-gpu set up.
  5. Apparently, somehow, there weren’t enough terrible names in the new USB spec sheet (USB 3.2 gen 2x2, really?), as USB4 will now replace thunderbolt 3 and will be royalty free. This is a huge move and is very beneficial for the tech world, as AMD chips should now be able to use one of the major advantages that was previously reserved for intel. This isn’t the worst name, but they have removed the space between “USB”, and “4.” Just why? I just hope they don’t mess it up even more later with “USB 4.1.2 gen 1.3,” for example. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/03/thunderbolt-3-become
  6. According to Apple Insider, Apple will is rumored to be releasing a subscription service for gaming. Now, there is not a lot known about the service currently, but it will likely be for paid games that are already on the App Store. Personally, I think this is actually a good idea. We might see developers make some decent mobile games because they won’t have to integrate ads or disadvantage people who don’t buy certain packs or loot boxes. What do you guys think? https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/02/02/apples-rumored-gaming-subscription-could-be-a-big-change-for-mobil
  7. For the record, I don't necessarily disagree. I'm trying to put in counterarguments that I would expect to be used.
  8. AMD is currently on the negative end of a class action lawsuit due to their FX processors. AMD advertised their FX processor as having 8 cores, but now the courts must decide what a "core" actually is. Unlike Ryzen, AMD's FX series had a different architecture and they have even said that with this design, they have approximately 80% of the performance of "true" 8-core processors. The argument then, is that people didn't pay for the performance of a 6-core, they paid for an 8-core. This all having been said, I personally don't think there is a whole lot to this lawsuit and I think it should b
  9. According to CNN, Ford is poised to release a hybrid AND all-electric version to their ever-popular F-150 truck lineup. It is unclear what the cost will be, as well as the individual specs. According to CNN, "Ford had previously announced it would make a hybrid version of the F-150. The all-electric truck would be in addition to that." In addition to these new vehicles, Ford also plans to add electric options for their transit vans, according to reports. What do you guys think? I feel like the instant torque of electric could be nice, but in practical use may prove to be more challenging. Also
  10. Yeah. I saw after some research that sometimes it's because someone shares a UK link and it defaults YT to that country.
  11. 1. Tea was the last straw. You can't play with us like that. 2. I live in the US and have not used my VPN for Europe on YouTube.
  12. I have YouTube Premium, and I just noticed a new "GB" in the upper left hand corner. Anyone know what this is? I tried a quick google search, but got nothing. Thoughts? EDIT: I since found out through Reddit that I am in "Great Britain" mode, and it has nothing to do with premium. I figure I'll leave this up for others with questions/ google results.
  13. In an article by Tom’s Hardware (link below), the Finnish IT Center for Science (CSC) announced a two phase plan to unveil a 200,000 core EPYC-based supercomputer. If successful, it would see up to 6.4 petaflops of peak performance and cost over $44 million USD. Assuming a conservative estimate of $4,000 USD per processor (AMD still hasn’t fully unveiled them), 12.5 million would be spent on CPU’s alone. What do you guys think? Will it run cinebench? https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-rome-supercomputer-200000-nvidia-cores,38259.html
  14. Get an air bnb. I did that this past time for $30 a night.