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  1. Insanely long load time in game

    Another thing to mention, it's a 74GB install and I have a 7200rpm hard drive. Is that part of the reason why? I shouldn't be getting any CPU/GPU bottlenecks
  2. computer typing by its self

    lol be careful. Berkel pulled a prank on Taran like this
  3. The main problem I have with this part is they do this for devices that really don't have that much storage space to begin with, ie 8gb, 16gb Yes I'm talking about lower-end phones. So with them already having less space to begin with, OEM apps reduces much-needed-space even more, mostly with totally unnecessary apps This is not just google btw, and not just talking about the play store
  4. I'm not getting the verification code on my phone. The phone number is correct Why is it not working? I really need it
  5. I don't see why people get tight with the video content here.


    Videos are videos, and they need to make money somehow. If I don't like the content or am not interested in them, I just don't watch(aka most of the computex stuff)

  6. Insanely long load time in game

    This is the 3rd or 4th time I reinstalled the game, and after every verification run it does work, but only once or twice. Also it does work well for the first few times after installing or verifying, but after that it just stays on a blank screen
  7. I have 10+ hours of "playtime" on Deus Ex Mankind Divided on Steam. However, only 3-4 of those hours are actually spent playing. The rest is spent by me looking at a black screen after I press play on the launcher. I have spent hours running the blank screen with no avail and I really can't play anything and I keep having to Task Manager force close the game. Is there anything I can do?
  8. Floatplane is the new YouTube?

    Adblock has a feature to whitelist Youtube channels; I've been using it
  9. Costco Travel Fine Print question

    "Registration as a California Seller of Travel does not constitute approval by the State" What does that mean? Being approved vs being registered? Haven't been able to find on the google
  10. Can we post a pc we are trying to sell?

    Also just a heads up, Off-Topic posts/comments don't count towards your post count
  11. Financing

    Oofff This hit my head, hard
  12. KOVE speaker is misleading/scammy

  13. Bitwit or Austin Evans

    I dunno, Kyle's stuff w his wife are mad interesting, other than that I don't really watch his vids. Austin is just random tech stuff and "Is this worth it". Mystery Tech is the best.
  14. A question...

    Dark theme ftw Until the text is dark too :'(