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    i7 6700hq
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. It looks like a Hippo without it's teeth
  2. I remember watching the documentary on the development of the F35 I saw the X-32 and I was like 0.0
  3. It looks better than the F35, imo Also that thrust vectoring as well
  4. Did the person know that they planted a gps tracker on his car? Did they tell him?
  5. I like F22s I know, I'm basic but whatever
  6. Does disassembling/reassembling other peoples' PCs count?
  7. Firstly, I would follow u/BlakeClass's advice on what to do if you won the lottery
  8. I am not a lawyer by any means, nor am I interested in any of the sort but I casually browse r/legaladvice because I like seeing people's experiences with other people and the law
  9. I dunno, I had a single experience with Corsair recently and it went pretty well Corsair Void pro was having issues where turning the volume knob on the headset would create crackling noises in the earcups. I emailed them about it and within a day they sent a RMA slip and I shipped it out and got a replacement in ~3 days For my first RMA with anything ever, it went pretty well EDIT: Also I had my microcenter receipt as well, so
  10. I want more q&a videos, the team answering stuff, honest answers(tho honest answers is created when theres an urgent need to answer something but Linus wants it on the main channel)
  11. I got this just today Which way should I attach these? The posts on the top or on the bottom?
  12. My screwdriver doesn't seem to have a Phillips bit on it Damn, I didn't have enough hope
  13. Hello, I have a 4-port power strip that I want to hang on the side of my wooden Alex drawer. I tried using Extremely Strong Scotch Mounting tape(yes it's called that) but it keeps peeling off because it's either too thick(wide) or too heavy or both(strip is ~4lbs) Also the power cable is attached lower as well so there's additional force pulling it down Is there any way for me to do this without having to resort to drilling holes in the side?
  14. My command center starts up with windows, but I can't get the actual application to come up to edit and configure settings and stuff I did uninstall and reinstall according to dells website but that still doesn't work I have an Alienware 15r3 and am running Command center