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  1. Gun Control - Explanation

    Can someone explain gun control and why people are against it? I don't see how anyone who is a law-abiding, moral citizen would be affected in any way by gun control laws, but then again, I haven't read up on it at all so am I missing something?
  2. 500 post Giveaway! ($20 Steam) OVER

    Hmm good point @SuperCookie78 please tell us it's not a hard 10 posts
  3. SpaceX + Flat Earthers = Save us all

    I am a proud earth flater
  4. Just found it interesting that there would be an ad for things that didn't exist.
  5. Mannn one of my favorite pre-teen games, edgeworld, went to another company and now it's playable through facebook.


    The game originally was playable through facebook, but there was a reason I didn't play it through there.


    Hours upon hours of time spent, all wasted :( 

  6. Dear Toyota, Why Did You Make This Car a Camry?

    That's better tho, no? Lower-end stuff looking better? Why don't you want that?
  7. Who watches games instead of playing them?

    PLENTYYYY Outlast 1/2, The Evil Within 1/2, Resident Evil 7, Until Dawn, Penumbra Overture/Black Plague/Requiem/Necrologue/Twilight of the archaic(Basically the entire series of games), Subnautica, Inside, Alien Isolation, Alien Colonial Marines, Alien vs Predator, SOMA, SCP. Dead Space 3 would've gone as well but I started playing that so...
  8. What makes a topic get HOT on the forum

    Plot twist: OP wanted this to be a Hot topic OP failed
  9. The title is my question. I know 1050tis are on laptops, but why not 1070tis and 1080tis? And Titans?
  10. OK now it's happening with my phone on my network
  11. I'm pretty sure the networks at my other fams places are set to Private as well, and nothing happens to theirs when I connect. How do I disconnect from a botnet if I am on one?(Pardon my lack of intelligence on the topic. I know what a botnet is but never actually searched up on it) And I use standard windows firewall, I think
  12. It's happening for ~3 weeks straight now Doesn't seem like it
  13. Well if the modem's not acting up, then everything's fine
  14. Just my home connection(afaik). And it does it even when my laptop is the only device connected
  15. Amazon HQ2 in Austin?

    What item can be confused w another item due to not being *educated* enough