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  1. Who here is "tech support" in your circle?

  2. What Phone do you own?

    Huawei Honor 8 - Sunrise Gold
  3. How to use msi afterburner?

    Hmm it doesn't seem like it lets me. I also trued enabling voltage manipulation, but even though I checked the box, after it restarted it wouldn't let me modify the voltage. Probably because this is a laptop with a battery that doesn't allow voltage changes
  4. How to use msi afterburner?

    I actually can't change the Voltage, Power Limit and Fan speed. Also, I ran Unigine Heaven and got a score of 3053 with a Core Clock of +92 and Memory Clock of +32. It started stuttering a bit towards the end and it went up to 75C
  5. How to use msi afterburner?

    This is literally the only thing I own that has a high-powered dedicated graphics card And isn't overclocking essentially increasing base clock/fan speeds and voltage to deliver more power and therefore more performance at the expense of heat output and power draw?
  6. How to use msi afterburner?

    Alienware 15r3, and I'm actually experimenting as I have never overclocked before. Curiosity, I might say
  7. How to use msi afterburner?

    Ok i did that. Now how do I tell when my overclocks are good and stuff? PS: im on a laptop so can only overclock Core Clock and memory clock
  8. How to use msi afterburner?

    The interface is kinda hard to read and im not sure how to use it ^ thats the version im using
  9. Floatplane club and Linus Media

    They could be trying something on the actual platform, but don't quote me on this
  10. Dark theme + dark text is really a great thing
  11. ASRock support is terrible.

    Could it have been an accident? I never heard of support purposely hanging up on ppl
  12. stupid minesweeper jokes

    Will my 2 Titan XPs and core i9-7980xe be able to run minesweeper???!!
  13. Do you think Jay (JayzTwoCents) should upgrade Linus' Civic?

    No, it's the greatest Lambo ever made. Don't you dare disrespect the Lambo
  14. What do you think of my youtube gaming channel?

    Takes time for a channel to grow, especially during it's beginning stages. Just keep working on it.