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  1. tried all that and still nothing. Cant launch Realtek at all. heres the weird thing though. If I use Razer surround manager, it still only shows my monitors as audio sources, it doesn't see anything else. my speakers and h eadphones are just not recognised by my computer
  2. Its enabled on task manager startup. Cant get any way of getting the tray icon. I'll try reinstalling drivers. It is so ridiculous that a forced windows 10 update causes my pc to have no sound. ty
  3. nope! Realtek driver but nothing else... very strange. I'll try downloading the manager online. Fucking cant stand windows 10...
  4. I downloaded the driver and well its now showing on the right monitor... but cant find the Realtek device manager thing lol
  5. Hi guys I have a headset plugged in the front of my computer, and speakers plugged in the rear. I switch between them using Realtek audio manager. My stupid windows 10 did an update yesterday and since then, it will not detect my speakers. I've tried resetting things and have reconnected/disconnected the speakers. Doesn't detect them. Any idea what to do? I had to use my horrible monitor speakers yesterday as it detected those. And then today when I select the monitor speaker it comes out of my TV which is even worse sound quality.. Firstly, f% Microsoft and their forced updates secondly, any help? Thanks!
  6. For gaming I think it is fine. Colours are fine, I have no complaint with mine. The problem I find is that I use my monitor as my TV and the angle from my comfy chair, or my bed, up to my desk, means even with the monitor tilted down the picture is very dark. If you're sitting at a desk it's fine, further away it really kind of sucks. For reference I have an Asus MG278Q think its called something like that. 1440p 144Hz with freesync
  7. As soon as I pause the audio, the framerate returns to normal. The applications themselves are not causing it. For example if theres a youtube video I'm listening to, click pause on the video and the game will run normally, click play on the video and the game stutters. I will have a look at usage when I get home.
  8. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place my framerate seems to drop when I play audio in the background. If I'm playing a game, and I have a youtube video in background, or spotify on or itunes, then the framerate drops. If I play audio within the game its fine (for example in steam overlay). This is not exclusive to any games, I was playing 4 different games and same problem any ideas how to combat this?
  9. once you've given her the new phone, can I have her number?
  10. Just be aware that, at least in my opinion phones are not great screens for VR. I got one of those cheap google cardboard type headsets that you put your phone in, and it is just so low res when its that close to your face. I have an iphone SE which admittedly is not a 1440p screen or anything like that, but I never notice pixels normally and when I watch HD videos they look great. But that close to your face it is sooo blurry/pixelated.
  11. I figured it out - I clicked on Groups in contacts, and for some reason it was set to Hide All Contacts! Thanks don't worry
  12. can't remember if they're saved to my SIM but how do I do that? The only option on the Contacts page is to add a new one.
  13. oh also to make sure the bug really is there, I just added a new contact, clicked Done, and nothing still shows.