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  1. MoVo

    Tensorflow Bot

    As far as I know the TPUs aren't in the next generation of Nvidia cards. Nvidia is building a new generation of Tesla accelerated computing cards. TPUs a proprietary DSPs designed by Google. But since Tensorflow is running on CUDA + cuDNN anyways, you'll be just fine with newer generation Nvidia cards (consumer cards as well). ReChapta is powered by Tensorflow, Google Photos as well. Parts of the Google search are probably based on neural networks as well. But what the heck do you want to achieve with your bot? How do you think you'll find images/videos/sites without people submitting it? If you're going to use Google, what is the difference to the existing Google image search? It's probably a nice learning project which would require a lot of computing power. To recognize faces/cars etc. you could use Google's inception model.
  2. MoVo

    LTT IOS app

    Discord is an alternative to Teamspeak, it's actually pretty cool. @Bill_Shill To reliably show the content of the forum inside a native iOS application, you'd need something like a rest API. Something that the LTT forum doesn't offer. To send notifications reliably you'd need a lot of server-side logic, you can't just use Swift for that. And as LMG already stated and I totally agree with that: The web version of the forum is already pretty good! So why would you waste your time and build an app for something, which is already pretty good?
  3. I didn't try it, but you'd have to ship a node runtime with your application. Maybe Nexe would do the job
  4. The XML Source you posted had just the constraints for the correct rendering in the design view in Studio. It was missing the correct layout attributes like app:layout_constraint.... The constraint attributes prefixed with tools: just contain absolute positions for the layout editor. For your theme issue, try to change the theme inside your AndroidManifest.xml and rebuild your project. This should solve your issue
  5. Building a "demo" project for a software developer position is very common. If I understood that correctly they are looking for a professional Backend (maybe Fullstack?) developer to build their own video platform. But I think you misunderstood Luke. The Coding challenge was a few weeks long and got to and end this week.
  6. I'm currently working on an Update for this OpenSource Project because this library is pretty important for some of my other projects. Additionally, I'm working on a cross-network social network browser(actually doing this just to get into using different REST Services and I didn't have any better ideas). My Projects directory contains about 35 folders but a lot of them are duplicates (I wrote an ask.fm clone in PHP, Node, Ruby on Rails and Python ^^)
  7. If you are defining the app like this you'd have to require this file and run the function you are exporting. Otherwise, the function you are exporting isn't being called. Simple move to function code into the main file and remove the module export. If you want to use the app instance for testing with mocha etc. you can just do module.exports = app; which should work fine for the most scenarios.
  8. What exactly is your problem with http and express? The idle mode after 30 minutes is a limitation by heroku to save server resources for paying customers. I guess the reason why express is not behaving as expected is that you don't require express and define the app variable you seem to be using. But your source looks pretty incomplete, so I don't know if this is actually a complete file.
  9. Using a squared PNG works fine as well. But for some browsers you have to reference them with <link rel="icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/png"> By using this syntax it's actually possible to nest the icon file into a sub-direcotry rather than having it in the root.
  10. As far as I'm concerned I believe the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header is set by the server rather than the client. This is called Cross Origin Resource Sharing(CORS) and it can be very confusing (I'm also getting in trouble with that pretty frequently). But I found this article to be incredibly helpful.
  11. Please post your package.json here. I can't exactly help if I don't have your package file. But I guess you are missing a comma or a colon. { "key": "value", "key2": "value2" } JSON follows a key-value schema. If you are having multiple keys under a parent element you have to write a comma like shown above. The key and the values have to be separated by a colon
  12. to use require() syntax on the client side you have to use something like System.js. If you are running this with node you have to remove the script tags. If you are using Heroku as a hosting service you have to define a start script inside your package.json. You can simply use { "scripts": { "start": "node file.js" } } If you are running on a local machine you can use just the node <file.js>
  13. There are some other ways to get around this. If you have an image with a bigger resolution than your screen you can use background-size: cover; This causes the image to be scaled so it fills the whole container. It will remain with the same aspect ratio, so there will be some overlapping. But you can fix this by setting the background-position to center or something. If you are using a full page sized background image you should think about adding background-attachment: fixed; This causes your background image to stay in the same position while the content is scrolling over it. When you want to have a repeating background you should use seamlessly repeating graphics. These guys offer a big collection of simple repeatable background textures. The advantage of this, since it's only loading a small graphic, that it doesn't really affect your page load time.
  14. I recently used Tunnel Bear to unlock Google Photo's face detection since it's not available here in Germany.
  15. Of course, this is possible. For the text box you should use a UI Element and change its content in some sort of "GameManager". By following this pattern you could implement achievements as well. To make the shovel move you'd have to create sprites and animate the states of the shovel. The states can be used to trigger the animations by code. To add more game panels you should consider "recycling" the prefabs by implementing an object pooling system. This would mean you'd instantiate 20 prefabs for your ground and put them below the bottom screen edge as soon as they are destroyed. That can save you a lot of memory! Since it doesn't seem like you have a lot of experience in programming neither in Unity I think it would be more helpful for you to take some beginner classes in Unity and C#!