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  1. Curemylife

    Windows Server 2012 R2 Won't Boot!!

    Not really a "valid" test, run memtest for at least 12 hours and then make the judgement:)
  2. Curemylife

    Ryzen build vs Fx 8350 build

    You are absolutely right, but there are more factors to consider. idk how much you care for power consumption but there are still alot of other applications than games out there. And far from every game supports DX12 and even fewer of these (currently) select titles actually support DX12 well. And theres also functions, PCI-E 3, USB 3, Thunderbolt(whaaa), M.2, and so on and so forth. Save up some more money and get a newer platform, I at least would feel cheated when some time later down the road I would like to buy some new hardware and my reasonably newly purchased plattform doesn't fully support the newer device.
  3. Curemylife

    Ryzen build vs Fx 8350 build

    Honestly, I wouldn't go 8350 either way. You go Ryzen or Intel not for something that was a disappointment 5 years ago. (A bit harsh maybe but come on, even if you wanted to support AMD it would be a stupid choice)
  4. Curemylife

    Samsung - "Art PC Pulse"

    I believe that this was introduced in November though. I actually quite like tha "trashcan" design, HP i making something similar with the Pavilion Wave, but their "modifieable" NUC Elite Slice is also pretty cool.
  5. Curemylife

    Intel VR Vest

    @LinusTechTipsLatest Wan talkie idea thingy, right here.
  6. The APP "123D" from Autocad does this already?
  7. Curemylife

    Curemylife's ELP

    Haha well, I have my main PC which is running a 1tb 1GB/s ssd and is mainly for the normal day to day stuff as well as gaming. Then I have two m-itx motherboards one Xeon processor and the tiny GPU in the first post. Also laying around is 2x3tb hdd's and one 120gbssd... So my plan was to make one of these as a NAS and the other one as a small gaming/desktop pc, but I'm not really sure of which one to make super tiny or both sort of the same size. I guess my main problem has gone back to form factor, will I persue a very tiny system or maybe make them stackable?() Thanks for the input! I'm guessing you like showing of components in general? Maybe I should make something of a Display case sort of thing? Feel free to just make a sketch on a piece of paper, I love getting design ideas in any form!^^
  8. Curemylife

    Curemylife's ELP

    We'll then we agree! Small update after a long time.. Since i started and finished my idea through SketchUp I realized that there are thousands of ways to make this case happen.... And I'm having a little bit of a hard time deciding what to do with this case, should i completely go for the small form factor or perhaps maybe some storage? I have another m-itx case project coming up that will be more NAS-server oriented but maybe that's the one that should be as tiny as possible? Please, If anyone of you have an idea of what you would do with an itx case (no watercooling though, I have reserved that privilege for my main computer which doesn't get hardware updates every month:P) please let me know, what would YOU make? (oh and also, instead of outsourcing all of the fun work of 3D printing... I bought a 3D printer! It's done and ready for action but I will only use it for smaller parts)
  9. Curemylife

    Any San Francisco members here?

    I'm from Sweden but I just must know what kind of special sauce this is!?
  10. Curemylife

    Curemylife's ELP

    Well, The next iteration of whatever this is will be continuing soon. 3D parts as well as the next "concept" design should be ready next week, I'll try to make some renders just for fun but I'm guessing none will be holding their breath for it;)
  11. Curemylife

    Curemylife's ELP

    That was some fast responses! Just added the photos, the last picture I put in was just a test to see if all of the hardware still worked and to get some idea of temperature levels. It's far from done though, and now I i have to decide what to do for side panels, or if I should rebuild the frame to better accomodate the sides. Total volume right now is about 9.5 litres. Stay tuned... i hope^^
  12. Curemylife

    Curemylife's ELP

    Hi! I haven't been a very active poster on this forum but a long time lurker as you can problably see on my member number. I like doing small projects just to escape boredom and since i like to build computer I rather often mix these two "interests" together. Most projects stay as prototypes and since I've built so many I decided to name this thread "Curemylife's ELP (Endless Loop of Prototypes)". The first project I will share with you today will be an already half finished one, it does not have a name nor will it ever have one but since this is the first one i will share with you guys.. it shall have the number 1. I would like to share two more things, 1. Everything i make is from my own garage made with tools that are as common as cabs in New York so if you see something you like, copy it, it wasn't hard.) 2. Most things I make mostly remain unfinished but somethings will be ordered to be made by professionals without the errors and the things I would like to change. Well then, here is "Protoype 1":
  13. Curemylife

    CPU changes temperature rapidly

    Yeah, I've been twisting and turning around every single part of the system just to make sure. Same block aswell.. You're so right! That's pretty much the same conclusion as I've reached only I've never actually heard about this kind of defect.. I've been trying to feel if theres some kind of heat difference between the lanes in the radiator but I have yet to find one. Will try switching back to the former radiator when my new motherboard arrives, perhaps I'll get a chance to order a block for my gpu too. Thanks for trying to help guys!
  14. Curemylife

    CPU changes temperature rapidly

    Yeah, it almost seems so, but as I explained it seems wierd for it to be hotter now than with the smaller radiator and it's also been running cooler with some smaller air coolers, could it possibly be the pump? It's circulates water perfectly it seems but maybe it's not at a high enough rate? The only thing that i've actually changed between the two loops is cutting out the gpu and changing the pump top, maybe the pump top is screwed on too tightly?
  15. Hey People! (the processor in question 4790k @ stock - 1.2v) I'm having a little trouble with my "loop", or rather my temperatures, I'm in the middle of building a scratch case so right now I'm using some random stuff in the meantime... The loop as it stands right now consists of the following(in order of the loop): Reservoir, DDC pump, CPU-block(correct inlet/outlet), 480Radiator and then back to the res. My issue is that my CPU right now is at a steady 25 degrees celsius during idle, but as soon as I stress it it goes straight up to 80... and really fast, same thing happens when turning the stresstest of.. My hypothesis is that this is due to a collaboration between, haswell's bad IHS seating and the small die, but when i used a smaller 200x200mm radiator (both CPU and GPU at the time) the CPU did not reach those temperatures. I also wanna point out that the radiator is also still very chilly, this is what leads me to believe that the heat transfer between the IHS -> water is not working like it should... The things i have tested: Making sure that there are no bubbles left. Reseated the cpu block. Making big changes in fan RPM. And all of this to no avail.. Does any of this make any sense to you guys and does anyone have any tips and tricks?