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  1. Coldris

    Forced BIOS

    No, windows will not load when I do nothing. I just get the American Megatrends screen.
  2. Coldris

    Forced BIOS

    Hey guys, Since about a month ago, whenever I turn my PC on I'm greeted with the american megatrends screen. If I open my BIOS and save and exit, it then starts as normal. I've not changed anything in said BIOS, it just started doing that. Would anyone know what's the deal? Or could point me in the right direction? Cheers, Cold
  3. I'm the closest thing we have to IT out here.
  4. We don't have a router. That Netgear device is all we've got. If I were able to connect a router maybe it'd work?
  5. Hey fellas, So I work at a place with 0 phone reception and I'm looking to get some wifi in the break room for the blokes. In our office area we have a dish set up which captures 4g and that gets transmitted to a box located inside the office. That box then creates a 4g and phone signal within the office only. We have a Telstra/Netgear device (pictures attached) which picks the 4g up and turns it into a WiFi signal which has about as much range as a toddler trying to throw a brick. What would be the best way to get a WiFi signal in the break room that's located about 10 meters away? Thanks.
  6. Oh shit I didn't even notice that. Thanks
  7. Hey guys, Since last night my computer's been really laggy, when I checked my task manager it comes up with about 30 chrome's open and absolutely throttling my RAM. I only have two instances of chrome open (one running Facebook and the other running Youtube). Does anyone know what might be happening here? Thanks
  8. I've already tried that. It's just that when I do that, steam insists that skyrim MUST be installed in X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim, whereas I just want it to access the folder that's already there.
  9. I'm trying to mod skyrim to shit but as part of that process I need skyrim to be located in X:\Skyrim, whereas steam insists on it being in the Steamapps/common folder. Is there any way to make steam realise that i have the game installed and access it from X:\Skyrim? Thanks, Coldris
  10. The brick is dead. There's 240 going to the brick, but nothing on the other end.
  11. Hey fellas, My charger for my blade 2016 finally kark'd it after two whole years of abuse. Does anyone know if other cheaper chargers (like universal ones) are compatible or am I going to be paying the razer tax here? Thanks, Coldris
  12. Yep. Startup repair got er going. Cheers mate
  13. I've tried a CMOS clear, that allowed me to get a step further to windows startup repair. Ill tell you how that goes.
  14. My PC hasn't had any problems recently but it's just not going past the windows loading screen thingo. I have no idea whats happening. I've uploaded a picture of whats going on. Thanks