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  1. Thanks for the fast reply. I tried removing the HDD and all RAM which results in the PC staying on but of course not posting. No combination of my two RAM sticks and the four slots make any difference. The HDD being connected or not doesn't either make a difference. I can't easily remove the GPU because of the water cooling but using the integrated graphics doesn't change anything. Could it really be a RAM issue or is it more probably a motherboard issue since two stick just dying seems a bit strange?
  2. Hi, I'm having an issue with my computer suddenly failing to even post while it worked perfectly fine two weeks ago. The computer (3570k, Asus P8Z77-v Pro,a titan GPU and custom WC) is mostly six years old with only minor changes to storage and cooling having been done, none of which recently. When trying to turn on the computer the fans power on for a second until the CPU led flashed red for a brief second and the PC tries to post again, this goes on indefinitely until you switch of the PSU. Only the power led is on otherwise and no video or any other signal goes through when turn
  3. I don't know how you found OptionHouse but it doesn't seem like the optimal broker to use if you just want to buy stock and not sell it for some time. Usually your bank can handle simple transactions like this, at least in the EU. I found this guide on OptionHouse's website if you want to stick with it: https://www.optionshouse.com/new-customers/trading-on-the-optionshouse-platform/how-to-place-an-order/ But this is still more complex with manually setting ask rates for an order in stead of just buying at the currently available traded price. Lastly options isn't someth
  4. I'm not familiar with OptionsHouse but what you're looking at in the picture is options on AMD stock and not buying the underlying stock itself.
  5. While chilling out is good advice I find it hard in multiplayer games where winning is pretty much the single major objective in the game. E.g. I couldn't stand playing something like LoL, Dota 2, CS or any repetitive multiplayer game without some degree of competitiveness and seriousness, just sitting back and doing somewhat the same thing over and over again isn't rewarding nor the selling point of these games in my opinion unless it somewhat seriously. Whenever I lose in a game I try to take it as a chance to analyze my own failures and mistakes in the game e.g. during a respawn
  6. I think the idea of selfishness should be seen as a broader concept than something as egoism or greed. It's a completely selfish act to donate money or save someone from a burning building if the one who receives the donation or is saved represents some value to you. A selfless act would be to donate to a cause you do not deem worthy of the money or save a person you rather wouldn't save, that is that the option of not donating and not saving the person would leave you better of. I don't really believe in the "we are meant to do it" idea, at least not if we have enough time to proc
  7. I've done this test a few times over the years and I usually end up at roughly the same spot. But some of the questions are pretty vague and I don't feel like any of the options really reflect my opinion. Surprised by the amount of left-leaning people, especially since most are american and here I end up pretty far right and I'm from the socialist utopia of Norther Europe.
  8. Seems like the best option. I haven't ran any overclocks so that shouldn't be a problem either. I think I'll run the 500gb hard drive over the Easter and if everything still works upgrade to a new SSD and probably change most things anyway. But it still leaves the question of what happened to my old 1TB hard drive.
  9. Thanks for still helping out. I hadn't noticed the unexpected losses of power but perhaps it could explain why I had issues with both the SSD and the hard drive. I installed a completely new 500gb hard drive I bought last year but haven't used before and everything works so far. I also changed from SATA 3 to SATA 2 just to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with the controller. I ran crystaldiskinfo on the new drive but apparently there isn't the "unexpected loss of power" statistic for hard drives. But what could cause this? Should I keep using the new hard dr
  10. According to most things I've read the black screen with cursor is a GPU driver issue. Might have to try using the on board graphics. I installed windows on my slightly newer hard drive that's been barely used so it shouldn't be the problem. I really need the Dr. House of PC troubleshooting.
  11. And the thing is stone dead again. The PC went into sleep mode and when I woke it up there was again the unresponsive desktop with missing icons. After trying to reboot we're back at the black screen with cursor before login.
  12. Here's a picture I just took. The read error rates do seem high even though the SSD hasn't been under heavy use, but then again the earlier OCZ driver aren't famous for their reliability. But I'd be happy if it would scrape by another months or so since I'm planning to do an upgrade.
  13. Thanks again, I tried making a new page file of the size (1912mb) recommended by windows instead of the 1920mb which was there before. I also tried some time ago what someone recommended in an earlier thread which was moving the page file to another drive. This didn't seem to solve the issue at the time. But now everything seems to be working fine while only using the SSD which is pretty strange. Do you think it could still be the SSD causing everything even though the SMART info looks pretty fine?
  14. Things go from bad to magically better. After the issued with my hard drive I chose to try to install on the apparently faulty SSD, and everything works perfectly. But on another Swedish forum where I posted the same question everyone seemed set on that the SSD was the issue and saying that the raw read error rate from the crystalmark above was horrible. I hope that the hard drive somehow caused this even though I can't understand how it could cause constant 100% usage of the SSD. And for some reason windows now insists that it should be installed in Finnish.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I believe I tried this some time ago to no avail. I tried to do it now but the computer was completely unresponsive at the desktop. But i finally tried to do a completely clean install of W10 and format all my drives and remove the SSD. After installing W10 on my hard drive I now have the issue of booting into a black screen with the cursor before login. I'm really loosing my patience with this heap of shit.