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  1. Um the camera just doesn't show the SD card photos or doesn't show like the number of pics that can be taken left (the memory counter) Should I try formatting the SD card from the laptop instead?
  2. Umm...how am I suppose to format it on the camera when the camera can't detect the SD card??
  3. Thanks for your suggestion! Will try it later and hopefully everything will be alright. I will make an update here soon
  4. Hey guys, Recently, I found out that my spare Sony SD Card (4GB) has not been able to work on my existing camera. In the past, I have used this SD card and it works. When I insert the SD Card, the camera can't seem to detect the SD card in it. I tried to load the SD card into the computer and it detected and still able to work. On the other hand, my camera is still able to work with another SD card with the same brand. Can anyone advice how to resolve?
  5. Hey @GeneXiS_X & @Theguywhobea...Is it normal for Chrome to be utilizing this much? If not, how do I reduce the consumption?
  6. @Theguywhobea Just checked with my settings. It have already set both plugged in & on battery to sleep when lid is close...
  7. Oh...wow I didnt realise that! Will check on it and change if necessary. Thanks for the heads up
  8. There was no power when I tried to turn on or turn off so I can't hard reset lmao
  9. So yesterday I was casually browsing in my office on my HP Laptop and charging it to 100%. Then I unplug and pack my bag to go home and close the lid = sleep. When I got home, I notice that there is some heat coming out of my bag. I immediately unzip the bag and the laptop was so hot and decided to cool it down by air conditioning and fan. After cooling it down, I tried turning on the laptop but there seem to be no power (but I recalled that I charged it full). The only things that I left open was Firefox and Chrome Browser. Hence, can I some help me with this troubleshooting and find out what was the problem and how does a browser drain so much battery and release so much heat?
  10. Hi @homeap5, I got lost after the step you mention ... ' 7bc4a2f9-d8fc-4469-b07b-33eb785aaca0' .... In the registry, I see a folder 'DefaultPowerSchemeValues' followed by another 3 folders inside. Could you repeat & elaborate the step after that?
  11. Im pretty sure is auto-lock...i didnt press any button
  12. So this laptop here has been acting weird lately... My battery here is spoil hence i directly connect to the wall plug and my setting has been changed to Never Sleep & Turn Off Screen. But once I leave it for a while inactively a couple minutes, it will auto lock Any suggestion how to fix?
  13. So I've seen this ad and promotion almost everywhere and looks stunning. The Huawei Matebook Pro X seem very trendy and ideal as it has quite a good spec too, in my opinion at least. Currently Im using HP Pavilion 14-bf106TX...can anyone tell me, which is better in comparison? Plus, are there any better laptops (in Windows) compared to the Huawei laptop? Thanks