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  1. Even on a small budget I would still go with a SSD for all the programs. It's just so much nicer and keeps your pc so much longer running smoothly!
  2. I don't know where you are from, but it can be to good to be true. In the Netherlands you would need to pay a great amount of extra tax to import it.
  3. Dell is always a solid pick. Dell ultrasharp U2515. Had is myself and was really nice! Also you don't need to use displayport for 1440p @60fps
  4. It is 200 dollars. And before posting, please do research yourself. Watch a YouTube video about g-sync and freesync. G- and freesync are interesting if you have money to spare.
  5. This makes no sense. A 144hz monitor will always run at 144hz. Doesn't matter what graphics card. Freesync is a function of that only will work with a amd card. So yes. It will run at 144hz with a amd card
  6. Samsung galaxy S series. They degrade in value a lot! So the last generation is still really really good, but the price has probably dropped tremendously. So the Galaxy S6 probably.
  7. I would recommend the rx480. Better DX12/vulcan performance. Also freesync screens are way cheaper than g-sync screens. And that is also a big plus!
  8. Haha yes, that will be really really easy. No problems there. Just don't expect the newest games to run at 144hz.
  9. Ye... The supplied display cable, the supplied power cable. Only not the supplied usb cable, but that should not be the problem...
  10. Ye, understand the feeling. Totally agree. But ment more like that when the screen turns on, that it says: 'make sure you use the supplied cable'. And when you press: 'never show again',it still shows...
  11. Ye, kinda sucks. Had one spare, so not that big of a prob. You also have the problem that the onscreen messages won't stay away? Even when I press 'Don't show again', next time it also just shows.
  12. Not by default. Only I already use a 1440p screen. So I can never go back to a screen with 1080 pixels in height. It is just not high enough But if you are fine with a 1080p ultrawide and don't mind it being smaller and less pixels, no ofcourse not. They are also more budget friendly.
  13. http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=10056052&CatId=5469 850$. Ye, all 1440p ultrawides start at that price. You got some budget brands that start a little cheaper, but cheapest I found was 550eu. 1080p ultrawides are way cheaper though!
  14. No, they are only interesting if you want to overclock. Go for a H110 or b150 series mobo, just pick one that has the features you want/need. This is expensive, but really complete board: MSI B150 Gaming M3 But if you google, you might find some other cheaper/better boards.
  15. Also, if the keylogger is hardware (like a usb stick) it will be harder to notice...
  16. No. All g-sync 1440p ultrawides are insanely expensive. The LG is 750eu, all g-sync ultrawides start at 1200eu. I can almost buy two RX480 and a LG ultrawide for one G-sync ultrawide
  17. I just bought a LG34UC88. Freesync, alsmost no backlightbleed and really, really good price! I highly recommend it. Also good overclocking potential.
  18. Ok, when you start asking these kind of questions... What is your budget? With her workload I would go for a i7-6700(or I7-6800). When you know how to overclock, might even go for the k version. But note, a cpu upgrade might go with a mobo upgrade, since socket is different than yours. I believe you run on a 1155, now we run a 1151. So keep that in mind. Also, Adding 8gb of ddr3 ram is around 30eu atm, so I would do that anyway. That little money for a big boon.
  19. Enivitation

    New monitor

    Haha Not possible, you should adjust your pricerange. And might also just try to use google first. But since I am such a nice guy: - Asus ROG Swift PG278Q - Dell S2716DG - Acer Predator XB271HU etc etc.... Just use google first and ask for advice to help you choose. We are not your personal butlers EDIT: A usefull link for you: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=144+hz%2C+ g-sync%2C+1440p
  20. With free tools like aomei partition assistant you can easely transfer your os to your SSD. Pretty easy. Transfer, change boot device and done EDIT: I've done it many times, never had any problems
  21. Ok, thanks! Ordered a tier 3. Now I have 3 more years to save for a higher tiered one. ^.^
  22. Ye, might keep that PSU if you plan to go SLI in the future though! Otherwise indeed go for a smaller PSU. With that budget, 32gigs of ram should be fine, because why not? ^.^ And storage should be fine PS: That is one nice case!
  23. This post has by far not enough details. Which resolution? Which DX version? Etc Etc. Also, there are litterally 100's of reviews out there, written and in video. Just use google with your demands.
  24. What is your budget? And do you plan on streaming etc? Because 16gb ram should be enough, but if you have the money.... PSU is way overkill. Go for 550/600 watts (even that is too much for you). Next to that seems like a true high end build. Might want an normal HDD for storage. 500gb fills up really fast with games these days.