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  1. My girlfriend's new work :)

    Hope you will like it


  2. As a couple of person mentioned, it seems kind of weird that an 700$ phone isn't important enough for the owner to show up
  3. Does people legit buy 2k TVs through your Amazon affiliate link?
  4. I use adaptive vSync so it doesn't lower my FPS at 30 in games and it works, except from time to time where I guess it takes time to kick in.
  5. That's pretty sweet lol. Do I have a solution? Can I cap programs (and maybe games) at 59Hz?
  6. Yes, I think so. It's this one : https://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-syncmaster-2232bw-lcd-monitor-22/specs/ Still no idea how it ain't dead
  7. I have a 2008 SyncMaster that's still rocking, but it's clocked at 59Hz
  8. Hi guys, I hope I'm not in the wrong sub-forum. Basically, there's screen tearing everywhere (except in games LOL). If I have triple buffering (dunno if very useful) and adaptive vSync on, the screen doesn't tear in games, but it tears everywhere else, even when those settings are off It happens especially in YouTube, tho.
  9. True I was still talking about my exemple of the beginning of the thread
  10. Let's say they need to keep it for a couple of days for a legitimate reason. Also, it's so easy to actually disable your password on Windows and access your whole computer, you just boot it with a script on a usb thumb and voila
  11. If you bring your machine to a local repair store, they could put anything on it that can log your activities / password etc