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    United Kingdom
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    Asus Z-170I
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    16GB corsair Vengance lpx 2400MHz
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    EVGA GTX 1660TI
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    Streacom DA2
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    1TB SSD
  • PSU
    Corsair SF650
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    Razer Deathadder chroma elite
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    Windows 10

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  1. Ill take a couple now and upload them
  2. Fair enough, maybe ill just stick to what I've got then, perhaps strap a fan to the bottom of the GPU
  3. So I recently downsized to a streacom DA2 and found a bundle on ebay - came with the case and a 240mm aio from corsair plus a SF650 psu which was an absolute steal of a deal for only $250/£200. Only problem I've encountered is my new GPU - 1160TI (also from ebay at a decent/normal price) seems to get quite hot playing some games like world of warships. By hot I mean 65c/70c. I play at 1440p, get 75/80 fps at full graphics pretty much. Just wondering if switching to a smaller 120mm rad or even an air cooler might be a better idea? - I've put two more noctua fans in the case at
  4. So just got an m.2 SSD finally from ADATA and found that it only partly shows up in my BIOS?, it shows up when I look at boot menu or Boot override but not on SATA information or PCH storage config - says M.2 Slot is empty the board is an ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming itx motherboard and has two other sata drives plugged into it (One HDD and One SDD which wont seem to boot without both being attached - plan was to clone HDD to the m.2) any help would be hugely appreciated as it dont think its a case of return it for a new one and see if that helps
  5. Moving my ATX to an ITX and just wanted to make sure there were no issues with these parts: buying the mobo, case, psu and cooler off ebay hoping it goes ok. would appreciate any advice CPU: i7-6700k GPU; Asus strix GTX 970 Mobo: Asus Z170I pro gaming Cooler H115I (240mm) Case: Streacom DA2 PSU SF600 Ram : Corsair vengeance 2400mhz (slow I know its old) SSD: Looking to move to a m.2 but currently os is on a 250gb SSD and the some games on a 1tb HDD
  6. Interesting ok, I might see how that would pan out, ill check ebay and such to see how much I would get for both.
  7. Thanks for trying, it honestly seems impossible trying to find any. Makes me think my mobo might be worth something if I find the box and bits
  8. I'm trying my best to find a new z170/z270 itx board for my i7-6700K however it is proving impossible. I may have found one on Ebay UK but i'm not sure to trust it or not?. Anyone have any advice for buying parts on ebay or even better, know where I might find a z170/z270 itx board. I like Asus boards but dont care too much, budgeting around £150~ unless the price of the board is reasonable. would really appreciate the help
  9. I have to say, I love my 6700k it has never given me issues and never slacked so I probably will try to keep it
  10. Budget (including currency): £1000~ (somewhat Flexible, Looking mainly at what the price point would get me or if it's more worth (Cheaper) reconfiguring my current PC to Mini-ITX) Dont need new peripherals, just the PC Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: World Of Warships, War Thunder Other details: Already Have a PC, just want to see what I could get for £1000 or if it's even worth it, my current PC is excellent, does not struggle with what I play. I'm most likely to use this new PC for work, Bloomberg terminal and some gaming on the side (World
  11. It did cross my mind, but honestly not run into any problems with it at all, it's going pretty solidly still at the moment so I'm pretty happy keeping it. realistically I only use the PC when i'm home from university, just need it a bit smaller, since the Air 540 that Its in the moment is a bit of a wide boy Im quite surprised about the board but it seems your right, I might check it out, see if I can find the box and bits etc.
  12. So, Im looking at downsizing my PC from its current ATX form factor to a smaller Mini ITX size. Got my eyes on the NZXT H1 case at the moment as it seems to offers some pretty good bang for buck and makes things easier. I'd like to keep as much as my old PC as possible, even the old 970. So the old PC is as follows: CPU: I7-6700K GPU: GTX 970 MB: maximus IX Hero RAM: 16GB corsair vengance 1 SSD and 1 HDD PSU: RM750X What would be Ideal is if I could fit as much as possible from my old PC in the mini itx, to keep costs low. any suggestions w
  13. oh perfect!, that would be fantastic if I don't, thanks so much. I'll be checking exactly how many ports I have tomorrow and how many are free on the back of the router
  14. So my parents renovated our house and they got ethernet access points put in some of the rooms. I'm not quite sure how to get them to work, they all terminate at one point in the house (next to the wifi router/modem that we got from BT) now from what I understand I might need a network switch to make all the ports work and then plug that into my router? Im not quite sure and could do with it explaining a little. I welcome any help at all and would be super grateful.