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  1. If it is "Truly" Dead, get an RMA Other options are to use Wi-Fi, but no... I would use a loopback plug, if you know how to operate one as wel
  2. I rock my S9 glass with more crack than a low income neighborhood for a few months at a time. You will be fine
  3. I would look, and see how the GSync on Freesync is on this one, if so It would be a good deal
  4. I have a Maximus mobo, its great (AMD has Crosshair) as for PSUs, I would go with Corsair
  5. R5, Prime pro, RX 5700, in case you plan on making a mackintosh 650 G3
  6. The 9900k is too expensive, for what you can get from AMD. Now for a first build, I would get something like a 3700X for a good balance of gaming and workflow. Get 16 GB of ram, Phanteks makes bad ass cases, For cooling I would go with a dark rock, or an AIO like the NZXT Kraken. Get a good power supply from the Tier list (basically buy something gold from a good brand) For GPUs, I would wait and see, how aftermarket 5700 and 5700 XTs are, before jumping on super You can DM Me, if you have any questions
  7. I wouldnt be the best person to ask about bass, but for referance, The speaker can bounce a wee bit from bass
  8. I use a Cambridge Soundworks Oontz, they are great and get loud af for the money https://www.amazon.com/OontZ-Angle-Splashproof-Cambridge-SoundWorks/dp/B01LZV6TYQ/ref=sr_1_6?crid=2KDXRB665B5E0&keywords=oontz+angle+3+ultra&qid=1562639653&s=gateway&sprefix=oon%2Caps%2C162&sr=8-6
  9. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16811353145?Item=N82E16811353145 Its on sale
  10. I really like Deus Ex, it feels like a cyberpunk-ish dishonored
  11. Its like drag racing in a Ford Pinto, your arent going to win much, and youre going to break down a lot
  12. Its looking great so far, cant wait to see the whole system inside
  13. Probably 600-800 Personally, I would get something else
  14. The metal part is what would make contact with the double A battery. Can this be fixed?
  15. You are supported, so that's odd. I would wait until fall if it doesn't work
  16. I would try to go wired for testing, and see if you even get close to that 50 down, if not call your ISP, (or switch if you have too) I personally would get either a nighthawk or a mesh wifi router, but you should see if the ISP is your bottleneck first
  17. I have a 2K 144hz. Its great, since you have higher pixel density, without going 4k
  18. HTC vive. Rift S has shit frame rate. HTC Vive will still support Valves new VR games coming out (Half Life VR, etc) where as Oculus won't
  19. I had chatter on my Model M once, replacing the cap helped