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  1. Hey everyone, hope you are all well! I'm just looking for some advice on an upcoming build I'm planning for my friend's dad and was hoping some of you would be able to provide some insight. I'll try and keep this short. I have pretty much everything for the build sorted apart from the GPU. Basically I am stuck between deciding upon either a 'standard' card (probably 1650 Super or 5500 XT, or similar) or a Radeon Pro card (either WX 3100 or 3200) - Quadro options at the <£200 price range seems to be largely underwhelming, which is why I'm only considering the Radeon Pro's here. The person who will eventually be using this PC uses Photoshop professionally on an almost daily basis. For this, he has a Wacom Cintiq Pro which is 4k and 10-bit colour capable. That last part is where my dilemna stems from as it is my understanding that only the Quadro and Radeon/Fire Pro series of cards are capable of displaying full, true 10-bit colour with photoshop and similar software? However, what I don't know if this would actually be of any real benefit to him. The work he normally creates is 2-D, comic-style drawings and I suppose not what would usually be considered intensely colour-complicated; however it is still his daily line of work and I want to try and give him the best possible experience. I have personally never used photoshop for an extensive amount of time or ever created colour-sensitive digital artwork, so as it stands I really have no idea how much of a real-world impact having true 10-bit colour would make to his overall experience. The 10-bit capability is the only reason I'm considering a Radeon Pro card - he won't be using this PC for 3-D modelling, physical simulations or really any of the other 'Pro' features these cards enable. I just know his Cintiq can display 10-bit. So, what do you all think? In every other way, the Radeon Pro card seems to be worse than say a GTX card for a similar price, but then again I have never experienced 10-bit so can't say if it is a significant upgrade from standard, 8-bit colour depth. Does anyone here use Photoshop in this way or know if the 10-bit experience is only advantageous in very controlled, specific circumstances? I would just rather save him £40/50 if he won't even truly be able to use this feature. Regardless of the final decision, he is currently using an old iMac to power his Cintiq off of on-board Intel graphics, which locks the Cintiq at 1440p & 8-bit - so either way, I'm sure his experience will be greatly improved. He also doesn't intend to game with this machine or has ever used 10-bit in the past as far as I know. Any help with this will be much appreciated, thank you!
  2. Yeah I was actually thinking of quite a few lenovos, but ill look into that one. Thanks guys!
  3. HI all, Here comes another annoyingly vague question, so sorry about that first off. Basically, my friend has just started Uni and he needs a laptop for his studies.The only criteria he gave me was that it should be no more than £400 ($530 - $550). However, if you could find something in that price range with an SSD that would be greatly appreciated as he has a laptop just now but it's unusably slow because of it's old ass HDD. The course he's doing requires him to use sound production software on his laptop, so no less than 4GB RAM is pretty necessary here (obviously the more the merrier, but I am aware we're working with a budget). So yeah, if you guys could recommend me a laptop with (preferably, but not necessarily) an SSD and a decent amount of RAM for £400 or less you would be helping me out a whole bunch. He won't be using this for any kind of gaming so don't worry about graphics at all really, and there's also no preference on the whole AMD/Intel thing. Thank you, P!
  4. Currently running a GTX 770, would be nice to get all those new juicy Polaris features. Good luck to everyone!
  5. In serious need of a new mouse and this looks like it'd do the job perfectly
  6. Vessel username: PaulC1 Favourite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy Twitter share: https://twitter.com/PaulC_98/status/580465815310495744
  7. It's most prominent with my Up Arrow Key, but I can barely make it out if i don't bottom it out but keep in mind this is my first ever mechanical keyboard and I'm only a couple days in using it so I still bottom out but I'll try and work on that How long did it take you before you stopped bottoming out?
  8. Yeah the blues obviously have the (sensational) click but I thought that it might also be to do with the fact that the top of our keyboards have that metal backplate that the keys hit if you bottom them out and i tapped a pen against the metal and it kind of produced the same noise. So i think it's a combination of the switches and properties of metal, but if the switches sort themselves out then I don't really mind the noise from the metal
  9. I have the Corsair K70, I was just saying apparently it's quite common for Filco boards. I will contact Corsair if necessary though
  10. Hi, so I got my first mechanical keyboard over the weekend (glad to finally be apart of this prestigious club) and I'm loving it but I noticed on some of the keys there is a "ping" noise coming form the spring inside the switch. It isn't particularly loud but when I do notice it it is rather annoying. I turned to Google for help and turns out it's a pretty common problem, mainly with Filco boards, and I saw a few people mention that it's only a problem the first couple of days of use because it's a new keyboard/switches and you just need to give them time to "break in"? If anyone else with this issue tell me if this is true and if it will go away, because like I said it's not an urgent issue it's just a bit annoying. Oh and my keyboard is the Corsair K70 (non RGB) Cherry MX Blue version. Thanks, Paul
  11. I know but that's why I aksed here as well because a lot of the reviews there are negative and was wondering if that was just because the people who were having good experiences weren't reviewing so decided to ask here for some first hand feedback
  12. I'm an avid scan buyer actually, it's just that they don't have what I'm looking for or else I would definitely be buying from them :'(
  13. Hey y'all, I was wondering if anyone here has bought anything from PCNation before? I'm specifically looking at a keyboard but a lot of the reviews of this place seem to be mainly negative. However, people are a lot more likely to review if they had a bad experience and I've bought off quite a few badly rated sites in my time all without a problem. So has anyone bought from PCNation and is it all good. Thanks!
  14. Would definitely help with the odd video render, especially while gaming. Or who knows, maybe I'll just use it to run Chrome #burn Good luck everyone!
  15. Mines is the Kuhler 1250. Why? Because I'm using the stock Intel cooler and anything is better than that Also good luck to everyone!