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  1. And I'm not asking you for that. The developers of the modules should be the ones who make the instructions on how to use their modules, not you, not me, not anyone else. Right now I'm concerned only about warranty since the chances of actually breaking a phone only by rooting doesn't seem big enough for me to worry about, even though unlocking a bootloader is kind of risky. I'm probably gonna investigate more
  2. I see. I haven't posted anything yet because I had exams but since they're now over, I've been searching for methods of rooting the Exynos variant of my s10e. So far, it only seems possible to root my device by unlocking your bootloader, which will trip Knox and apparently void my warranty (since I need to flash magical). Since I'm in the EU should I look for details on that? Also is there any other way to root my device?
  3. @huilun02 Thanks for your answer. In this case, since I want some some Pixel features (animations, fonts, etc.) are there any magisk/xposed/other modules I can install? im considering rooting my device
  4. I guess we learn everyday. Big words of encouragement! And does "fall(ing) hard" have a 90% chance of occuring or a 5% only? That's what I'm asking from this post. If it's actually worth flashing a custom ROM or currently there are too many obstacles in front of what I'm trying to do
  5. Hey everyone, A little background: It's been almost one year ago since I've had my Samsung Galaxy S10e (Exynos) without root and I've been enjoying it a lot. However, since my previous phone was a Nexus 5X with a custom close-to-stock Android 10 ROM (PixelExperience) I miss it a lot. I miss the smooth animations stock Android provides and the gestures don't seem as refined in One UI as they do in Stock Android. Additionally, there's a lot of Galaxy Apps that I don't use, and in general I've been wanting to root my phone to also install a couple XPOSED modules to tweak my experience (but that's for a different post, maybe). Don't get me wrong, One UI has great features, but stock is stock. To the point: I've been looking at stock android roms for the past few days and unfortunantly, the PixelExperience isn't available for my phone, odly enough. However, LineageOS is. I keep debating if I should install it or not, I know that I will lose all my data along with some features such as VoLTE and VoWiFi and maybe some Knox features will stop working, but I'm glad some features still work such as the cameras (all of them), the fingerprint sensor and wireless powershare. I will also want to install GAPS. Basically I want to turn my S10e in the perfect Pixel device. What I fear: Well, I've been reading that if you unlock your bootloader and flash the rom, then your phone will automatically lock the bootloader (or something similar to that. I don't remember - I would have to check it out if I proceed with this), so I fear that I end up with a bricked device. How should I go about fixing this if this happens? Got any tips on how to avoid it? A couple questions: What about updates? Do I have to wipe and re-install the ROM when an update comes out? What about major updates? Lineage OS Android 11? Do you recommend a different ROM other than LineageOS? And my main question: What are the bad consequences? What if I softbrick my device. Can I recover it? Hardbrick? Can I fix it? How? Do you recommend any articles to check out in case those two (or others) happen? Your opinion: What do you think? Got any tips/tricks, known pitfalls?
  6. That looks like a good idea, generally Sony phones are great. I had one and the build quality was excelent. You could do some games in that, to be honest as it has 6GB of Ram, 3300mAh battery and a flagship CPU (Snapdragon 855). Plus, it has three cameras. The S10 though, is also a good option. Any flaghship, really
  7. Hello, I'm using Android 9 on my Nexus 5X (via pixel experience) and (since Android 10 has been out recently and the community hasn't released any Android 10 roms for my phone, understandably) I was wondering on what happens if I download Android 10 beta (which is available for the Pocophone F1 via pixel experience.) and install it on my nexus 5x. I know how to revert back to Android 9, do backups, and etc. but I thought I would ask here first. Thanks!
  8. Thanks so much guys, I've looked into .NET Core and we're excited for it (even though WPF is only on preview). Last thing we want to do is write an app on a specific language and then deleting the project and rewriting it on a different one.
  9. Hello, My team and I wants to build an application similar to Excel with other functionality and we were wondering if we should use the .NET Framework or go straight to C++. Currently, we have a strong knowledge in C# WPF (and some in WinForms), but were shocked and worried after we downloaded the C++ Desktop Development package for VS 2019, mainly because there's absolutely no designer (that we found) and we're pretty sure we would have to create our own controls and maybe framework (we're assuming). We have all the time in the world to learn a new programming language and we're mainly focused on our desktop (not console) app, no matter how hard it is to learn. Considering this, we have a few things to consider: We would prefer that our app would be made with/without (we're not really sure) the .NET Framework (as 1. C++ is somewhat faster than C#; 2. the user is required to have .NET installed; 3. it's easier to crack and decompile; 4. More business applications are made outside the .NET Framework ---- however, if you recommend us using it, we will (assuming there's good advantages); UWP is not an option; We're starting from scratch; .NET Core or .NET Framework? (if you recommend c# ---- we know that .NET Core is in preview with WPF). The questions we have include: How harder would it be to create a C++ desktop application with animations and ui graphics (such as graphs) compared to C#? If we go for C++, what benefits would we have over .NET C#?; What do you recommend? If you recommend C++, please link us to a beginner tutorials (on designing windows/forms, comparisons between c# and c++, etc.) If you recommend something completely different (such as python or java, please let us know). Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and helping us.
  10. Yeah I've done that, the disk usage remains to 0-5%. I might try linux though
  11. I really can't do that at the moment...
  12. Hello, (im not sure where to post this, sorry) My computer has been locking up for the past week. Sometimes I'm watching YouTube for example and it just completely locks up for about 3-10 seconds then returns to normal. Today, explorer.exe started popping up every 10 minutes (I'm pretty that could be a different issue entirely but might as well just post it here). I'm not sure what to do next. Also, I have 8GB of memory installed on my PC but as the image bellow shows, it's I'm using 1.5GB of memory so doing the math, I shouldn't be using more than 19% of my memory (and even considering that Windows uses like 20-25% of memory when I boot the PC, it should be max 45% and not 64% with two chrome tabs opened. https://imgur.com/a/5ydFZzZ Here's what I tried: - Avast (doesn't detect anything); - Process explorer (i don't see anything unusual). - Restarting (didn't solve the problem). I've seen that this can be related to software issues like drivers but ?? not sure what to do next. I built the PC about 2 years ago (i5 7400, GTX 1060, 850 evo 240GB)
  13. Well, either way I'll keep you guys posted! I will also implement a new gesture system and animations just to feel as smooth as iOS.
  14. I know, but the cutout is for the cameras and I still wanted to include it so it looks good. Also, notice the small rounded corners.