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    R5 3600
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    MSI B450i Pro gaming
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    2x 8 GB G.skill FlareX 3200MHz Cl14
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    MSI 1080ti GamingX
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    Logitech K400+
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  1. All right. Thanks! Do you know for how long this has been? Has it been addressed anywhere?
  2. I'm about to sell my Ryzen build, just over a year old now. I have noticed my computer won't start certain games (only LA Noire that I can remember). I know this was a problem in the early days of Zen 2, but it hasn't really bothered me until now. Can't sell it like it is. But the MSI website doesn't have any downloads for BIOS or utility or drivers or anything? The page is just _blank_ . Check it: www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450I-GAMING-PLUS-AC Is this a locality problem or are the downloads gone all over the world? I'm in Scandinavia btw.
  3. A similar thing happened to me when old thermal paste lost contact with the heat sink on an Rx570. Slightly higher than normal idle temps, rushing up to 95c (shutoff temp for Polaris) within 5 seconds of load. Cleaning and repasting fixed the issue completely. EDIT: I'm only saying this because you haven't expressively stated that you cleaned and repasted the card after disassembly.
  4. Ohhhhhh, are the DIMMs in the correct spot? One set of slots usually give better OC headroom than the other due to slightly shorter traces.
  5. Good Samsung B-die should do 3600CL16 and should react very well to raised Vdimm, up to 2.0V (not necessarily safe for daily). Also they react somewhat badly to high temps.
  6. Could be a bad BIOS revision not actually raising Vdimm? Possible RMA, either MB or CPU. Why not try lowering frequency and tighter timings? 3200CL14 works pretty sweet with my 3600. Does that work?
  7. Also, what sort of dies are on these chips? Should be safe up to 1.5, but not all chips react well to raised Vdimm
  8. You turned off the focus assistant - which is the W10 tool that stops apps form pushing notifications. Experiment with the two other options. If neither helps, kill Chrome.
  9. Wait, is it actually performing as expected now? I doubt iTunes was the real culprit, but anyways I'm happy that it's fixed.
  10. Yeah, I don't really know. How are the thermals on that laptop? BTW, welcome to the forums! Also, remember to quote or @ anyone you're responding to, otherwise they won't get a notification.
  11. Literally exactly 30 fps? Could the screen be stuck at 30Hz? What does Nvidia Control panel identify the panel as?
  12. Wattage-wise it's probably overkill, and it has decent quality. ...but depending on your location, you should be able to get better alternatives for around the same price. EDIT: RGB memory is not a good priority. For Ryzen, go Samsung B-die or go home (3200MHz CL14 is always B-die, and not much more expensive than "normal" RAM).
  13. A gray label VS450W should be fine, although there are likely significantly better units for not much more money depending on prices/availability where you live. Orange label VS should be avoided.
  14. They might be 4Gb (512MB) modules. My 570 has 8 of those.