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  1. i want to say thank you to everyone for their comments and support but a few things have come up that destroyed my budget so thank you and sorry for wasting your time.
  2. any chance you can get over to omaha and ill take you the rest of the way
  3. So what you're saying is fill up before I leave Seattle
  4. So My plus one to ltx is not going to make it so if anyone that is in the Kansas City area I am driving up and will be splitting the price of gas all the way up and i can take one as My aunt lives in Seattle and is going to let us stay with her but if more want to go then we have to split the price of a hotel. i drive a 2014 subaru forester xt if you're curious
  5. https://www.techradar.com/amp/news/amd-is-now-selling-twice-as-many-processors-as-intel
  6. see if you can get into the bios and see if it's being detected
  7. try a cmos clear if that doesn't work try a bios update.
  8. Well I don't if that's true on not but if it is at least we're going to see a new memory standard that cost less than hbm
  9. https://wccftech.com/amd-gddr6-memory-upcoming-graphics-cards/amp/ So I guess we're going to see ggdr6 on the next round of card
  10. http://www.game-debate.com/news/24011/intel-officially-reveals-kaby-lake-g-cpus-with-discrete-amd-radeon-graphics I just can't believe it but it's true.
  11. i have a ati 3600 series card in my rig and i only have till i save up enough to get a new card