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    Gigabyte Z490i Aorus Ultra
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    16gb G.skill Trident Z RGB
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    EVGA 2080ti FTW3
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv atx
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    Kingston 120gb SSD, WD Blue 2tb
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    Seasonic X850 80 plus gold
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    Acer Predator XB271hu
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    Peasant AIO coolong
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    G915 Lightspeed 😁
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    G502 lightspeed
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    Arctic 7
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hey anyone else notice really slow YouTube buffering lately? I have a gigabit connection and it's been pretty terrible. Just me?
  2. I think this is a 30 series issue. I've noticed that some big streamers have been having issues with their 3090s. From watching dr disrespect running a 3090 now I notice his fps is pretty bad for 1080p low competitive setting, like 160-185 fps. For comparison my 2080ti gets me 135-165 fps running 1440, basically ultra no RTX. He even had a couple days where it's was giving him SLI micro stutter. I can't remember who he said it was, shroud maybe, but he was talking about the issues on stream with zlaner. Said his stuttering seemed to be fine but the streamer he was ta
  3. Go to msi's website and download the latest bios and flash that. That's what solved my issue.
  4. Bringing this back from the dead. Just recieved my cables from pslate customs, I had put them on hold for 30 series consideration. So here are the impossible cables that must be spliced. Please note the absence of splices, oh and the doubled wires looking just terrible.... I told you there was a better solution than splicing, cause this is basically how I would have built them myself. As far as sense wires are concerned that is. You'll notice there are three more pictures of your cables, disassembled, side by side with corsairs braided cables that came with
  5. 2080ti spec is 250w, my FTW3 pulls 378w overclocked. So I asked you before why are you bothering to look at triple 8 pin 30 series cards when you have an sf750. A triple 8 pin 30 series could pull up to 525w round about, so you have less than 225w for the rest of the system. I'll tell you my OC'd 10850k and 2080ti pulls 768w from the wall and outputs 700w-710w. So looking at triple 8 pin cards is a waste of time because 750w is not enough. Silverstone has an 800w which still isn't enough. They are supposed to have a 1000w SFXl power supply available but so f
  6. I would return it solely on the basis that it's not from EVGA. I hate to dick ride EVGA, but... They have continually shown me with the build quality from their entry level black series, all the way up to the top tier FTW3 models and the fucking fantastic warranty and custom service that they far and away the best brand for graphics cards. Asus is probably a respectable 2nd, and maybe 1st for motherboards. Zotac I thought was good until recently, maybe it's only their amp extreme cards that are good. Gigabyte from my last experience 3 weeks ago is trash imo.
  7. Late model Mopars are $2000-$3000 for a tune. Ecu must be hard modded to even use a tuner, plus the cost of the tuner and a tune.
  8. We had a good run lol. Looking at replacements, the usual suspect. EVGA, Corsair or another seasonic. An 850 enough but I may just grab a 1000, systems seems thirsty.
  9. My seasonic x850, she's not long for this life.. lol it seems to have not taken the transplant of a 10850k and 2080ti FTW3 both overclocked well. Suddenly yesterday had a system shutdown while gaming, and again today, and I made it do it twice more by running furmark.