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  1. I have a spare motherboard (a GA-AB350N-Gaming WIFI) that will be getting a bios update for ryzen 3rd gen chips but it states that it will not support apu's "Due to BIOS ROM size limited, NO Bristol Ridge (AMD 7th Gen A-series/ Athlon™ X4 series) APU support." Does this include the Ryzen 3 3200g and Ryzen 5 3400g? I would like to make a mini travel pc that can lightly game but I am not sure where I stand in terms of compatibility. Thank you.
  2. This didn't appear in my youtube sub feed either and I took a video as proof just in case people thought I was crazy. Sure I wear a foil hat to keep the government from knowing my exact location but I swear Im not going crazy. Im not sure if I can post it here if you wanna see it let me know.
  3. The 140mm fan that's there now has some blades missing, it still works but spins a little off and is a little noisy. I mostly want to replace it cause I can afford to now. The whole build is actually getting an update.
  4. I was looking to upgrade the fan in the front of my 380t, which is currently a 140mm fan, to a 200mm fan. On Corsair's website I couldn't find any good options for that size. I was wondering what the best fan would be? Pointing me in the right direction would be awesome.
  5. I'm building my first computer and I found a place to buy a mini 1060 3Gb OC new I could also get a Nvidia 970 4Gb used at the same site for the same price. I was wondering what I should choose? I already have a 970 in my current pc that I upgraded but I was wondering if the mini 1060 3Gb is better or worse than the old 970. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. My current keyboard/mouse are the stock ones that come with the Asus G20 and my headset is the razer kraken pros. Nothing else I use is worth noting.
  7. I would love a free graphics card idk if I'm too late but hey I might as well try to enter. I currently am using a Asus g20 the lowest model with a gtx 745 not super amazing, I would love to finish a build I started awhile ago all I need is everything except a case