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  1. Around $100 for 300mbps and cable. Cable in Singapore is severely overpriced especially for football.
  2. Bump! Anybody can help with the basics?
  3. Hi all, As above, would like to setup remote access for my NAS but I am completely unsure how to. Posted on my local hardware forum and nobody bothered replying me >.> Hope I have more luck here. Currently my connection is like this: Optical Network Terminal -> Singtel (Telco) Router -> Asus N66U (Router Mode) -> N2310 Do let me know if you need more information so that you can in turn, give me more information THANK YOU ALL!
  4. Congrats Linus and team! I've been a faithful follower of your channel since 2011 when I actually started getting into PC hardware and your videos have been the most helpful to me in picking my first set of parts and building my first rig. Hope you guys continue to prosper! Thanks all the way from Singapore!
  5. My favorite thing about the LG G3 is the 2k display. As said by many reviewers, it is the first mainstream brand that features a 2k display. This will push the other manufacturers to release phones with 2k displays as well and not to mention 2k content such as apps and enabling video streaming. Slowly... 2k content will become mainstream and the norm, taking over 1080p and then we will move onward to 4k!
  6. If only I could do that for my U2312HM. :P
  7. Yay giveaway! Hope I can win :) Twitter: https://twitter.com/domdomleedom/status/343708728685625344 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dominique.lee.568
  8. I have owned: iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 Samsung Omnia 7 Samsung Galaxy Nexus (current and cracked screen recently :( ) Contract is up for a renewal but I'm still waiting for the Snapdragon 800 or Tegra 4 processor phones to be out with vanilla Android (next Nexus, maybe?).
  9. Hey Linus, thanks for the great giveaway which is INTERNATIONAL. I need a new phone cuz I cracked my Galaxy Nexus :( @domdomleedom: https://twitter.com/domdomleedom/status/340675754423623680 Raidorz: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/76727477-post9980.html
  10. What I dont get is why would you pay for university with this money? You dont even have to work anymore! I would invest in my sibling's education but definitely not mine. Why pursue a useless paper when you have $100 million? LOL
  11. Save half of it and live off the interest then give 1/4 of it to my family. The remainder to be used on luxury stuff. If you're living in Singapore and want to live luxuriously, 100 million is definitely finite so I'll migrate to somewhere else.
  12. Giraffe's neck so I can do this